The Effect of Shape and Color on Packaging

The Effect of Shape and Color on Packaging

You need to think about what your package shape and color mean to people. When it comes to branding and marketing, primary packaging and secondary packaging is two of the most essential parts of a product’s marketing. This includes everything from food to retail to consumer goods to industrial and the growing world of e-commerce. You have to make your brand’s voice and first impression to a customer count. Did you know that the shape of a package can make people buy it?

It is important to look at your product and think about how to package it for your target market when you do this. You can become a “quasi-packaging psychologist” and use packaging shapes to connect with people on a subconscious level.

These consumer packaging tips can help your business get more customers and make them happy repeatedly with the shape and color of the packaging.

Why Shape Matters?

The psychology of customers is interesting. Simple changes to the text on a package design can make or break a sale or a brand. A lot can be said about your product by how you show it on or off the shelf. You can do this without saying a word.

Packing shapes can make people decide whether or not to buy an item. It can also help customers determine the product and who it was made for.


A recent study in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Management Studies looked at hexagon packaging and how it affects consumer behavior. It found that easy use is a factor in people’s purchasing habits. The data shows that a package that is attractive, easy to carry, use, and the store will do better in the market than one that is irregular or hard to manage.

If you have a package that is hard to open, look for packaging materials and designs that make it easy to open the seal. In general, a zip-lock package is more appealing to people than an envelope that cannot be quickly closed again. Find small ways to make a potential customer happy like this, and you will give them the chance to become a fan of your brand.

The shape of your package should also be thought about when you are designing it. Consumers can feel more secure with tamper-evident packaging and tamper-proof packaging as well, which can make them feel safer.

It is Oh vs. Ah:

The hexagon packaging box can say a lot about your product if you use it correctly! This packaging can speak for masculinity, while femininity can be thought of as having curved shapes. So it is wise to create a connection with your target market through your packaging.

Shapes with square edges that are straight and angular make a masculine product look strong, while round and curved shapes make it look soft.

Perceived Value:

The shape can also speak to your customers’ subconscious with the size of your business. It may be easier for people to think that a smaller package is better if it is done with a graphic design that supports the concept. Larger or more bulky packaging can also be seen as more valuable in the sense of getting more for your money.

Do not put your breath mints in a trash can-sized package unless you sell a lot of them. When you choose the size of your packaging, think about how your product will be used.


How long your product lasts once it is in the hands of the customer should play a role in how you package it.

Many factors need to be considered when a customer buys a product:

  • Where will it go in their home, office, or car?
  • How often will they handle or open it?
  • How big will it be?

Your hexagon packaging can say a lot about you. Look at the size, shape, and color of the package and match them to your target market and the use of your product to make a truly unique package design that will make your ideal customer happy.

Is Color Important?

The shape and color of your packaging can tell a lot about your target market. For example, the consumers’ age, gender identity, nationality, and where they live. Here are some of the best colors and what they can mean for your product packaging if you use them right:


The color black in the hexagon packaging design makes it look expensive and powerful. The color black is used worldwide to show a wide range of emotions, from trust, authority, and elegance to evil and mourning. The best way to boost sales is to choose colors that go well with your product and where you want to sell it.


White is a color that is simple and clean. It can make you think of being creative, like when you see a blank piece of paper with a lot of room for ideas.


Green is often linked to health, eco-friendliness, well-being, and money. Many people care a lot about their health, and sustainability is becoming more and more critical for brands of all sizes. Use the green color to connect your product to the world around it and make sure it looks good.

People in some countries, like Indonesia, do not like green at all. Therefore, it is important to think about the role of color in your global projects.


Most people can see yellow. When you use yellow as the primary color in your hexagon packaging, it makes people feel excited and happy. Yellow is a good color to use in-store displays to get people to look at your product. It also shows how happy and lighthearted a product is.

Purple makes people think. It can also show how successful and unique you are, it is no longer gender-specific, but it still tends to get more attention from women and kids. It is an intense color that makes people want to look more into your product.


This color has a lot of meaning because there are so many different shades. Blue is a color that means trust and reliability. There is a good chance that this is because a lot of the world we live in is blue.

Bold blues show that professional products are essential. Lighter blues show more creativity and fun. Blue also makes you feel calm and safe.


Finally, orange, an orange shirt says, “fun.” Many people do not like the colors orange, yellow, and brown, but these colors are linked to cheap or low-cost products in many different studies. Children are drawn to orange the most. It is also linked to foods that make you feel good.

According to packaging experts at The Legacy Printing, your packaging can say a lot about you. Look at the shape, color, and size of the package and match them to your target market.

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