The Emotional Trauma Of Divorces On Children: A Counsellor’s Viewpoint

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As a marriage dissolves, a part of the parents thinks about staying together for the sake of the children. On the other hand, some parents find divorce as their only option. Parents have a lot going on in their life: from the future of their living to the custody arrangement of the children.

Most of the time, they may worry about how the children will deal with the divorce. So, the question is, what are the psychological effects of divorce on your children? And in order to know that, you need to read more.

Emotional Impact Of Divorce

For the entire family, divorce creates emotional turmoil. But when it comes to kids, the situation becomes a lot more scary, frustrating, and confusing.

  • Young Children: They often struggle to figure out why they have to go between two different homes. They also might worry that if their parents are able to stop loving one another, someday they will also stop loving them.
  • Grade School: The children also can worry that it is their fault for why their parents are separated. They may be afraid that they misbehaved, or they also might assume that they have done something wrong.


  • Teenagers: they can get angry about divorce and also the changes that a divorce creates. They will either blame one parent or both of them for the situation. So, taking help from a Divorce Lawyer Clayton MO is not a bad idea.

Every situation is unique, without any doubt. And sometimes, the children also can get relieved by the separation. But that is for the divorce with fewer arguments and less stress.

Divorce-Related Stress

Divorce means less contact with one parent; in most cases, that is the father. And this decreased contact surely affects the bonding between the parents and children. Research also states that many children find themselves less attached to their fathers after divorce.

For some children, separation is not the most challenging part. But changing of the home, new school, and living with a single parent are some of the concerning issues.

Risks Families Face

Research states that, in the year 2013, around 40% of new marriages in the United States included any one of the spouses that had been married before. And both the spouses had been married before in the case of 20% new marriages.

This implies that a lot of children tolerate ongoing changes to their family dynamics. The addition of step-parents along with some step-siblings sometimes is really a more significant adjustment. And in some cases, if both the parents remarry, that means many changes for kids.

Mental health Problems

Divorce can be the reason behind the risk of children’s mental health problems and adolescents. Despite the culture, gender, and age, the children of divorced parents often experience increased psychological problems.

Divorce also can clear the path of an adjustment disorder, which can resolve within a few months. But studies also say that children from divorced parents have higher anxiety and depression rates.

Behavior Problem

More externalizing problems like impulsive behavior, delinquency, conduct disorder are also experienced by the children of divorced families. It is not the case for children with both-parent families.

Apart from increased behavior problems, children also can have more conflict when it comes to peers after a divorce. Consulting a Divorce Lawyer Clayton MO, can help you to deal with some of these.

Risk-Taking Behaviors

Teenagers or young adults who have divorced parents are more likely to commit to risky behavior, like early sexual activity and substance use. In the United States of America, young adults or teenagers with divorced parents tend to consume alcohol earlier.

In addition to this, they also involve themselves in drug use, tobacco, marijuana, and higher alcohol use than other peers.


So, these are the ways a divorce can leave an emotional trauma on the children. Along with all these things, it also has been noticed that when the children are going through a lot of things, it can impact the academic performance of the children.

Adults with an experience of parental divorce in their childhood may have some trouble in their own relationships. The divorce rates of the people whose parents were divorced are comparatively higher. So you can take help from Divorce Lawyer Clayton MO.


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