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Did you know Ukrainian is one of the most melodic places in the world? There are no Verka Serduchka, Yamala or Ruslana in this TOP. We have tried to gather a few lesser-known Ukrainian performers who are really worthy of attention and we hope that they will be on the playlist of many of you. All of these artists were introduced by Kiev tour guides when we stayed in Kiev. Here is the list of TOP5 best Ukrainian artists that will blow your mind.

5. Potap I Nastya

The duo Potap and Nastia formed in 2006 and are very popular in Ukraine, they became especially popular thanks to the first song “Ne para”. And together they released three albums “Shield and Ball”, Myach, Bce Puckom. Born into a Ukrainian family. Potap is a singer and composer currently working as a producer for the record company Empire Label. Born in the family of a Jewish father and a Ukrainian mother, Nastya studied music in France, Italy, and Ukraine. The talented Nastya has been dancing ballet for 8 years. Demonstrating her skills in 2009 by participating in the Ukrainian “Dancing with the Stars”. In 2014, the duo was heavily criticized in Ukraine for participating in the awards ceremony in Russia, during which they won the Golden Gramophone. Some Ukrainians were outraged that the musicians were performing there while their state was hostage to Russian aggression. And in 2016, Potap and Nastya concerts were boycotted in Ukraine because they went on tour in Russia.

4. DakhaBrakha

The folk quartet consisting of Marko Galanevych, Olena Tsybulska, Iryna Kovalenko, Nina Garenetska. Combines various ethnic styles in their music, which do not leave anyone indifferent. Dakha Brakha is a project of the Dakha Center for Contemporary Art led by Vladyslav Troitskyi, who is also the producer of the group. It was the work in the theater that left a very striking mark on the band’s performances. Their performances are always only live and always with stage effects. Experimenting with Ukrainian folk music, the band included melodies from the world around them, creating a bright, memorable, and authentic Dakha Brakha sound. Accompanied by traditional Indian, Arab, African, Russian and Australian instruments and the voices of powerful quartet members, trans-national, perhaps even somewhat ethno-chaotic music, which is at the epicenter of Ukrainian culture. DakhaBrakha also contributed to the soundtracks for BitterHarvest (Canada) and the TV series Fargo (USA).

3. Tina Karol

Singer, actress, and TV presenter Tina Karol became most famous in 2006, when she represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Show me love” and took 3th place. In the same year, she released her albums “Show me love” and “Notchenka”, in which she recorded songs in Ukrainian and Russian. This year, Tina was awarded the “Ukrainian People’s Artist Award” by the President of Ukraine, and became one of the 100 most influential women in Ukraine (according to the Ukrainian magazine “Focus”), and is one of the music television project “Voice” ”Teachers. But Tina’s personal life was not easy. After marrying her producer Eugeny Ogir in 2008 and having a son, her husband retired after five years of marriage due to stomach cancer. Still, the album, released after the loss of a loved one, was a great success, and Tina remains one of the most famous and audience-loved performers in the skies of Ukrainian music.

2. Onuka

Onuka (Granddaughter) is an electro-folk group formed in 2013. The band consists of Mariya Sorokina (percussionist), Nata Zhyzhchenko (lead vocalist), and Daryna Sert (keyboardist and supporting vocalist). The name of the band is like a tribute to Nata’s grandfather, who produced traditional Ukrainian instruments: bandura and sopilka, which the girls included in their creations along with electronic drums, trombones. The original, modern but at the same time, tradition-honoring Onuka sound made their debut album of the month the best-selling iTunes in Ukraine. Despite all the concerns this band shows their worthiness, Kiev tour guides advised us to come and see this band live. And we did, the show was incredible.

1. Panivalkova

Pavivalkova is a multi-instrumental trio consisting of Ira Luzina (ukulele), Irina Kulshenko (piano), and Daria Pugachova (drums). The band started performing together in 2013 and everyone was fascinated by the combination of gentleness and witty irony in their lyrics. The band lacks passion and energy in singing in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, and French. The girls themselves describe their style of music as “sensitive minimalism”, which captivates the hearts of the listeners. In the end These iconic artists are purely subjective so don’t take this too seriously, but we do hope that their music will be loved by you and that the article will be great for you. Kiev tour guides certainly know what they are talking about. If you want to meet them feel free to check out


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