The Growing Popularity of Curtain Alterations Dubai

curtain alterations dubai

Consumers are more curtain alterations Dubai proud of their homes as advanced technology allows them to design better homes and create more stylish interiors. Think of custom-made curtains for homes with windows.

Layout and design

Custom-made curtains are ideal for homes that need to fit into a specific size of windows or openings that sometimes need to be closed. Ready-made curtains may play a role in some homes and offices as they are easily accessible. But not quite fit But had to grit his teeth and endure

Custom curtains are different

They are made in the right size to ensure a perfect fit. There are many styles and designs of custom curtains that many consumers are not aware of. Many consumers are quick to use ready-made curtains, believing that custom curtains are limited in curtain alterations dubai texture, style, and design, and are expensive and time-consuming. But with the right curtain designer, they can quickly produce custom curtains in the desired style and design.

Center of expertise

With a suitable curtain specialist center, consumers can easily go through the customization process. Consumers who seek help from an expert curtain designer can get advice on suitable curtains through the fabric options available in the store.

A curtain designer can advise on matching heads and accessories to ensure the entire curtain is perfect. Consumers don’t just have to find a mix of fabrics, designs, and accessories.

Professional curtain masters are also experienced and creative interior designers who can imagine the end result of the home with the selected curtains on the windows.

The installation

When the curtains are ready, the curtain experts will hang the custom curtains to fit. Changes will be made as efficient as needed. Usually, no modifications to an expert curtain designer are required.

Expert curtain designers ensure the high quality of custom curtain fabrication as the reputations of designers and companies are at risk. Custom curtains, fully lined and fitted. Experienced seamstresses demonstrate their skill and ability to make curtains. It will be the perfect size to ensure the entire house will be beautiful with custom curtains.

Choosing Curtains for Your Home – Helpful Tips

Curtains are neat window blinds that can change the look and make wonders for any room in your home. It can make the room look more spacious or compact. You’d think you would need large designer curtains decorated with rings and accessories for this effective look. But in reality, it is not. Unlike special rooms where large custom curtains or blinds are required for a specific purpose such as sun protection or serve as a barrier between spaces, room curtains in the house can be handmade using plain fabric and stitching.

Curtain selection may seem like ‘The breeze in the park’; You might think that you need a tape measure to get your measurements, go to the store to select the fabric, and customize it according to your needs. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the curtains can make or break the look of a room, so planning and creativity are required.

Some of the key things to keep in mind when shopping for curtains include:


• Need a curtain rod, size, rod, color, etc.
• Number of panes to close.
• Additional window coverings are required, such as blinds, shutters, to protect against natural elements.
Pay bills

In addition, home curtains can make your home look beautiful with a few simple tips:

Choosing the right fabric taking into account the location of the windows in the room, size, shape, and purpose. For example, a living room that needs little sunlight and brightness can have a light-colored cotton-like fabric. The bedroom can have drapes lined up for more privacy. The kitchen can have a cafe curtain. (Half window closed), etc. And do not forget that the curtains can change the atmosphere in the room. Warmth and comfort if necessary or to look dazzling when needed.

• End-of-season sales yield fabric at lower prices; Not only will you find scraps of different colored materials and fabrics that you can use in your own patchwork and separate curtains to brighten the room.

• Look at the furniture and choose the curtains and colors to match. Creating a relaxed atmosphere, especially in spring and summer, is more important than adding color.

The type of window also dictates the choice of curtains. Old, vintage windows can look beautiful in soft mesh curtains trapped in sliding windows. Heavy metal-framed windows can be warm with cotton fabric in shades. High windows can be accepted if you use cotton, striped or ribbed curtains, etc.

PVC strip curtain – what is it?

In recent times, the term PVC STRIP CURTAINS, OK, maybe three terms have gained great importance. Most of us will ever encounter it, may have seen it. But we don’t know what it is. I will do my best to offer you some expertise in PVC strip curtains here.

PVC – Polyvinyl chloride is the third most manufactured plastic. Most of the world’s PVC is made from a petrochemical product called ethylene. Plastics are widely used for their strength, durability, chemical resistance, and fire-retardant properties. Plastics can take hundreds of years to decompose, so it is very confusing to use plastic products as they are considered dangerous for the global environment. But the truth is that the world today is indispensable.

In recent years, plastic has found new areas of use, and its most hated enemy has become its best friend. In fact, plastics are becoming more and more important to protect the environment and keep workspaces cleaner and safer. Surprising, isn’t it? Plastic (PVC). The final product is usually harder and stronger. But the physical properties can be changed with agents such as elastic plasticizers, stabilizers that protect them from heat and UV rays, flame retardants, and impact modifiers for durability.

The transformed plastic gets a new face and a new name: PVC strip curtain, where plastic becomes a thin roll and strip, widely used in areas requiring clean, safe, hygienic, and efficient workspaces. order The strip curtain often referred to as the shutter door, is made of flexible overlapping thin transparent PVC panels placed near the open door, facilitating the movement of vehicles and human movement while That serves as a shield to a controlled environment from temperature loss, insects and pollution. It also reduces the “wind tunnel” effect caused by the door opening and closing.

PVC strip curtain type

Clear / transparent PVC strip curtain:

These types of curtains provide high visibility which is typically required in areas such as warehouse loading and unloading areas.

Anti-static PVC strip curtain:

It is used to protect delicate electronic components from electrostatic discharge resulting from a rapid electrostatic discharge between two objects. The anti-static curtain acts as a conductive surface, preventing serious damage to semiconductors and integrated circuits.

Insect protection – Amber PVC strip curtain

This type of curtains cuts out light and prevents insects that tend to attract light sources. The food processing industry uses this type of curtain to prevent insects from entering food processing and storage areas.

Curtains for cold rooms

Polar quality blinds are often manufactured to withstand low temperatures in cold rooms and freezers, which prevents temperature loss and improves energy efficiency, which is not usually the case with conventional doors. This is where the loss of temperature will occur when opening and closing the door.

PVC strip curtain

These curtains are manufactured with raised ribs in a PVC sheet, which makes them more durable and long in use and can withstand heavy loads in areas with heavy machinery such as forklifts and trucks.

Welding curtain

Widely used in an automotive factory, mechanical welding. These curtains block UV rays, welding sparks, and metal chips.

Hang curtains

Starting at the beginning:

Step ladder: Make sure you have constant steps that aren’t too short so you can reach too many. Your arms will drop before your first lesson in hanging curtains. It’s not too high that you can’t comfortably reach the window without leaning sideways to hang the curtains, which will disrupt your balance.

Curtain hook for standard curtain tape with pencil pleats

Hook up again before you begin, making sure you have enough curtain hooks.

The curtains have standard plastic hooks

Medium-weight curtains use nylon hooks stronger than plastic. They bend without breaking.

Thick curtains use nickel-metal hooks, they are quite impractical, they all stick together. As well as the Chinese riddle I am a child

Curtain hooks for the curtain head

You need something called a “grappling hook” simply because it has a sharp pin that pops through the fabric and the cushion on the back of the curtain header. Such a head makes the most beautiful curtains. As always, the best all-around cost is a little more.

A special pair of hands

If you are learning how to hang curtains that are large or heavy, having someone on the floor to hold the curtains to support the load. Makes it easy to hang the curtains on your rail or rod.

How many hooks do you need?

For curtains with standard pencil pleat tape, you’ll need hooks for every 4th pocket.

For buckram-head draperies, you’ll need one for each frill or cup, and one for each end.

Prepare your Bucram curtains before hanging

The good news is that in addition to the pin hooks, place them 1/2 inch away from the top of the curtain. You just have to learn how to hang the curtains and dress them properly.

Preparing the pencil pleat before hanging:

Standard pencil pleated curtains. To get started, you will need to assemble the tape on the top of the curtains. This can be done by pulling the 3 strings on the back of the curtain tape. To begin with, pull the wires from both ends of the curtain tape and tie them into a knot.

There are 2 reasons for this

1.Prevent you from pulling the cable completely out of the tape. (Not a good start when learning how to hang curtains.)

2.It holds the strings together, at the end you pull the strings to gather your curtain.

Then pull the extension cord Easy tips for storing your curtains. Grab the hitched wire harness and attach it to the door handle or other object, then use one hand to hold the curtain tape and start removing the tape from the door handle with the other. You will see your head starting to puke on your curtain.

How wide should your curtains be?

Next, check what measures half the width of your track or bar. Assuming your track is 100 centimeters long, you cut it in half to 50 inches and then add 2 inches so that your curtains fit comfortably in the center as you hang. So the final width you want to gather for each pair of curtains is 52 inches. The more you learn to hang the curtains, the more natural this becomes.

Before hanging the curtains … check out!

Before you start hanging your curtains, place them on the table or on the floor and check if the combined widths are appropriate. To make the tape narrower, pull the tape slightly. If it’s too wide, tie up the tape a little more.

What about the excess wires?

Finally, line up all the excess cords and fold them flat in the tape. Don’t cut the neck! The best solution is to tie the wires together by wrapping them around your fingers, then tying a slip knot around the bundle. This allows you to change the header text in the future if you want.

Once the wires are arranged, turn the curtains over. You have to look at the folds and try it out, just do it roughly at this point because when hung, the crease will move slightly.

The last work before hanging the curtains

Before you can hang the curtains, you must insert a curtain hook into the pocket on the back of the tape. Most standard pencil pleats have three pockets at the top, middle, and bottom.

Hang curtains from rods or poles

If you’re hanging under a rail or pole, place a curtain hook in the top box. Also, pay attention to the number of rings on your rod or pole. This determines the number of hooks you put on the curtain tape. As a general rule, use fewer hooks or poles than the curtain rod. On the court, hook every 4th bag and on the hole or post every 6 to 8 bags.


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