The Heart and Soul of an E-Commerce Site: 14 Essential Features

eCommerce development services
eCommerce development services

We have developed a list of excellent characteristics new eCommerce development services owners must implement to cornerstone their success in the business. So here we go:


A) Website/Homepage Features


  1. Designing a Website That Is Easy to Use


Not perhaps, but surely incorporating a user-friendly web design is crucial when establishing a new eCommerce website feature list. According to one study, your first-time website visitors have only 50 milliseconds to make an impression.

If your design doesn’t deliver on the expectations users have, most likely they will abandon your eCommerce site, never to come back. The question is, how can you avoid a situation like this?

Well, the first thing you can do is employ the top eCommerce development services provider team to take your eCommerce site design a notch-higher.

The next step is to keep up with the latest e-commerce website design trends and best practises to make your site even more user-friendly. Achieving this goal will put you on the road to eCommerce success.


  1. Simple and Clever Navigation


Getting your website’s navigation right should be your next priority after you’ve nailed down the look and feel. It’s a critical aspect in users’ journey from product discovery to conversion.

If your users can’t seem to find what they are looking for in a simple manner, then they find someone else who can. Implement a basic yet clever navigation that allows users to find anything within three clicks.

Your eCommerce products should be categorised in a reasonable fashion. Having such a tool can substantially enhance the product sales and revenue from your eCommerce site.


  1. Advanced Search for the Site


Your cleven navigation is supplemented by advanced site search features. Most e-commerce sites feature a search tool, which you’ve already seen in action.


Most websites, on the other hand, simply provide a basic search, which might be discouraging to customers who are trying to locate a specific item. Advanced search feature ensures that consumers get to bypass navigation and find exactly what they need.

Improved organic search engine optimization and higher conversion rates can both be attributed to the inclusion of advanced site search functionality. For this reason, it is an absolute necessity for any eCommerce site that hopes to be successful.


  1. Footer Navigation


In addition to making your website easy navigable from the header, you must also pay mind to your bottom navigation. Users’ interest and product discovery can be transformed if the bottom of your website is properly utilised.


B) Product Page Features


  1. Product Videos


Sure photos are amazing but films are greatest! Videos are great for demonstrating the features and benefits of a product. Short yet enlightening videos can help viewers go from the consideration phase to decision swiftly.

According to data from HubSpot, product videos are the most popular form of marketing material, with 73% of people who watch them going on to make a buy. So, it makes sense to add product videos to your product pages for better conversions.

However, making high-quality videos will not be an easy task for you. Investing in high-quality product videos will pay off handsomely in the long run.


  1. Product Reviews


A 2021 survey on UK buyers found that 98 percent of respondents consider reviews a vital source when making buying decisions. They are the top factor having higher impact on UK shoppers’ shopping decisions.

Customers’ faith in your brand is mostly built on the basis of positive product reviews. Regardless of how good your products are for the money, you’ll have a hard time converting customers if you don’t earn their trust.

Many eCommerce players have made it a habit to incorporate customised customer reviews on each of the product pages. The review area has to be included to each product page as well.


  1. FAQs about Product Queries


Before making a purchase, customers may have a few minor questions, which a FAQ section might answer.

Instead of becoming bored with receiving messages from people on trivial topics every time, you can list all the usual queries and address them on product pages itself. Doing so can substantially minimise pre-sales enquiries and enhance conversions.

In addition to the FAQs about your products, additionally handle general inquiries users may have. Here, you can answer consumer queries such as shipping, payments, refunds and many others to take their experience a notch above.


C) Order Purchase Fulfilment


  1. Easy Checkout


An average of 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of a lengthy and convoluted checkout process, according to one study.

A seamless checkout is where your consumers can simply sign up or login, fill in the relevant info, make payments, and be done with it.

Stretching your checkout procedure needlessly might severely influence your conversions and increase cart abandonment.

Allowing consumers to check out as guests is another way to streamline the checkout process. This will make it easier for people who wish to buy something to sign up.


  1. Multiple Payment Options


Among others, not obtaining enough payment alternatives is one of the reasons consumers abandon carts. Multiple payment options can help you close the sale and decrease cart abandonment rates at the same time.


  1. Order Tracking


As per one statistical data, clients on average look up their order tracking 3-5 times each order and 51 percent anticipate to obtain real-time information for the same.

Including order tracking on your eCommerce development services feature list will make it easier for clients to verify their purchase status in real-time.

In order to provide a better shopping experience for customers during the process of completing their orders, your eCommerce store needs this feature. In addition, it’s not prohibitively expensive and helps you keep a tight rein on the costs of creating an eCommerce website.

Order monitoring is like a gift for eager and worried clients that need a status update, and offering them a link for the same will reduce their stress and boost your likelihood of receiving a repeat purchase.


  1. Generous Product Returns


Product returns is a critical element for a successful eCommerce website you need to incorporate on their site. Users’ trust in your products and brand is enhanced as a result of your efforts in this area.

As per one survey, 92 percent consumers claimed that they will buy again if the website allows uncomplicated product returns.

This figure clearly highlights the power of allowing extensive product returns. Amazon has made it a routine to offer simple and free returns and you must likewise follow suit.

It’s taken that free returns can put a strain on your budget, but the likelihood of customers returning for repeat purchases improves dramatically.


   D) Miscellaneous


      12. Newsletters sent by email


As to DMA research, email marketing may assist produce ROI of £42 per £1 spent. This goes to highlight the potential emails have for generating cash for your eCommerce website.

Even if users abandon carts and leave your website, you can still recoup the lost sales by sending a customised email newsletter. Emails also give you a way to reach out to customers for possible upsells and cross-sells.

Such types of promos when done well, can undoubtedly lead to increased conversion and income generation for your eCommerce website


  1. Product In-Stock Notification


Have you ever had this experience? If you’re online shopping and find the perfect item, you might be compelled to buy it right away. However, the product is highly in demand and is out of supply most of the time.

The same thing might happen with your consumers as well. Offering an opportunity for customers to sign up for in-stock notifications is a possibility here.

So, when a popular and in-demand product goes out of supply, users can quickly register for it and get notification when it’s back in stock.

Additionally, you’ll be able to collect additional customer emails to employ in future upsell and cross-sell campaigns that focus on existing customers.


  1. Chatbots


A research on Chatbots indicated that 67 percent of consumers worldwide interacted with chatbots to seek support as its #1 use case is to get quick replies in emergency.

Chatbots are created to replicate human-like conversations in text or spoken utilising technologies like AI, NLP, and others.

The major goal of using such a system is to speed up customer service by reducing the amount of time customers must spend interacting with the company.

Since they’ll be available 24/7, it substantially reduces the operational expense of your eCommerce development services. Not to mention the additional cash that may be generated by answering simple questions that customers may have before making a purchase…


Wrapping Up

To demonstrate that they are tech-agnostic and use innovative technology, new businesses and new-age eCommerce entrepreneurs often do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Integrating simple yet customer-centric tools and features for a successful eCommerce development services should be your first goal to give an exceptional purchasing experience. And the aforementioned list makes it appropriate for you to start your path to construct an exceptional eCommerce store.

Tiger IT Solution, an experienced eCommerce development services team, can be an invaluable resource as you embark on this journey. We have a deep industry expertise and professional record of aiding a wide variety of eCommerce startups and organizations.


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