The Importance of Past Life Regression in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, a person brings the good and bad energies of their previous life into their current life. Thus, the deeds of the past life, also known as karma, are the energy sources stored within you and channelled in your current life situations. In other words, your past life deeds generally follow you throughout the current events in your life. As a result, if you’re unable to find a suitable answer to the events of your life, there’s almost certainly some connection with your past deeds.


Approach astrologers through some of the best online Vedic astrology consultations to learn more about the past life influence. Past life regression is not a hazy concept. It would be preferable if you obtained the services of a good and experienced astrologer to learn more about the significance of your past life deeds.


Astrologers can use a current horoscope to help you decode your past life. They can also perform a thorough analysis of the current situations in your horoscope based on your previous actions.


The Importance of Astrology Past Life Reading Consultation


The Vedic astrologer in USA can establish a strong connection between the karmas and the individual’s present life by using past life readings. The analysis of the consequences of past life events will help you understand the consequences of your past actions. Thus, Vedic astrologers use past life reading consultation to try to decipher the meaning of auspicious and inauspicious situations that are currently occurring in people’s lives.


Past life analysis specific indications in the birth chart


According to Vedic astrology, a few specific houses and planets in an individual’s birth chart are direct indicators of the individual’s past life events. Two major specifications in an individual’s birth chart are indicators of an individual’s past life deeds.


The ninth house


The ninth house is the house of fortune and luck. The luck, fortune, and prosperity that an individual can obtain in this life are determined by the positive energies that the native accumulated in their previous life. The analysis of the ninth planet confirms this.


Jupiter and Saturn’s positions


Jupiter is one of the most beneficial planets, while Saturn is the most malevolent of all the planets. As a result, examining these two planets in the native’s horoscope reveals the impact of past karmas on the same.


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