The most important and simple guide to use Apple MacBook for Newbie

The most important and simple guide to use Apple MacBook for Newbie

 Nowadays, more and more people want to buy Apple MacBook for themselves.This happens for a variety of causes, but it is beneficial to observe  that making such a switch can cause few issues.

The variance of the two is relatively kind of huge, and those who haven’t had a chance to use a MacBook before will definitely need some guidance before using their MacBook.

The more time you spend using the Apple MacBook, The sooner you will reach a point where you will be able to call yourself an advanced user.

Unavailability of Storage Space

If you’re not careful enough, it won’t take long for your hard drive space to run out. If this happens, then do not panic and find different ways to retrieve this situation. And start it with deleting those files, documents and pictures which you no longer need. The cache and other temporary files also have no place on the computer.

It seems that some people are still not taking advantage of services like iCloud which offers you 5 gigabytes for free. And it is very difficult to find any save place to store your files.

The Finder and Spotlight Applications

These two default applications complement each other and do wonders for anyone who wants to find information. Spotlight also offers calculator functions as well as unit conversions, while Finder allows direct access to iCloud and dropbox, which also saves quite a bit of time when searching for something.

These two default applications subsidiary to each other and perform amazing for everyone who wants to find any type of information in their MacBook.Finder allows direct access to iCloud and Dropbox, which saves a lot of time when you search for something, while Spotlight offers functions like, calculator and unit conversions.

MacBook Application Store

If you want, you can download some software from different resources.But it is advised to always use the Mac App Store present in your system for anything.The reason is, that all the applications there are approved by Apple and also there will be 0% chances of ending up with  any potential threat.

Misconceptions about Viruses and Malware

“MacBook doesn’t require anti-virus software” You may encounter some claims on the Internet for some silly reason. Every computer needs a strategy to protect itself from malware and viruses.Don’t be like those people who  first take the risk and when their MacBook got destroyed then they regret it.So, always make sure to put Anti-Virus software in your Mac.


Safari is the default browser for MacBooks, but that doesn’t mean that no matter what, you should always use it.

Yes, you can do one thing that you can use this browser to give it a try. Who knows, if you like this browser and wants to use afterwards.

Now, Let's talk about the problems that can show up in your Mac.

Top 6 issues where you need to seek MacBook repair services

Here’s the problem that pop up in MacBook and best Service Centres in Delhi.

1. MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage is a very bad situation for your MacBook. Because when the liquid meets the electric current , it damages the system board which is present inside your machine. Your MacBook can’t burn out, if your system has no power. That’s why it is important that you get in contact of professional technicians, if there is any liquid damage in your MacBook, as soon as possible.

2. Logic Board Reformation

There are many different reasons of damage of your MacBook Logic Board. The reason for the failure of a logic board in your system is mainly because of physical damage, liquid spills, overheating and age.If a single component of your system goes bad, then the whole motherboard itself gets damaged.That’s why if you face any problem with the logic board of your MacBook just contact Apple MacBook Repair Centre in Delhi,NCR.

3. Screen Replacement

One of the most frequent repair requests is for the screen replacement.A sudden fall of your MacBook system may results in a cracked screen, Black screen , which makes your MacBook useless.

4. MacBook data recovery

a.Problem of Physical Damage

The physical damage of your MacBook can be caused by several reasons such as – system failure, water spill, etc.

b.Electronic Problem

If your MacBook frequently experience power loss, blackouts or gush, then the main reason behind it is that the electronic components within the hard drive will surely damage and die soon.

c. Logical Reasons

  •  Unintentionally format your system
  • The data is OverWritten
  • When your MacBook has Corruption in it’s Operating System
  • File Directory Damage From a Virus

d. Accidental Errors by yourself

The most common reason of loss of data in your MacBook is your own mistakes. Such as, you may want to delete some of your unnecessary files but  accidentally, you format your mac hard drive, etc.

5.RAM Issues

This problem of your MacBook not turning on can be caused by RAM problems.You can understand this if your system beeps three times with a black screen while starting up and suddenly goes dead. As a solution to this, unfortunately, a faulty RAM leaves you with no other option but to replace the logic board or motherboard of the MacBook.Since the RAM is soldered to the logic board, in order for the MacBook not to power, you will need to replace the board itself.

6. Bad Power Adapter

Another reason why MacBook won’t start can be a faulty power adapter.If your power adapter is faulty, your device will not charge and leave your battery fully charged which will turn off while the device is working.

The MacBook Air comes with a special adapter with an angled connector. Here, to diagnose a bad power adapter, the battery must have a good amount of charge. In other words, the adapter will be difficult to diagnose if the battery’s charge is too low. To test whether the power adapter is problematic, borrow a fully functioning battery or power adapter and use it in your MacBook Air. If you still face the same problem then the problem is in MacBook logic board or motherboard and to fix this problem you need to replace the motherboard itself.


You should not hand over your device to a service centre without finding out its repair cost. Most reputable centres inform you about the damages and the total repair cost and begin the repair process only after you have agreed to it. You must ask for a breakdown of the estimated total cost.Apple MacBook Repair  is one of the best and reputed MacBook repair centre in Delhi, NCR.Just visit here or call for any Query related to your apple MacBook.

Now, the next step is to find out the genuine MacBook Repair Centres near you. So, how can you find it?Her’s what you need to know before going any further.

These are the top 6 ways by which you can find out whether a particular MacBook Repair Centre is genuine or not:

1. Satisfactory Online Reviews

These days all the service centres say the same thing , that they provide the best quality MacBook Services.But more than half of them are not honest, they just show you that they repair MacBook but they don’t know anything about it. Which may lead to more severe problems in your MacBook. to avoid this, the best way is to find out a good quality centre by look at the reviews of those particular repair centres.

2. Old established Centres

If you want to get your Apple MacBook repaired at a high quality, it is important to look for a repair center. That is well established and has a good reputation.Now the question is, how and where to find out whether the MacBook Repair / Service Center is out of date?

This is very simple, you can check the details on their site or you can call them and ask about your doubts.

3. Find out if technicians are experienced

When you trust a service centre and give  your MacBook to get repair from there.Just make sure that the technicians at the service center are well trained and experienced to handle your device.

4. Ask for the repair cost

Repairing your MacBook can be very expensive depending on the repair that has to be done.That’s why before you hand over your MacBook for the repair, just remember to ask about the repair costs beforehand to avoid any fuss.

5. Warranty

A genuine MacBook repair centre guarantee you of a best-quality repair job by its warranty. A unfeigned centre usually offers a warranty on its repairs. And it shows that it is confident of fixing your device right.

6. Use only genuine parts

MacBook issues like cracked screen and old battery can be fix by replacing the parts only. Most of us are worry about the repair cost and agree to get the damaged component replaced at an affordable repair price.And might not mind the use of a non-genuine part after the service centre convinces you that it is of high quality and will cost less than a genuine part.But after some time, the non-genuine parts might slow down your MacBook’s performance, and it also damage its other components. You might have to spend more money to restore your MacBook to its original condition following the installation of the non-genuine part.That’s why you should never allow them to use or put non-genuine parts in your MacBook.


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