The Most Profitable Product Categories on Amazon

amazon best selling products

Being one of the more viewed online marketplaces, Amazon offers sellers the chance to reach a broad and varied customer base. For consumers, a large and important aspect of its appeal is the sheer number of items on sale daily over 36 Amazon categories of products. From personal care products to the most advanced tech devices, the customers are confident that Amazon is able to provide what they require.

For sellers, especially for those who are new to the business, this huge selection of goods can be a challenge to establish yourself since there’s plenty of competition.

 Additionally, it’s difficult to sort through the millions of products to discover “the right ones” to sell. As an Amazon seller, you need to be aware of what Amazon categories of products generate the highest sales.

Luckily, Amazon helps you navigate the many choices to choose from. Amazon regularly releases the top-performing products on the market. To help you get on the right path to success to achieve your goals

5 Profitable Product Categories to Build Your Store Around

Toys & Games

Every couple of months, studios such as Disney and Pixar present new movies for children of all age groups. Each film comes with an assortment of essential games, toys, and gadgets. This means that there’s an ongoing supply of new games and toys all throughout the year, which means big profits for Amazon.

Alongside movie-themed toys as well as games more general games and games well. To help consumers make better decisions about their purchasing habits, Amazon publishes an annual Holiday Toy List. If customers are planning occasions like birthdays or celebrations, the list provides them with an insight into the most popular 100 games and toys that are available. This guide will ensure that customers tend to purchase one of the items on the list.

As an entrepreneur, you can make use of this list to study the kinds of games and toys that will appeal to children as well as their parents. The latest toys and games are introduced every year, so you can also make your items visible to buyers throughout the year after you have decided on what you want to offer.

Another useful resource is Amazon’s best-selling product page on toys and games. These pages feature products ordered based on which items are most popular. They are updated on a regular basis and, therefore there is a chance to make your product in the eyes of a lot of buyers.


When Amazon first began, Amazon kdp was among the first book retailers online. Through the years the company has evolved to be more digitally focused. Today, it provides digital alternatives, similar to Kindle products.

The most popular books within the Amazon section are epic adventures books -some of which were made into blockbuster movies. Examples like The Hunger Games, The Hobbit,  and Divergent. The books are rated four or more stars as well as hundreds of reviews.

In Amazon’s top-sellers list, the titles that are selling more copies include books for children or fiction as well as self-help.

This list is updated on a regular basis as avid readers suggest new books every day. Be sure to keep checking this list to find out what’s hot.

How to be successful in the books category:

  • Find a need and fulfill the need. The category has 37 different subcategories within the category of Books, meaning that you can offer everything from photography and art publications to testing prep materials. The key is to choose an area that you and your customers like and concentrate on this.
  • Advertise your products. Make use of the Amazon website, product page eCommerce site, as well as social networks platforms to talk about the kinds of books that you offer as well as some examples. So, your customers are able to browse through your selection and find out more about you.
  • Keep track of the interests of your audience. Utilize the Google trending feature or other social networks to stay informed about the kinds of books that your target audience is talking about and also shares. This will give you insight into the kinds of niche books you can sell.

Camera & Photo

Camera & Photo Amazon is a Camera & Photo Amazon product category that is part of the Electronics category. This category includes an assortment of cameras, accessories for cameras, and equipment for photography:

How to be successful with this Camera & Photo section If you are an online seller there are a few important points that are learned by the success of Ring on Amazon.

  • Choose products that have specific uses. Other security cameras are able to be used anyplace in the house however, they lack capabilities in comparison to Ring doorbells. Ring doorbell. 


Along with showing customers who’s at the door, Ring comes with a motion-detecting feature that will activate at specific distances. Through focusing on specific applications, Ring is able to market a product that changes to be more creative to keep up with changing needs of customers.

  • Make sure to sell products that require refills. Instead of selling items that don’t require clients to come back, think about selling products that require customers to return often. 

For instance, within the Camera & Photo category, think about offering the film for photographers that choose the film option over digital. They’ll need to return frequently to purchase more film. Ring customers must sign up for a monthly subscription.

  • Make sure your brand is in the public. The more people who see your products and brand the more effective. The ring utilized a famous influencer as well as innovative marketing strategies to increase its audience. If you are the seller on Amazon you are able to use Amazon’s built-in advertising features to make your camera’s products noticed.

Test all of them to determine which one can help you drive traffic and turn into customers.

Beauty and Personal Care

Cosmetics and other beauty products are in great demand. In particular, in the current pandemic, there is more time and desire to care for their beauty and health. The beauty industry is under the spotlight and skincare is an incredibly popular trend. Amazon is the most popular seller of beauty products.

Items that fit in this category include:

  • Cosmetics and beauty products that are brand-named
  • Cosmetics that contain natural ingredients
  • Tools and Accessories for the cosmetic industry

TIP! How to increase sales in this market. Beauty products must be of high quality, with their original package from the manufacturer. Be sure that the items are properly identified and labeled because when discussing the health of your products, they have to influence confidence.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

The majority of sellers opt to sell shoes, clothing, and other jewelry on Amazon. This category also includes various subcategories. The clothing could be handmade, vintage as well as resales, and so on.

This kind of product is in constant demand however, it is simultaneously, extremely in the market. Sellers must also be aware of seasonal sales and trends, for instance. For example, if you are selling t-shirts, sunglasses, or sunglasses it is important to know the seasons because sunglasses sell more in the summer months.

Some of the most sought-after items that are sold in the category of Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry category include:

  • Underwear
  • Dresses
  • Accessories
  • Sportswear
  • Casual tops
  • Casual bottoms
  • Shoes

The pandemic in the world also helped boost the popularity of casual and home-wear clothes.






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