The Only Guide You Will Ever Need to Explore the Magnificent Las Vegas on Your Next Vacation in Nevada

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The city of Las Vegas or generally known as Vegas is one of the best cosmopolitan cities of the United States of America. You won’t find a city like this anywhere else in the country. The night is dark and full of entertainments; Whether its about the Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show or Las Vegas Luxury Mansions for Rent, the city won’t disappoint you at all.

Moreover, there are several adventures which you should try on vacation, and some of them are you would find in the article as you scroll down with it.

Zipline in a Canyon –

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon is an adrenaline-filled adventure to enjoy on the outskirts of Sin City. It consists of a zip line that travels just over 2 kilometers above the Mojave desert. Suspended in a cable, it will fly from mountain to mountain, reaching speeds of up to 96 kilometers per hour. Admire the scenery and wildlife of the Bootleg Canyon and enjoy the heights. The tour lasts about 3 hours, and you can choose to take the tour at sunset or on full moon nights.

Swim with Sharks

In the middle of the desert landscape of Las Vegas is the Shark Reef aquarium inside the Mandala Bay hotel, where you can dive with sharks. The aquarium shelters animals such as rays, piranhas and jellyfish, and shark diving is one of the activities it offers. Dare to swim for about 45 minutes in a tank almost 7 meters deep, with more than 30 sharks, such as whitetips, reef species, and bull shark. Whereas, Las Vegas Mansion Rentals are located within walking distance from the major attractions of the region and available at reasonable rates, too; thus, do not forget to rent one on vacation.

Driving a Sports Vehicle

Is speed your thing? At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you can drive a luxury sports vehicle and test your skills as a driver on the 2-kilometer track that hosts exciting NASCAR races. Feel like a professional and live the intensity of a car race, reaching speeds of 180 to 210 kilometers per hour. Probably the most challenging thing will be to choose between the car models, what do you prefer, Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Audi, Corvette, Ferrari or McLaren?

In the Stratosphere region you will find the tallest observation tower in the United States; At its top is Big Shot, an attraction to experience the G force, that is, due to the gravity. On the tip of the tower, 280 meters high, attached to the seat of this mechanical game, will be shot 50 meters to the sky, at a speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour. Take a deep breath because before you can scream, you will descend at full speed in free fall. Besides, the demand for Las Vegas Luxury Homes For Rent is high and fluctuate within hours. It will be better for you if you keep the reservations in advance as it would save you from unnecessary trouble, time, and cost.

Controlled Jump in Free Fall

For the more intrepid, also at the top of the Stratosphere tower, the Sky Jump invites you to challenge the heights. Fall into a vacuum from 250 meters high, attached to a device similar to the bungee jump that will allow you to reach the floor. This attraction is the highest controlled jump in the world, according to Guinness Records. Beat the sensation of vertigo by taking the first step and discover yourself screaming and flying in the sky of Las Vegas.


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