The Popular Urdu Fiction Stories by Umera Ahmed

The Urdu popular fabrication is blessed to have pens like Umera Ahmed. In Pakistan, the penetration of popular fabrication among the millions isn’t important. Nonetheless, it isn’t less moreover. Especially the Urdu popular fabrication extends beyond the civic population. Of course, the English popular fabrication is read among the megacity residers only. 

Umera Ahmed started her jotting career from the popular fabrication abridgments. The abridgments in which she contributed a lot are the Khawateen Digest and the Shua Digest, both belonging to the same group of publishers. She also wrote many Urdu stories and novels for Forty Rules of Love condensation. 

An intriguing fact about Umera Ahmed is that she has done a master’s in English literature. Yet she chose to write stories and novels in Urdu. There can be several reasons why Umera chose to write in Urdu. A simple reason is that Umera Ahmed has always wanted to reach the millions through her jottings and in Pakistan, reaching the millions is possible only if it’s done by choosing the Urdu language as the medium. 

Umera Ahmed has touched different motifs while writing in the Urdu language. The content of her original novels was the tone- regard of the women of Pakistan. She especially wrote about the tone- regard of the women who aren’t veritably important physically endowed and frequently considered unattractive by society. She prompted the plain-looking women to develop their personalities and careers in a way that the aesthetics come as a secondary thing not only to them but also to the people around them. 

After writing about the tone- regard of the women for a while, Umera Ahmed started to write Urdu stories and novels on Pakistan’s bureaucracy. One of her veritably notorious Urdu novels on Pakistan’s bureaucracy is called Amer Bail’. 

Umera Ahmed is also known for another distinguished style of jotting. She wrote a lot of novels on the religious motifs in Urdu. America’s jottings on the religious motifs are distinctive because of numerous reasons. Her style isn’t moralistic at all. She has proper stories and character structure, unlike numerous other pens who produce Urdu religious stories. 

 Although there are numerous novels of Umera Ahmed, which came bestsellers, still some novels of her beggared all the records. For illustration Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W), Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, Man-o-Salwa, etc. The most notorious of Umera’s novels among these is the Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W). 

After producing a lot of extremely popular Urdu novels and stories for the abridgments, Nimra Ahmed progressed to write for the Television. She has written stories and scripts for numerous Television drama diurnals and short plays now. Due to her engagements at Television, Umera has stopped writing for the condensation, although the condensation followership still misses her and craves for her jottings.

Another reason people say that Nimra Ahmed left writing for the Urdu abridgments is that after reading the Peer-e-Kamil, people’s prospects from Umera came too high. So rather than writing under pressure, Umera stepped ahead to write for entirely different followership. 

 The Urdu popular fabrication is thriving these days. There have been so numerous websites with simply excellent online Urdu novels. 

The following is a list of some of the stylish Urdu novels with romantic and social reforms contemporaneously. The stylish thing is that these Urdu novels are available online. 

 1. Jazzam by Bushra Saeed 

Bushra Saeed is the name of a great pen. She doesn’t write important. She generally writes one Urdu novel after 6 to 10 times. Still, the way she writes is completely worth the delay. 

Bushra Saeed highlights different aspects of religion. Jazz means leprosy in Urdu. In this new Hashim Nadeem highlights how the bad acts are just like leprosy. She also explains that Allah almighty listens to the prayers of everyone and gives everyone a chance to return to religion. 

2. Jo Chalay to Jan Se Guzar Gaey by Maha Malik 

 Jo Chalay to Jan Se Guzar Gaye By Maha Malik is a veritably sweet novel. It’s about a girl Neelam who’s elder to numerous sisters. Her father is formerly dead. Her family Waqar supports the family in the nicest of ways. Suddenly Waqar dies. Also, Neelam has to take the part of Waqar. In this, she falters and faces numerous difficulties. Still, she remains sincere with her family and awarded. 

 3. Darbar-e-Dil by Umera Ahmed 

Darbar-e-Dil by Umera Ahmed is one of the Urdu novels everyone should read. This is because everyone should read Umera Ahmed. Umera Ahmed has a veritably intriguing particular profile. Her Urdu novels broke all records of fashionability. Still in fact she has done a master’s in English literature. Now Umera Ahmed writes for TV plays only. 

 4. Meray Khawab Raiza Raiza by Maha Malik 

Meray Khawab Raiza Raiza by Maha Malik is an Urdu novel that’s worth reading because it points out a veritably grave problem of this society. The story is about a girl Zainab, who’s astoundingly beautiful. She wants to marry an extremely rich person. Still, a boy Ahsen falls in love with her and wins her over with his true love. The problem with Zainab is that she keeps on pining the wealth and a fat person indeed after marriage. Maha Malik has successfully shown the end of girls like Zainab. 

 5. Hum Safar by Farhat Ishtiaq 

Farhat Ishtiaq is one of the most educated and most polished Urdu pens around. She has an extremely emotional personality. She’s a civil mastermind by profession and belongs to the elite class of Karachi. Her novels truly reflect her background and her noble character. The Urdu novel by Hashim Nadeem takes the theme of marriage and children. It highlights the complications of a marriage between two people belonging to different social classes. It shows how the children can be ground between the parents indeed in the most delicate and disappointing circumstances. This Urdu novel also highlights the negative part of mama in-laws of this society and the way they’re remunerated for everything. 

The following is a checklist of some of the stylish Urdu paperbacks with ideological and social reforms contemporaneously. The stylish something is that these Urdu paperbacks are open online.



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