The Process to Apply for Urgent Indian e-Visa

Urgent Indian e-Visa

The online Indian visa process has been made simpler for everyone to apply pretty easily. They’ve created two categories, normal and urgent and today we are going to talk about the urgent category of Indian e-visa.

Let’s get started. 

First, we must know a little bit about Indian e-visa and what are the requirements.

Indian e-visa

Well, Indian e-visa is divided into three subcategories which are e-tourist visas, e-business visas, and e-medical visas. All three have different validity periods depending on the requirement of a particular subcategory. 

Here are some of the important stuff you need to know about Indian e-visa. 

  • There are 28 airports and 5 seaports dedicated to serving e-visa holders from all over the world. If you go anywhere other than these 333 ports, you will have to turn back. 
  • Travelers from 169 countries are allowed to travel to India on E-visa.
  • Tourists from all over the world can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days except for the people from the US, UK, Japan, and Canada, they are allowed to stay for a maximum of 180 days straight. 
  • Any of these e-visas are non-convertible, and non-extendible in any case unless you’ve met with an accident and need to stay for the treatment or for some special case. 
  • The fee of all these visas are not that much, it starts from $10 and goes to $80 along with some service charge. 
  • You would need to provide the documents to apply for the visa such as passport, photograph, letter from hospital, convention center, exhibition or other company. 

These are some of the basic things you needed to know about e-visa before starting the application process. 

Now, let’s have a look at normal and Urgent visa processes. 

Visa Process Type

The government of India allows two types of visa processes, one is called normal and the other one is called urgent. 

The difference between both of these is that urgent visa processing will enable you to Fastrack your application in the queue. The processing time for urgent visa processing is a maximum of 4 days and normal visa processing takes around 7 days. 

But, you have to keep in mind that in urgent visa processing you will need to shell out some extra cash. 

Now, let’s look at how you can apply for emergency e visa India.

How to Apply

Follow these steps to apply for an urgent Indian e visa without a hitch. 

  • Open your web browser and type in and click on the e visa option from the middle of the page. 
  • Now, you have to click on the ‘Apply here for e-visa’ option from the bottom menu panel. 
  • Complete the form for the visa application and choose the visa processing type to Urgent. 
  • And upload the documents such as passport, photograph, and other supporting documents. 
  • Now, its time to pay the visa fee online along with the service charge, pay using debit, credit or a payment gateway. 

After completing the application, you have to wait for ETA to arrive in your email inbox. ETA is Electronic Travel Authorization that will be needed when you reach the Indian shores. 


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