The Pros and Cons of Advertising Real Estate on Real Estate Portals

Advertise on real estate portals in 2021


The digital world is here to stay, and the real estate market adapts to this reality. A simple Google search offers hundreds of online real estate portals, showing a new and competitive sales space. But do these platforms work?

This information gathers valuable information for the broker who needs to know this niche better, pointing out essential items to advertise his product in the online market.


 Much Of The Consumer Is On The Internet: Visibility

In the past, the sale of real estate was restricted to plaques or advertisements in the newspapers. Today the consumer finds on the internet the practicality and confidence to do business. In other words, advertising on the internet today is, as the old saying goes, “whoever is not seen, is not remembered”.


Cell phones, until recently used only to make or receive calls, are increasingly modern. They have several functions, ranging from shopping applications to platforms that drive millions in business daily.

Google recorded that 20 million people search for the keywords “Real Estate Market” monthly.-On Youtube, there was an increase of 130% referring to commercials for new ventures, which demonstrates an impressive potential in this new market niche.

Good Positioning On Google

The real estate portals, in most cases, are in the first positions of Google search. Consequently, the chances of the client to find his ideal property for sale is more significant.

Time Optimization.

In an online Portal, thousands of customers will be able to access your property. One-click is enough to optimize the time to advertise and sell the advertised product. With this, the broker will gain greater visibility for his business, productivity, and disclosure in the major real estate portals, whether paid or free.

Social Networks

It is difficult to find who today does not use social networks for leisure, work or distraction. There are sharing links with several platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and What’s App, making the product visibility for sale more significant in the large real estate portals.

Accessible Budgets

Generally, the large and reliable Real Estate Portals offer plans according to the broker’s available budget.

Access Statistics

The real estate portals offer access to key and clicks’ statistics, showing if your ad is well-positioned.


 Parallel Competition

While a potential customer sees your ad, others are on the screen for different real estate agents.


Despite the growth in the last few years of the elderly population that uses the internet, it is still a small audience for this online service type.

Tip For Realtors

Have a system to sell your properties

Now let’s go to the other part. Where are you going to put your real estate portfolio to show customers?

There was a time when it was believed that the real estate agent should prioritize only capturing clients by advertising properties only on real estate portals. Still, with many tools available on the internet, it is already possible to invest in other forms of advertising and reduce the dependence on classified ads. 

We are investing in the real estate market.

At the beginning of the year, we should think about financial planning. With the economic instability that everyone is going through, their investments’ best destination seems to be the biggest of all doubts.

Suppose you find yourself in this situation. We will show that, even with the adverse conditions, investing in real estate marketing is one of the best options.

The real estate market did not pass unscathed by the country’s grave crisis, which affected all areas of the economy. The reduction in credit and interest at a higher level cooled the demand for properties and left the sector on hold.

For the coming months, however, the expectation is to recover growth conditions, a drop in interest rates and a recovery in sales. It is worth remembering that the real estate market is one of our economy’s most critical sectors, responsible for thousands of jobs. Therefore, the trend is for investments to resume.

Given this scenario, we highlight four advantages of investing in real estate to the detriment of other investments.

Investment security

Regardless of the current situation, investing in real estate represents a security guarantee that you will hardly find in other investments. In the real estate market, the risk is practically non-existent.

No matter how much the storm the country is going through, the house or apartment you have purchased will remain integrated into your assets. Unlike other investments, real estate does not suffer from abrupt devaluations that can turn your money into dust. By investing in them, you are placing a bet on a perennial good.

Possibility of recovery

Regardless of the conjuncture, real estate values ​​are valued almost constantly, even if at a moderate pace. You will hardly experience giant leaps in a short time, but you will be guaranteed a steady and safe evolution.

Remember that investments with very high profitability are also the riskiest. Amid the uncertainty that Brazil is going through, it may not be the best time for such bold moves involving its capital. Make it more protected in the real estate market!

Good time to buy

There is a basic premise for practically all investments to turn into good deals: buy low and sell high. It may seem too simple, but this is how it works.

If the market is at a slower pace, those who need to sell are willing to negotiate better conditions and lower their order, and those who are attentive and able to invest can make excellent deals. The crisis can be an ideal time to buy real estate!

Rent is an alternative.

Even if the moment is not suggestive for sale, the property rental market is always a good option. This is because those who do not have the credit to buy their own home rely on rent. Taking advantage of this movement is a good alternative until the market evolves and recovers completely. 

By investing in rent, you can cover the expenses of the property and still guarantee some income – and this is a market that suffers very little from the effects of the crisis.

These are some of the advantages of investing in the real estate market, regardless of the country’s recession. If you are looking for a safe investment, carefully evaluate this possibility!

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