The Supplies to Stock Your Medical Facility With

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It is hard to imagine what goes into being a doctor or even a nurse or medical assistant without first becoming one. It is not just about having the right education and vast amounts of knowledge – it takes preparation and tools. Medical facilities need to have a lot of supplies on hand and ready so they’re prepared for the work that the doctors and nurses perform. Here is a list of things that go into supplying a medical facility.


Gauze is needed for various types of procedures and scenarios, mainly as a bandage for wounds both emergency and post-surgery. Gauze comes in many different sizes, and there are many different types as well. For example, normal gauze, which is meant as an emergency dressing, also lacks any special lubricants so if you wear it for too long the cotton can become stuck to the wound and even delay the healing process. Then there’s paraffin gauze, which has paraffin in it which protects your wounds. Then you have sterile versus nonsterile, where the former is meant to keep out bacteria and germs and the other is meant to dress closed wounds.

Blood Pressure Kit

A blood pressure kit will help keep track of the patient’s health. Blood pressure tests are important in helping doctors, nurses, and medical assistants monitor patients for things such as heart disease or a stroke. You can buy blood pressure kits from different stores that sell medical supplies and other equipment.


Epi-pens are used when someone has an allergic reaction and needs an emergency dose of epinephrine. These kits contain antihistamines and steroids, which help to reduce allergic reactions and give medical personnel more time to save the patient’s life. Epi-pens are a must in emergency rooms and on the wards of any hospital as there is always the chance of someone coming into surprise contact with something their allergic to.

Medical Tape

Medical tape is used in different procedures to hold wounds and bandages together. It’s designed to be safely used on the skin, and it can be used for bandages, securing tubes, and even repairs. You can also purchase this product from shops that sell various medical supplies, especially if you need to buy in bulk.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are used when people need to get their hands dirty in the process of helping a patient. Ranging from touching bodily fluids to simply performing procedures, disposable gloves are an easy way to keep your hands and the general environment sterile enough to work on a patient.

Manual Thermometers

A manual thermometer is something that a doctor or nurse will use to help measure the patient’s temperature throughout their time at the medical facility they’re in. These can be very useful when a patient needs to have their temperature taken, especially if they are ill or under observation.


A stethoscope will help doctors and nurses, medical assistants, and even medical students hear what is going on inside someone’s body, namely the beat and rhythm of your heart and lungs. 

The above supplies can be very important in helping to keep patients and doctors healthy and help all of the staff members who work at the medical facility. You should choose what items will be needed in your facility and purchase them online or from a medical store.


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