The Yoga Expert’s Guide to Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training

Have you been practicing yoga for a year and want to share this art with others? It is time for you to enroll in yoga teacher training in India to learn everything about this sacred art. The yoga training offers you in-depth knowledge of not just yoga asanas but also about yoga anatomy and physiology of human body. If you want to learn everything about yoga, the yoga training is just for you.

A yoga teacher training is highly educational and helps you become a certified yoga teacher. Enrolling in this program offers you the skills to teach this sacred art to others. Earning a certification in yoga training opens up the doors of employment for you. However, for you to become the top yoga teacher, you need to have the right guidance.

Guide to Yoga Teacher Training

To help you become the best yoga teacher, yoga experts have come up with a small guide. This will help you in completing the YTT and develop the skills to teach this ancient art to others. So, pay attention!

What to Expect From a Yoga Teacher Training?

Enrolling in yoga teacher training, especially as a beginner can be a bit intimidating and challenging. You have to be ready to practice asanas that require precise body alignment and adjustment. However, do not worry as it is completely OK to feel a bit anxious during your starting days.

Moreover, knowing what to expect makes you less nervous and gives you enough time to prepare mentally and physically for the training ahead.

To help you prepare for a yoga teacher training with Yoga Alliance certification, yoga experts have come up with some powerful tips.

Tips to Choose the Best Yoga Teacher Training

For you to become the best yoga teacher, you must choose the right yoga training. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Research

Before you enroll in a registered yoga teacher training program, make sure this is the path for you. In other words, you should connect with yoga teachers from whom you have taken classes. Get an idea about what the yoga training includes. Yoga experts recommend you ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you plan on quitting your current job and take up yoga as a full-time career?
  • How would you manage to juggle family responsibilities, work, and other responsibilities as you learn yoga?
  • Have you chosen a particular place to kickstart the certified yoga teacher training?

You should look for the best yoga teacher training in India as this will give you the chance to learn yoga from the best.

2. Attend Yoga Classes

If you are someone with no knowledge of yoga, you should invest some time and effort in understanding this art. Be attentive and regular to the yoga sessions and absorb all there is to know about this sacred art. This helps you prepare for the advanced yoga training ahead.

3. Select a YTT Program

You should research about different Yoga Alliance certification programs. If you plan to become a certified yoga teacher, make sure you complete the YTT from an RYS (Registered Yoga School). Also, look for yoga training affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA.

4. Practice Teaching Yoga

Just completing the certified yoga teacher training would be of no use to you. You must be able to demonstrate the ability to handle a large group of yoga practitioners. Yoga gurus recommend you should work as a trainee instructor or assist another yoga instructor during the class.

There it is! The four tips to help you accomplish yoga teacher training and become the best yoga teacher. A common question that comes to the mind of many yoga instructors is – What is Yoga Alliance?

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization based in the United States. It works towards the welfare of the professionals in the yoga industry. The organization also certifies yoga instructors and teachers and keeps a track of the numerous yoga training and Registered Yoga School (RYS).

For you to be a certified yoga teacher, you must enroll in a Registered Yoga School under the ambit of Yoga Alliance. There are different types of yoga training including 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour YTT programs. The 200 hour is like a bachelor’s degree in yoga whereas the 500 hour is the master’s degree.

But, do you know what needs to be done to prepare for the yoga training? Let us find out.

4 Tips to Help You Become the Best Yoga Teacher

To help you prepare for a Yoga Alliance certification, yoga teachers have come up with some simple tips. Read further to know these tips.

1. Study Yoga Basics

As a student in yoga teacher training, you are not expected to be an expert. There is also no condition about having prior experience with yoga to take the training. However, what is important is that you must have a clarity about yoga basics. Yoga experts recommend you familiarize yourself with the names of different yoga asanas and understand the basic yoga terminology.

2. Have a Support System

Before you enroll in yoga teacher training in India, make sure you have a proper support group outside the yoga class. Your family and friends should be aware of your journey which will give you the drive and confidence to give your best during the training.

3. Meet Yoga Professionals & YTT Graduates

Try connecting with yoga teachers and recent graduates of the YTT program. It gives you an idea about how you should proceed with the YTT. Moreover, it also helps you understand what to expect from the training.

4. Keep a Journal

Maintaining a journal during the yoga teacher training in India helps you keep track of the progress in training. It is an excellent way for you to keep the end goal in mind and check if you are following the right path. The journal provides you a great way to have a deep conversation with yourself.

These are the four tips to help you make the most of yoga teacher training.

Common Misconceptions About Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga experts will clear some misconceptions that can make you doubtful whether or not YTT is the right thing for you.

1. You Must Be a Yoga Expert

The most common misconception is prevalent among new yoga practitioners. There are many who say that you have to be a master at different yoga asanas and other yogic techniques. So, do not beat yourself into trying to do challenging yoga asanas, it will come with time.

2. Yoga Teacher Training is Expensive

There are many who consider yoga training as an unnecessary expense. However, what they do not understand is they lose something priceless over some money. All you have to do is cut down on unnecessary expenses for the yoga training. For everything you get with yoga teacher training in India, it is worth it.

3. Practice Some Yoga Beforehand

Many yoga practitioners believe that before you enroll in yoga training, you must practice this art for at least one or two years. As said above, there is no need for you to be an expert before enrolling in a yoga training program.

However, the yoga teacher training does come with some major benefits like:

1. Develops Your Spiritual Side

For you to accomplish Yoga Alliance certification, you must be ready to know not just the physical but also the spiritual aspects of yoga. Remember, certified yoga teacher training is also about meditation, reciting mantras, and studying the ancient yogic texts. This helps you connect with your spiritual self.

2. Understand Yoga Philosophy

As is evident from above, yoga teacher training is not just about practicing yoga asanas day in and out. Joining a YTT gives you the chance to understand yogic philosophy and helps you dive deeper into the yogic lifestyle. In other words, you also understand the reason why a particular yoga technique or asana is beneficial for your mind and body.

3. Changes Your Perspective

Daily practice of yoga at the registered yoga teacher training in India brings a positive change in your life. This rids your mind of all the negative emotions and clutter, which holds you back from giving your best in life. In the long run, yoga teacher training certification helps you form a new perspective on the world around you.

4. Connect With Your True Self

Living in a world dominated by social media and smartphones is no cakewalk. You lose yourself so much in the external world that it becomes harder to know what you like and what you don’t. Fortunately, certified yoga teacher training helps you dive deeper into yoga and reconnect with your true self.


Yoga is an ancient art that helps you enjoy good physical and mental health. However, for you to dive deeper into this sacred art, you must enroll in a certified yoga school. However, before you enroll in yoga training in India, make sure it aligns with your goals.

Further, be consistent with your yoga practice to have a deeper insight into your life and connect with your true self.


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