Things to Consider When Hiring Audio-Visuals for an Event

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Whether it’s an electrifying concert, intimate party with friends and family, or a super professional corporate event, the success lies in getting the perfect audio visual hire Perth services. So, here are some of our tips and tricks that will upgrade your audio-visual game to the next level.

  • Hire yours from a trusted production company

Do not settle for companies that might be luring you in with unbelievable discounts. Chances are; you will end up with a terrible, embarrassing system at your party or event when it is too late to fix. Hunt down a production company that has an arsenal of equipment, including the latest ones to drop in the market, from where you can choose. Moreover, they should thoroughly service each of the equipment before delivering them to your venue. It is always a good idea to do a little research about the company from which you are hiring the service. Please take a tour of their website and read reviews from previous customers.

  • Make a list of equipment you need

The plethora of audio-visual equipment that floods the market can be quite overwhelming. So, Plan before heading to a store. Make a list of equipment that you need for the event. Some of the must-haves for any event or part are –

  • Microphones
  • Sound Board
  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Speakers
  • Stage lights

However, your priorities may change depending on the event, and this is when you will need assistance from the experts at the production company who will help you pick the right equipment.

  • Get the installation covered

Hiring the equipment is only half the battle won, the real struggle begins when you need to install this complicated, heavy equipment. So, we suggest you collaborate with a good production company who will take care of the installation of the equipment that they are lending you. Remember, audio-visual installation is not only a complex task that requires well-seasoned hands but can also cost you quite a bomb if you get it done separately.

  • Consider the venue

You will need different kinds of audio-visual system depending on your venue. Consider if it is an open space like a ground or a closed space like a ceremony hall or whether it is a huge area or a compact room. The number of guests who are expected to attend the party is also crucial. The last thing you want is an audio-visual system that feels like a mewling cat in one corner during the event.

  • Make a vision board

It can be quite a struggle sometime to get your idea across to the experts. But, thankfully, we are in the age of the internet. So, look for images for inspiration and save them on your phone. It will not take you more than half an hour to curate ten images that speak to you. And, trust us, these ten images will be more than enough for the production company to gauge what you want exactly. This is a simple yet effective way to get things done perfectly the way you want.

  • Try to incorporate a wow factor

Believe it or not, the right lighting and audio-visual installation Perth can completely transform even the drabbest venue into a magical fairyland or a professional haven. Therefore, one needs to focus on adding touches that are going to wow your audience and guest. Some of that equipment that you can incorporate is –

  • LED walls
  • Inflatable projection screens
  • LED Fx Lights
  • Smoke machines

So, now you know these golden tips, it is time to book the best production company in your area for your next party or event. Please don’t make the grave mistake of contacting them last minute.


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