Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Things to Do in Portland

Portland city is the largest in the state of Oregon, which has a lot more to offer than just donuts, breweries, and some food truck spots. Portland city is famous for its greenery and eco-friendly environment. It’s said that one can not experience the same Portland more than once; the city is always evolving and creating something new. Get the best deal at British Airways Reservations for your visit to Portland.

Guide to the best thing to do in Portland city

  1. Washington park

It is the place where one can do a lot of fun activities being close to nature. Washington Park is a place for both kids and adults with attractions including a zoo, Japanese Garden, Museum for children, and an arboretum. Apart from these attractions, there is plenty of space to sit and relax in the greenery at small picnic spots and explore the wild forest. 

  1. Voodoo Doughnut

With their motto – “the magic is in the hole” Voodoo Doughnut has something out of the box to serve and treat our sweet tooth. They have got the world weirdest combination to offer and, somehow they always work. Voodoo is the best place for your sugar fix. One should start from the classic Voodoo Doll, a chocolate-covered doll shaped doughnut with red jelly being visiting the first time.

  1. Lan Su Chinese Garden

Portland city is a wreath with Suzhou. The place is famous for its Ming dynasty gardens, and it’s surprisingly beautiful. Lan Su Garden has maintained its authenticity. This place gives a Chinese vibe in the United States, which is overwhelming at times. If you want to explore Chinese culture and history, then this place should be in your list of to do’s. 

  1. Cherry Blossom bloom at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Located on the Willamette Riverside, Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a popular place, especially for the fitness freaks. People usually come here to jog and cycle, but you can enjoy the great view of the boats from the park, mainly people seen visiting during their lunch hours.

  1. Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is the oldest gallery with a wide range of works on display, including contemporary, modern, and old pieces. Art fanatics should visit the gallery for some extra-ordinary experience. Here one can explore Native American art as well as English silver collection, which stands apart. 

  1. Multnomah Whiskey Library

A place with stocks of incredible selection of over 2000 bottles of liquor all across the world, the Multnomah Whiskey Library is a dream place for people who love to get a different experience of drinking. Portland city is famous for its craft beer, but people who love hard drinks have now got a place too. The place executes sophistication and top-class experience as it is one of the world’s finest whiskey bars. 

  1. Benson Hotel, Downtown

Spend a night at one of Portland city’s historic landmarks, the Benson Hotel in Downtown Portland is a 287 bedroom hotel, standing apart with a historic appeal. Being the finest hotel in this place is a perfect amalgamation of classic and modern amenities, this place has an outstanding experience to offer. 

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