Tips For Making an Epoxy Resin Table

Making an Epoxy Resin Table

The river table made of epoxy resin is a gorgeous and exceptional element of home design. You’d like to create an epoxy resin table at home, but you’re not sure how.

We’ll walk you through the process of creating your own resin river table in this article. It’s not as challenging as it seems with the appropriate guidance! Create your first river table by using these tips!

But first, let’s get to know what exactly an epoxy resin table is:

Epoxy Resin River Table: What is it?

An unusual piece of furniture called a resin river table is constructed from wooden planks and resin. The idea to create eye-catching tables originated in the United States, and in recent years, it has spread throughout the entire world! Outstanding table design emanates vitality and looks opulent and contemporary. An epoxy resin wood table will look fantastic in your home, apartment, living room, or place of business—a restaurant.

Each river table is distinctive and features diverse design elements, such as a neutral color scheme or an unconventional appearance in vibrant hues. You can add various items, such as bullets, cards, money, leaves, sand, or photographs, to the crystal clear river tables. The possibilities are infinite!

Tips For Making An Epoxy Resin Table

To make a perfect epoxy resin table for your home, you need to know each and every detail relevant to the epoxy resin table. Here are some of the tips you can follow to ensure that your  resin table builds with perfection:

  • Choose The Right Wood for Your River Table

The choice of wood is a crucial element in creating a stunning epoxy river table. For your artwork, it is worthwhile to use more expensive real wood. Making a long-lasting, high-quality table is preferable to purchasing quickly depreciating, cheap furniture.

You should select a natural wood board or a board constructed from a tree trunk (at least 1.5–1.7 inches thick) for the epoxy resin river tables. If the piece of wood has natural edge barks, your product will have an extremely lovely appearance.

There are a lot of different epoxy furniture dealers in India where you can get the wood boards and epoxy resin table for your home.

  • Preparing Your Wood Board

For the wood’s preparation, you have two choices. You might first prepare the wood itself. For this, you’ll need a circular saw and a planer to cut the wood into the proper length and thickness before splitting it in half.

On the other hand, you may just purchase any wood board and have it cut and shaped to meet your desired use, or you can purchase the boards in the correct thickness and length. This option is much simpler if you have little expertise processing wood (don’t try to chew more than you can handle). Additionally, obtaining equipment that can process wood in this way can be fairly expensive, so carefully weigh your options and your budget.

  • Epoxy Resin Conditions

Epoxy resin is an extremely delicate substance, and mixing these two ingredients will cause a chemical reaction that will turn the liquid substances into a solid. Before working with resin, the best working environment must be established. Your project’s success depends on conditions including cold, humidity, and temperature.

The resin may dry more quickly in hot temperatures because it will cure more quickly. Knowing the proper operating temperature is crucial since the resin reacts to temperature quite sensitively. It is best to prepare food at a temperature of 23–30°C (70–85°F). Low temperatures, or 20 degrees or 68 degrees Fahrenheit, will cause the mixture to thicken and become bubble-filled.

  • Mixing Epoxy Resin Thoroughly

For your job, measure and determine the appropriate amount of epoxy resin. It takes about two spoons of color pigment per cup to mix thoroughly for at least 5-7 minutes with Baltic Day resin, which has a 1:1 ratio. Use a bucket that is big enough to hold the complete volume of resin.

Remember that the more you mix using a drill attachment, the more air bubbles will swirl around. However, the mixer will provide the best possible mixing of the ingredients. Wait 6 to 10 minutes after properly mixing the epoxy to let air bubbles rise to the work surface.

Resin furniture is in vogue nowadays, and it has become a style statement as well. The reason is — you
can bring your imagination to life by using resin for your projects. Most people have switched to resin
furniture as it looks exquisite, versatile, and provides functionality. Moreover, the Epoxy furniture and
The Resin Table India market is also booming because you can get customized resin furniture in any color
and design you can ever imagine.
Despite the popularity of resin furniture, some people are still in doubt when it comes to making an
investment in it. So, today we will discuss why resin furniture makes a good choice for your outdoor
furniture. Before we move on to the reasons to buy resin furniture, let’s find out what resin is.

What is resin?

Resin is a synthetic material that is crafted by humans. It is available in several different types and
qualities. HDPE, a.k.a High-density polyethylene, is the supreme most quality resin used widely for
making resin for outdoor furniture. High-density polyethylene is nonporous and hence an ideal material
for your patio furniture.
Now let’s explore the reasons to invest in furniture made using resin.
Reasons to opt for resin furniture

#1 Durable: Durability is a thing that everyone prefers, no matter how big or small our investment is.
And the best part about resin furniture is its durability. There isn’t any issue of deformation, cracks, or
even mechanical damage with resin furniture.
#2 Low cost: Raw material that is used to produce resin is quite affordable, and it allows the
manufacturers to provide the final products at low prices.
#3 Moisture resistant: Unlike wooden furniture, the resin is completely moisture resistant, and this
property is one of the key reasons for resin for furniture’s popularity, kitchen countertops, and dining
tables. So, if you live in an area where you have to deal with humidity and dampness, resin furniture will
be your best bet.
#4 Wear-resistant: Resin furniture stays unaffected by ultraviolet radiation, and hence you can enjoy
your outdoor furniture for a long time.
#5 Endless design options: Furniture manufacturers are extremely artistic with resin, and they help you
have furniture as per your choice and theme requirement. They craft unique masterpieces such as
ocean and river tables. Even if you need something extraordinary, you can go for live edge tables. Resin

can be used to create any shape, which means you are not restricted to using the standard shapes for
your furniture. Amazing, isn’t it?
#6 Easy to clean: Furniture made from wood or other material needs extra care when it comes to
cleaning them, but that’s not true for resin. All you need is water and detergent/soap to clean your


So these are tips you can follow to make a perfect resin table at your home. Or you can buy the epoxy resin table in India from one of the best manufacturers- Diyalightingstudio. They have many epoxy tables available in many designs to choose from. Their designs are backed up by designers with experience and exposure to home decor trends.

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