Tips of Performing Umrah with Children

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Umrah is a short-form of Hajj that most people execute as it can be performed any time without any hassle. The prime objective and recognition of Muslims all over the world is Umrah. Furthermore, parents must guarantee that religion and devotion must pass along to their children. Some people are adamant about taking their children to conduct Umrah while others are hesitant. However, we recommend that you accompany them and educate them about Islam from the beginning in order to instill a love of Allah (SWT) and His Prophet Hazrat Muhammad in them (S.A.W). If you intend to take your children to Umrah but are looking for some best deals and packages then, you can choose cheap Umrah packages as they include all the facilities that one might require during their journey. Moreover, you can even customize these packages to your specific needs especially if you are traveling with family and kids.

We all know that doing Umrah is a goal of every Muslim, and also that people traveling with children and infants may have a tiresome or uncomfortable journey. However, for parents, their children are their real concern, and they do not prefer to entrust them in the care of others. It may be easier for you to handle your journey with kids if you follow a few fantastic suggestions and tactics. Nothing beats undertaking this Holy ceremony with your family and reaching a whole new level of fulfillment. Take into note that this religious journey usually necessitates extensive planning, especially if you’re accompanying children. We feel that conducting Umrah with your children is a fortunate chance since Allah not only invited you but your children to be his guest. All you need to do is stay positive and consider this opportunity to be Allah’s (SWT) ultimate favor to your family. Muslims doing this ceremony prefer to concentrate completely on worshipping Allah Almighty and believe that bringing children with them will distract and divert their minds.

They’re absolutely correct! But just don’t think of it that way! Consider it in the sense that your kids are your possessions, and you wish them to be showered with the love and devotion of their Lord, so they will understand its value in Islam. Nevertheless, here we have provided a detailed summary of the advice and guidelines for parents who have opted to take their family and kids to Umrah:

Introduce and Explain Umrah to Your Kids

There are a variety of textbooks and resources accessible to introduce your kids to the concept of Umrah and assist them to comprehend the significance of this Ibaadah. Another way to equip children for such a significant journey is to have them wear Ihram and perform Tawaf and Sa’i with them! As a result, people may believe that there are some vital procedures you must do before embracing Haram. Tell children that Allah is the one and that you must offer Dua to Him by linking your palms. Additionally, inform them that Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is our Last Prophet and that we are carrying out his Sunnah. It is an excellent opportunity to teach children the fundamentals of Islam while also brushing up on your own knowledge. Inform them that by doing this ritual you can earn innumerable benefits from Allah and is a path to Jannah.

Have A Baby Carrier

When performing Umrah, the most important thing is to maintain track of your kids, however, in a busy site like Haram, it might be tough to leave your youngsters alone or pay attention to them. Therefore, getting them tied to you is a nice and better alternative. Unlike strollers, they are permitted to enter Haram. Nothing could keep your infant as secure as this carrier as you go through people throughout the pilgrimage. Baby carriers and straps can be availed for babies from birth to 36 months.

Compile A List of Your Religious Goals

While caring for your children, don’t miss the chance to visit any religious sites or prayers. It would be wise for you to prepare a checklist of your religious endeavors prior to going and performing by keeping that schedule so you don’t overlook anything. Furthermore, pray as often as you can for your family and kids, and ask Allah to guide everyone in the correct direction.

Your Footwear Should Be Comfy

Umrah necessitates a bit of running (imagine more than 10km each day), therefore it’s vital to invest in a pair of comfortable shoes! If you don’t really have comfy shoes or footwear, you should get some since they will be very useful to you. In the long term, companies like Skechers, Nike, and others are famous for shoes since they are really soft and soothing. Another important item to remember is to purchase your footwear several days prior to your trip and test them wearing them again and again. Render yourself at home in them before bringing them with you. It’s a requirement since you’re also bearing the burden of a baby. The selection of your footwear is also influenced by climate, but the most essential thing is that they do not harm you and keep you comfy and calm in the long haul.

Get Yourself Fully Vaccinated

Health has generally been the primary goal of every person, and parents are constantly concerned about their children’s health. There must be infections and germs in a mixed environment of individuals from all over the world. We understand the thrill of socializing with people from other cultures and customs, but health always comes first. Before you go, make sure to have your children and yourself immunized. Keep in mind that all vaccinations should be taken a few weeks before the expedition, since youngsters may get a small fever after being inoculated.

In Short,

Taking your kids with you is not an easy task and requires some extra care. Therefore, if you follow the above guidelines with attention then you might not feel stress or anxiety. It’s a plus point if you acquire your cheap Umrah packages from reputable firms as they are likely to provide better services throughout your journey.


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