Tips to choose the perfect conference venue in Jaipur

When you have an important meeting or conference to organize, the amount of stress that is undergone by you is understandable. But, if you get the right venue at the right time, half of the stress and in fact, the whole business is sorted! But, how do you choose the best conference halls in Jaipur?

There are a few points which you must take care of to make it a success?


 The location of the conference venue should be accessible for all. You cannot choose a place that is not well-known. This is for the reason that, it is a matter of your reputation. At 63%, accessibility is the biggest factor in choosing an event destination. Make sure that the airport or railway station is nearby. If this is not the case, then arrange cab services for the guests, if they are VIPs. If the conference venue itself can arrange a car service for the guests, then well and good.


When you choose a location, it should be suitable for the conference. For example, the one with astounding designs and no display board cannot be chosen for a conference for a formal meeting. This can create a bad image of yours in the minds of guests. Similarly, make sure it is of adequate size and that it accommodates all the guests.


If the venue you choose is a part of a hotel, then lodging facilities should not be a concern. Book the venue along with a few rooms. But, if you do not have such a facility, make sure the guests do not have to travel to reach their room as it would have been a long day for them, and traveling further shall not be appreciated. Nothing matters, if it’s a one-day conference.


Do not confuse yourself with accessibility and availability. Availability means if enough rooms are available for the guests. If the guests are not given the perfect rooms and are not informed about their lodging facilities, it could be a real mess.


Plan before you decide. The cost shall be negotiated with the venue arrangers.


Find out the attendee to venue staff ratio to determine if there will be enough wait staff, concierge support, and security for your event. You will require all of them at various points in time. It would be a busy day and the organizer cannot do it all alone. Ask them if they will be around all day.


Try to find out a venue that has all of the components that you will need available for the event. This includes audio-visual apparatus, stages, and microphones, You also have to be watchful of the set-up capacities, paying specific attention to seating arrangements and sponsor areas, as well as if you’ll have the ability to engage outside vendors and utilize break-out rooms.


It is significant to see if the place has enough of the venue offers about technology. You cannot choose an old venue and expect them to arrange all the top-class technology. Wifi is a must and 79% of the people agree that the non-functioning of wifi is irritating and spoils the whole setup of the conference.

Food and Beverage

34% of event organizers spend most of their budget on catering. The food and beverage session is to be conducted with utmost care. It can ruin the whole conference though you might think this is not to be taken care of. Consider the case of students attending an academic conference, children would be waiting for the food! It can add up the impression of the guests. Even if the whole conference was not up to the expectation, the best food and delicacies can lighten up their mind.

These are the points to be careful about choosing the best conference halls in Jaipur. It is not a fun task because it is mostly academic and highly professional. Remember it cannot be chosen as a marriage hall or a venue for a birthday. Choose the best and maintain your reputation of yours.


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