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In August 2020, I took the Microsoft Power BI Exam 70-778. Since then, a number of my contacts, friends along Power BI community members have been asking me questions about the exam as well as preparation tips and other resources. So, I decided to share my experiences in preparing and passing the exam as well as some tips to help you pass and prepare for the Power BI Certification.

Power BI is sophisticated Business Intelligence and Visualisation tool from Microsoft. Exam 70-778 as well as the recently launched DA-100 exam examine the ability to analyze and visualize data using Microsoft Power BI.

The differential in Microsoft 70-778 exam and the DA-100 exam:

At the first week of March in 2020, Microsoft made it clear that the company was going to end its Microsoft 70-778 exam in January 2021. Instead, it would launch a role-based DA100 exam. Since I was already in the process of preparing for the 70-778 exam and, at the time, the DA-100 exam was in the Beta stage with no clear learning route I decided to go on with the 70-778 exam.

DA-100 is the successor to the 70-778 exam and both exams test the knowledge and skills of Power BI. Thus, the outline of skills for both exams is similar to approx. 80-90%. The exam is however, DA-100 also tests on certain new features included in Power BI, such as AI visualization. The complete information and the level of skill that is assessed in both tests can be found at:

Technique for Preparation:

Since I had already gained direct experience in the creation of reports using Power BI, a significant portion of the knowledge required on the exam was covered. However, I had to fill in a few gaps due to the fact there are always new features being added to Power BI.

Being able to use Power BI is crucial to getting through these tests. But don’t get dismayed if you’ve not utilized the tool often or have the only basic knowledge. For newbies, I would suggest the following method:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of the basics of Power BI by watching some YouTube videos and studying articles related to Power BI purpose, features, and components. Power BI uses Power Query and Power Pivot so users with prior experience with Excel add-ins would be able to find Power BI easier to use.
  2. Develop a few basic reports using the system, then publish them to the Power BI service, develop Dashboards and applications. This will provide you with an understanding of the complete reporting process and sharing with Power BI. There are a lot of clips of Curbal, Enterprise DNA, and Guy in a Cube which can be helpful.
  3. Exam Reference 70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing the Data Book written by Daniil Maslyuk. The book is old-fashioned, but it’s still an excellent foundation for understanding PowerBI M language, PowerBI, and the DAX language.
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of DAX which includes Time intelligence functions and a basic understanding of the M formula language. There is no need to master the M language in depth simply pay attention to the M formula that is generated by Power Query Editor. Power Query Editor while doing any type of data transformation within the Power BI GUI. DAX is an essential component of creating reports using Power BI and the exam will also test your knowledge of the same.

Preparation Materials:

I haven’t used or purchased any course or paid material to aid in the preparation for the exam and have only used the following resources to help me prepare and reference.

  1. Exam Ref 70-778 Visualizing and Analyzing Information Book Written by Daniil Maslyuk
  2. Microsoft DA-100 Learning Paths available at
  3. YouTube channel Curbal for DAX formula explanation and comprehension in a more simple way.Must be sure to check it out! I am awestruck by how she explains DAX formulas using illustrations
  4. YouTube channel Guy in a Cube- This channel is excellent to understand the advanced capabilities that are part of Power BI and AI visualization
  5. Channel on youtube Enterprise DNA- For learning how to build dashboards and reports from scratch
  6. The last but not least, Microsoft Documentation is really essential in understanding the DAX formula, as well as other functions that are part of Power BI. I’ve always been a believer in this prior to deciding to take the exam.

Test Questions

This is an area in which I had a hard time because Microsoft did not provide examples of the questions that were asked, nor any practice guides. There were a few practice questions online, however, these questions were not in line with the actual questions on the exam or were out of date. My only suggestion following the exam is that you’re confident in using Power BI at the conclusion of your exam and you are confident that you can succeed in passing the exam.

Power BI, Microsoft’s business-analytics platform provides scientists, data analysts as well as other tech experts to swiftly look into data for vital insight. It’s a competitor to Tableau and other types of business intelligence software, although for many analysts it’s just one tool among many. If you’re considering any kind of data analysis or business intelligence-related job having a basic understanding of Power BI can prove useful (especially in the event that your company is based on Microsoft technology). Do you require qualifications to get a job that heavily relies on Power BI? Let’s figure it out.

Does Power BI have an official certification?

Up until recently, Microsoft offered MCSA: BI Reporting, which proved the holder’s skills in using both Microsoft Power BI as well as Excel. However, the certification was canceled, as were the exams which were part of the certification ( Exam 70-778: Visualizing and Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI and Exam 70-779 Analyzing and Visualizing Data using Microsoft Excel).

There’s Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate that is governed through Examination DA100: Analyzing Data using Microsoft PowerBI. The certification proves that the holder can create and build data models, cleanse data sets, and employ an analytics approach that provides useful insight into the data.

If you’re considering Power BI certification (or Microsoft certifications generally) It’s vital to go through Microsoft’s certification websites for any new updates to its certification routes. Microsoft may change or discontinue its certifications and the accompanying tests with minimal notice. It’s not a good idea to invest time and money in an outside training course and then discover that the content was out of date. For instance, there are numerous online learning programs providing instruction in Exam 70-778, despite the fact that Microsoft has canceled the exam.

Don’t delay any further and embark started on this exciting journey of Power BI. All the best !!!!!! !


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