Tips to Learn Playing Basketball


Today, especially the modern generation youth is attracted to playing basketball. It is one of the most challenging and exciting sports which requires a strong desire to perform well. No matter what objective you play the game, all the people start as a beginner. Even the pros start from somewhere!

But before you start playing the game, take a look at the tips for playing basketball more efficiently and effectively.

Warm-Up is essential

In any physical sport you engage, you must warm up to decrease the risk of injuries. The main purpose of a warm-up is to raise the temperature of the body and improve athleticism (joint muscles, body structure and more). You can also do warm-up as per your comfort and choice.

Set your goals

Set your goals to work hard and get the best results. These goals can range from something small to bigger goals as you become a better player. Without goals, you won’t have an image of where and why you want your basketball training. Once you have a set of clear goals, your practice will accomplish working towards these goals.

Running & Stopping

The basketball game is based on running and stopping techniques. All power comes from the legs, and about 70% or more skills are involved in Footwork.

Consciously place your foot where you want to go. It is an effective way to beat the opponent. The legs must remain straightened when a player jumps to shoot, trying to block.

Like running, quick on spot stopping is also needed. The role of the head, as for running, is much more critical for holding also. The theories of stopping are to create an open gesture and closed gesture, flexion the knees, get the head back over the feet and bear the head up.


The very first thing you need to learn is dribbling. Start practicing dribbling with the hand you use less until you can handle the ball with either hand too. There are lots of different dibbles styles you can opt to improve your skills.

Always dribble with your fingertips and keep your head up. After some experience, you can gradually increase the speed of dripping, keeping control of the ball.


Basketball shooting styles vary from person to person and depend on the mental attitude of an individual. Some people release the ball in the front of their face, other behind their head. If you want to win the game, the proper equation of shooting the ball towards a basketball backboard is essential.

Do what comes naturally and shoot more effectively. Make placement of your hands on the ball with proper technique and release the ball towards the basket straightly. Also, keep practicing every day from different positions.


Jumping is a necessary action in basketball that is often overlooked by many players. It is vital for rebounds, blocking shots, and shooting techniques. You can improve your jumping skills by working on your deadlifts, jump squats, box jumps, depth jump, back squats, and more. It will enhance your height and overall basketball performance.

Work on your Passing

Basketball is a team game, and passing the ball plays an essential role. There are different criteria of passes: chest pass, direct pass, bounce pass, Overhead Pass, Off the Dribble Pass, etc. Whatever type you choose, make sure when you pass the ball to your teammate, never look at him directly. Always notice the defender’s positions and how they are moving and then pass the ball.

One-handed passes are generally not recommended but can be very useful. It takes less time and movement to execute and comes in handy when you are passing to an open teammate in between more defenders.

Learn Defense Techniques

Basketball defense is an art of stopping the ball from getting closer to the defender or scoring area. Always keep your eyes on defensive players to stop the ball when it is passed to a more professional player close to the basketball backboard. If you want to defend the ball, use Step Slide, Jump to the Ball, Drop Step, Balance, Positioning, Zig Zag, Retreat, Jumping, and many more techniques.

Also, know when and where to block out for a rebound and when to intercept in between the pass. It would help if you avoid short passes and always see the ball and your teammate.

Listen to your coach

Coaches play an essential role in any game and help in developing game skills of the players. They will lead you and your team to make you reach the next level. Moreover, the coach helps you in understanding the movement, offensive, and defensive tactics of the game.

Also, you can follow your senior players’ guidelines to improve your overall game.

Final Thoughts

To learn and master basketball, you need to know the essential tips and tricks of playing the game. Follow the rules and tips mentioned above before you engage in this game. Therefore, you must be committed and disciplined to become an expert in the basketball game.


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