Tips To Take Care Of Your Old Beautiful Trees 

Beautiful Trees 

Tips To Take Care Of Your Old Beautiful Trees

The large shade trees are a treasure in your yard and these should be preserved. To retain the beauty of the old tree, you should put some efforts and preserve their value. The large size trees can reduce your utility bills significantly by blocking harsh sun rays during the summer season.

Also, huge trees can block wind flow. They can significantly increase the value of your house by approximately 15%. Also, they can prevent your house from air pollution and noise pollution. The mature trees in our yards are the touchstone of our ancestor’s memories and they are simply beautiful.

Thus, you should put effort to preserve these treasures in your yard.

When trees start growing, then they offer more benefits to people who are living in their surroundings. Your attention and care are worthwhile.

Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you to safeguard your treasures:

Prevent Your Tree Bark

You should prevent your tree bark from damaging by power tools like lawnmowers and string trimmers from striking. Also, you should create a circle of mulch around the tree to retain the required level of moisture near the roots of the tree. You should also prevent the important water vessels of tree & vulnerable tissue beneath the bark from any damage.

Apply Mulch

You should spread a wide and even layer of mulch around the tree to deliver necessary nutrients and water to the tree roots. The mulch not just provide the required nutrients but also prevent the tree roots from power tools.

Also, it discourages foot traffic around the tree and improves soil conditions as they start decaying. It is recommended to use wood chip mulch for better results. You should spread the mulch two to three inches deep to prevent the tree roots.

According to the experts, the more area is covered with mulch, the better results you will get. You should distribute mulch evenly without making a heap around the bark. Piling up wood chips around bark can lead to rot and various tree diseases.

Prevent Roots From Damage

When the soil is in compacted form around the tree roots, then it becomes difficult for your trees to get required water and air for healthy tree growth. If you want to avoid soil compaction, then you should discourage foot traffic beneath tree branches.

You should make the soil porous by using tools. Also, you should keep walkways away from the trees. Avoid parking your vehicles or putting heavy loads around tree roots.

Do Not Hang Things On Branches

You should not hang a tire with rope on a tree branch. It can immediately lead to wear & tear of tree bark. Ultimately, it leads to damage to vital tissues of the tree. If damage does not kill your trees, then heavyweight may do it.

If you want to hang a hammock, then you should not tie a rope around the tree. You can drill a hole and screw in eye bolt to hang the hammock. It will lead to less damage.

Tree Watering During Dry Season

You should provide adequate water to the old trees in your yard. Mostly, old trees can survive with rainwater. But, during the summer season, you should provide water to your trees. During dry weather, large trees also need water supply to avoid stress and trees can grow healthy.

You should deliver water slowly to avoid the damage and roots can absorb the required amount of water. Take out your garden hose and lay the nozzle beneath the tree.

After every twenty minutes, you should move the nozzle a few feels until the water deliver is completely absorbed by the tree roots. If your tree is away from your hose, then you can use a bucket to provide an adequate amount of water to your trees.

Hire Professional For Tree Inspection

You should also take the help of professionals for a thorough tree inspection. As the tree grows older, then cracks start appearing on its trunk, branches and all over. Also, the tree gets affected by tree diseases and it results in heavy dead branches.

You should inspect the tree in your yard every few years. Call a certified professional and spot the major problems in your old trees. A certified arborist such as tree pruning Sydney service providers will trim down unwanted tree branches and also suggest the right measures to protect your trees from diseases.

Final Words:

You must put some effort to maintain your old trees in good condition. The old trees are your treasure and offer enormous benefits. Thus, it is imperative to preserve this treasure. The abovementioned tips can help in increasing the lifespan of old trees in your yard.


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