Top 10 Must Known Facts About Construction

Top 10 Must Known Facts About Construction - Daily Construction Facts

What is Construction?

The word “construction” is derived from Latin construction (from com- “together” and struere “to pile up”) and Old French construction and refers to the art and science of creating items, systems, or organizations. Construction is both a verb and a noun: the act of constructing and the substance of the structure. These facts about construction are amazing. Buildings, infrastructure, industrial facilities, and their accompanying activities are all considered to be part of construction in the most common sense of the term. Planning, funding, and design are often the first steps, followed by construction, which encompasses everything from repairs and maintenance to the final destruction of the asset, dismantling, or decommissioning.

Many nations’ GDPs are bolstered greatly by the building sector (GDP). In 2012, the global construction industry spent about $4 trillion. The facts about construction, the worldwide business now spends more than $11 trillion annually or 13% of global GDP. In 2030, it was predicted that this expenditure would climb to $14.8 trillion. Many nations gain economically and non-economically from the building sector, but it is also one of the most dangerous. For example, construction accounted for nearly 20 percent (1,061) of all deaths in the United States’ industrial sector in 2019.

Only 10.9% of today’s construction workers are women. Despite the fact that women make up 10.9 percent of the construction industry’s workforce, there are fewer of them on the job than there are in an office. Despite the fact that women make up nearly half of the workforce, only 2% of all working women work in construction. These are some of the most amazing construction facts.

Here are 10 unknown facts about construction.

1. World Record Nailing

In a single minute, Willi Maier hammered 24 nails. At a Recordia event in Vienna on September 26, 2010, he shattered the previous record for the fastest time ever.

2. The Construction of Empire State Law

A 102-story skyscraper in Manhattan with contemporary décor is an intriguing construction. It was completed in 1931 and stands at a height of 1454 feet, with the antenna included. From the moniker for New York City, the phrase “Empire State” was coined. As of today, it is New York City’s 2nd tallest structure and the sixth highest in the United States. For over four decades, it was the world’s tallest structure, which many of your acquaintances may not be aware of. Another intriguing tidbit is that roughly 10 million bricks were used in its construction. These facts about construction are amazing

3. The World’s Tallest Hotel

Located in Dubai, the Gevora Hotel is the world’s highest hotel. The approximately 12-year-long building of this four-star hotel culminated in its opening in 2018 at a height of 1,168 feet. There are 528 guest rooms on 75 levels of the hotel. The hotel has a swimming pool, a gym, a parking garage, and every other convenience imaginable. The Gevora Hotel in Dubai is a stunning illustration of the city’s opulent design.

4. For More Than 3,800 Years, The Great Pyramid of Giza Held The Record For World-Record Height.

If you delve into it, you might find out quite a bit about how this wonder was constructed. The Great Pyramid’s foundation is larger than ten football fields, even in photos. More than 400,000 men toiled nonstop for 20 years to construct the Great Pyramid. The technology they used, which is assumed to have been quite advanced at the time, has not yet been used by man to replicate the same kind of pyramids.

The pyramids are a well-known landmark. It is supposed to have been built using about 2,300,000 pieces of limestone, but no one can agree on how the workmen moved them into position. At $496 per block plus labor and contemporary materials, the Pyramid of Giza would cost $1.2 billion to construct if current expenses were used.

It was the world’s highest structure from roughly 2560 BC until 1311 AD when it stood at 455 feet tall. Although the Burj Khalifa is now the world’s tallest skyscraper, no construction has kept that distinction for as long as the Pyramid. These facts about construction are amazing.

You may learn quite a bit about this wonder’s building process if you look into it. Even in pictures, the Great Pyramid’s base occupies more than 10 football fields. In order to build the Great Pyramid, more than 400,000 men worked around the clock for twenty years. Man has not yet been able to recreate the same sort of pyramids using the technology they utilized, which is thought to have been rather sophisticated at the time.

5. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

At just four degrees, this bell tower is a world-famous leaning icon. The leaning tower has a low side of 55.89 meters and a high side of 55.67 meters as seen from the group. However, as you can see, the tower has remained standing despite its apparent lean since the 12th century (through remedial work over the years). These are amazing facts among 10 facts about construction.

The construction industry contributes significantly to the GDPs of many countries (GDP). The global construction industry spent approximately $4 trillion in 2012. The global construction industry now spends more than $11 trillion per year or 13% of global GDP. This expenditure was projected to reach $14.8 trillion by 2030. Many countries benefit economically and non-economically from the construction industry, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Construction, for example, accounted for nearly 20% (1,061) of all industrial deaths in the United States in 2019.

6. The Construction of The Hoover Dam

This was built between 1931 and 1936. The Hoover Dam was built using over 3,250,000 cubic yards of concrete, the same quantity needed to create a two-lane motorway that would reach from New York to San Francisco for 3,000 miles. These facts about construction are amazing.

7. The Construction of Burj Khalifa

Dubai is also home to the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, also known as the Burj Dubai. It stands at 2,722 feet, making it the world’s highest man-made building. When the project was completed in 2010, it took almost five years.

8. Overcrowding

It’s not uncommon for construction sites to have a lot of work to be done. If you don’t plan out the job effectively, you may end up with a lot of people working in the same area. Overloading electrical wires, slamming into one other, and more may occur as a result. In reality, overcrowding in the construction area is a huge safety issue and has resulted in a number of preventable injuries.

9. There Is a 42-year-old Average Age For Construction Workers In The United States.

In comparison to the broader labor force, this individual’s age is one year higher. Since there has been a persistent lack of construction employees, the median age of workers in this industry has increased. These facts about construction are amazing.

10. There Is Now a Lack of Construction Employees, Despite The Fact That The Business Is Expanding.

It’s been a long road back for construction since the 2008 housing crisis, but a lack of labor is keeping it from keeping up with demand. As a result, several organizations are addressing the problem by providing competitive perks and addressing misunderstandings.

Only 10.9 % of Today’s Construction Employees Are Women. In spite of the fact that women make up 10.9 percent of the construction industry’s workforce, there are fewer of them on the job than there are in an office. Only 2% of all working women are employed in the construction business, despite the fact that women make up almost half of the workforce. These are amazing facts among 10 facts about construction.


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