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Salon marketing is not a child’s play. The never-ending tasks do not spare the time for Salon business owners to follow the strategies to stay ahead on social media handles. Luckily, several outstanding Salon apps and websites are there that can be used to assure smooth functioning. Hence, if you are a business owner and have not integrated the apps even now, then, do it now! Believe us-the results will be jaw-dropping. Taking this into consideration, here in this article, we are suggesting the top ten apps that you can use in your Salon business.  

Powerful Salon apps for your beauty business


In our list, this Salon Management Application tops and the outstanding features it integrates is the reason behind. We recommend this app for all sizes of Salon businesses. This online booking system simplifies the task of appointment booking. It allows them to schedule, reschedule or even cancel them at their convenience, despite the location they are at.  From the solution, they can check the free slots and book accordingly. 

Additionally, it has a notification system, following which the Salon owners send SMS or emails to customers regarding pending payments, upcoming appointments, discounts, offers, etc. Keeping track of Salon’s inventory, reports & analytics,  employees’ daily activities are probable with it.  It is an ideal app for bridal Salon, massage centers, barbershops, hair salons, medical spas, aesthetic skin clinics, etc. 


Fresha has collaborated with the Shedul lately, used by the Salon industry widely as Salon Software. It delivers quick, flexible, easy booking procedures simple booking and shows promising improvement in customer satisfaction and experience. 

Some of the appealing features that the Salon businesses can implement are Product inventory management, reporting, analytics, marketing promotions, payment processing, POS with POS hardware, appointment scheduling. Also, it has fewer charges for payment processing, like credit cards, which makes it the best choice for the Salons and their eminent clients.  Even after the partnership with Shedul, it can be used for free without a subscription plan, the essential features are also added. 


As an easy-to-use Salon booking app, Zenoti is particularly designed for spas and salons. Scheduling, online booking, resource management, follow-up options, personalized interaction with customers on SMS or email, etc. are some of the best features it includes. The application allows the customers to book seamlessly with the booking system, efficient appointment scheduling & resource, and inventory management system. Additionally, the system has a personalized interaction mechanism for preeminent customers with an email or SMS. Give it a try with a free demo, and choose/buy the plan once you get satisfied with the free version. 


As a community-oriented app, timely enables the beauty and wellness industry to keep a tab on online bookings. However, leveraging additional Salon services is also possible while intercommunicating with various Salon experts. It has more than 50,000 customers who use its features such as client experience management, appointment management, marketing tools, POS system, and reliable payment system.

Additionally, it has business management features like employee, management, reporting & analytics, inventory tracking, admin features and so on. As an all-in-one software, it is a great add-on for Salons with higher footfall and requires a solution to handle every operation in one place. It offers a 14-day free trial; its packages range different for different industries. For individual Salon business owners, timely has a $15 plan, whereas, for medium-sized Salon businesses, the app has a plan that ranges from $30 to $20. The best part- it customizes the plans for enterprises. 

Rosy Salon App

To get every benefit for your Salon in the best way possible, choosing Rosy Salon App is a great deal.  It gives profitable results for SMEs; however, individuals can also please their customers with this solution.

It has several eye-catching and valuable features; double-booking is one of them. The rosy app has a quick cancellation feature. Moreover, as a Salon business owner, you can change your schedule, add some changes from anywhere in less time. Scheduling multiple bookings at once is also possible through the software, you can also access the client’s payment history easily. 

With personalized text or email reminders, you can assure that the customers cannot miss any of their scheduled appointments. Of course, you can use this feature to remind the customers regarding the upcoming offers, discounts, or deals.  

Acuity Scheduling

The Acuity Scheduling application makes the booking process like a  breeze; it follows a simple & quick process. With it, you can tailor individual calendars for the locations and staff. Booking the appointment type is easy for ensuring that customers will re-visit. The multi-service booking and gift certificates are also responsible to delight them. Insist your customers schedule their appointment, pay from the Salon social profile or a site. This app enables automating branded texts or emails to maintain the customer’s footfall in Salon.  In addition, to maintain the rescheduling, it takes the payment with the Point of Sale methods, PayPal, Stripe or Square, etc.  

It has other features, like packages, gift cards, and various promotional options for Salon business growth. Acuity has monthly and annual options in addition to the free 7-day trial period. The app has annual subscriptions from $14 to $45 per month according to the business size and is completed yearly basis.  For a monthly subscription, the plans are from $15 to $50. 


It is a powerful and efficient appointment scheduling salon app. Vagaro being an all-in-one solution has unique features for Salon professionals.  The software enables you to manage the daily operations from payroll to payment and booking effortlessly. It has a free trial of one month; to get more benefits, you need to purchase the paid plans. For individuals, the range is from $25, and for large Salons, the range is from $85. 

I have exceptional features like payment management, salon and booking management, POS, seamless appointment scheduling, promotional package management, booking forms, payroll management, inventory, and more. When it is about online booking,  appointment, or schedule management, you can rely on Vagaro. 


It is a powerful option for Salon experts in the beauty and wellness industry.  The Salon management software does not deal with only automated scheduling systems, however, also enables businesses to carry out payments in an easy yet quick way.  This enables Salon owners to book appointments, send automated SMS or email, approvals, or requests,  accept online bookings, etc. In addition, it has integrated  2-way Google Calendar Synchronization and social media.  The notification system eliminates the no-show’s occurrence, enables on-time bookings, and satisfies customers.


The Salon management app has a feature of instant booking for spa and salon businesses. In addition to that, it has marketing features and easy payments such as credit cards and a marketplace for local promotions or discounts.  The app has made an easy task for potential customers to make appointments and simple for Salon businesses to manage various Salon aspects, like, marketing and revenue in all-in-one software.

When it is about various pricing plans, the app considers the number of bookings that happened in a month. Schedulicity is free until the first ten appointments, thus, making it a quick grabbing solution to integrate. To get the benefits of features, choose an unlimited plan starting its range from $34 per month. The plan does not have any restrictions on the booked appointments for SMEs. Custom package development, staff management, personalized marketing, etc. are some of its compelling features. 


It is a Salon scheduling app that is used by almost 45,000 clients.  The intention behind its creation is to make Salon management an effortless task. Because of features, such as automated reminders,  customer access, employee access, marketing features like gift cards and loyalty programs, Versum has made the Salon operating tasks successful.

In addition, it also offers the features that assist the Salons to keep up revenue, cash flow, reports & analytics, etc., Automatic appointment reminders, a handy appointment book, a detailed customer database, comprehensive reports, real-time statistics,  etc. are also included in the list of the result-oriented Salon features. The app offers you everything to manage, streamline or boost business growth. With the robust customer loyalty program and marketing automation solutions, you can please the customer, improve your sales and grow customer loyalty.

Concluding Remarks

That’s all from our side! Now, you have a list of all-powerful Salon apps. Indeed, picking the one according to your business requirements or budget is a tough option. However, you can emphasize the essential features while picking the right one, such as online booking, point of sale, inventory management, customer and employee management, report & analytics, loyalty or reward points, etc.  Add a Salon app and make managing the Salon a breeze!

Share your thoughts with us. In case of any query, comment below! Thanks for reading!


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