Top 3 Food Delivery App Development Companies In Europe


If you are planning to build a food ordering and delivery app this year it is important that you know which companies are the best ones in your geography. Below see review of top 3 Food Delivery App Development Companies In Europe which will help you to finalize on the right vendor.


One of the leaders in this list, eDeliveryApp works ONLY in food delivery app development domain and application coding niche and they have an complete food ordering and dispatching ecosystem of food ordering systems, themes, designs and any function that can be needed for creating the best food ordering systems. EdeliveryApp has turn key food ordering apps framework which has all the primary features for food ordering business inbuilt in it. Some of the readymade features in the readymade software are adding as many restaurants(or businesses) in the software making it multi-vendor, Create menu page or business page with your food menu, category, GPS based searching along with different type of filters, Cart, Checkout, Order details and reorder, real time Tracking of Drivers on GPS, many local payment gateways, many POS and printers support, chat support etc. This development style saves lot of development time. Also another difference here separate from software script where you cannot change the features of a readymade source code. Their food ordering framework is fully scalable and you can modify the source fully and add new functions to the software creating a completely new software. This method allowed it to give their clients with the maximum value.

EdeliveryApp’s Food ordering system is ISO 9001:2015 Certified product(and the ONLY food ordering app to be ISO 9001:2015 certified). This gives you an assurance that you are getting software whose source has been completely checked by the most experienced and certified. edeliveryapp was also awarded Top Design experience in Mobile software category by Finances Online. With more than seven hundred food ordering projects delivered since the year 2015 edeliveryapp is one of the top providers in Food ordering App niche. If you are looking for a food ordering app development company you can go with edeliveryapp team.


ValueCoders is more than twenty years old company and they work in all the domains of software development and they also work in food ordering projects. Valuecoders has been recognized and valued by some of the top IT giants like Deliotte, NASSCOM, Red herring etc. They have customers across thirty two countries and nearly two thousand enterprises and are still counting. One of their niche section is food ordering project niche.

With an great team available, ValueCoders gives an amazing food delivery software across the board, with a huge choice of features like as fast and clean dashboard for admin, regular order placement, offline/online handling and administration, amazing search and filter, booking and order details management, etc. ValueCoder also gives multiple services like AI/ML, Blockchain, etc. They have been recognized as Clutch Top eCommerce Developer – India 2021


GeekyAnts is a fifteen year old company as they were founded in the year 2006. They have created an amazing name in UI/UX design and coding and they offer great services and products for both mobile applications and web based softwares. GeekyAnts has been liked and recognized by big players in IT industry for their consistent and noteworthy support to different platforms like Python, Angular, React Native, React, Flutter, Vue.js, Node.js etc. They have recently reached more than five hundred worldwide clients list mark.

Some years back GeekyAnts moved in the food delivery software projects niche building advanced and innovative food delivery systems for their customers and have become experts in this niche. GeekyAnts also codes in many of other software and programming domains like education, finance, manufacturing, gaming. Healthcare etc. GeekyAnts is huge provider of open source and is a regular supporter and donator in open source projects.


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