Top 3 Tourist Places In Bhutan To Visit In 2022

Amazing Tourist Places in Bhutan

Bhutan, known as “The Land of Thunderbolts,” is still one of the least-known and least-traveled destinations, even among young Indian travelers. However, a long list of forts, monasteries, and other Buddhist relics, trekking destinations, and shopping areas are well worth a visit. The country is known as the “Last Shangri-La” because of its panoramic valleys, majestic Himalayas, and abundance of rare fauna and flora. The rivers that flow from the Himalayas enchant with their beauty as they meander through the valleys. The best tourist places in Bhutan must be on your itinerary if you visit the Land of the Thunder Dragon. They offer a kaleidoscope of scenery and experiences.

1. Dochula Pass – Perfect For A Picnic

Dochula Pass is a beautiful pass with 108 Chortens or Stupa’s built-in memory of Bhutanese soldiers who died in a war against Indian insurgents. The Dochula Pass is one of Bhutan’s most beautiful tourist destinations with its beautifully built temples and stupas and the picturesque Gangkar Puensum peak in the background. Dochula pass is located between Punakha and Thimphu.

This particular pass is a popular destination for tourists visiting the country. The pass provides a panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range, and the view from the top is breathtaking. You will be able to see snow-covered mountains. Many Bhutanese families spend their vacations here, having small picnics and simply enjoying the scenery. You can bring your lunch and tea in a flask and come here to eat and drink.

2. Drukgyel Dzong Ruins – Discover Bhutan’s Past

The famous Drukgyel Dzong, once a massive fortress that stood tall and served as one of the greatest Buddhist monasteries, is now only in ruins. This monastery, located in the upper district of Paro, was founded in 1649 by the famous Tenzin Drukdra following their victory over Tibet’s invasion. This is a well-known Dzong in the country and the largest landmark in Thimphu. The dzong is located two kilometers from the actual town and is extremely important because it houses the main secretariat and the office of the throne room and the King.

Some of the central monastic bodies and ministry personnel live here, and the monks also spend their summers here. If you plan to visit one of the best tourist destinations in Bhutan, don’t miss the 5 p.m. changing of the flag, which begins in the courtyard and ends outside in the front.

3. Simtokha Dzong – Majestic And Alluring

Simtokha Dzong translates to Temple Fortress, which is both massive and enticing. Built-in 1629, the temple has now been converted into a museum that attracts many visitors each year and is one of the most popular Bhutan tourist destinations. If you enjoy linguistics and want to learn the Bhutan language(Dzongkha), you can do so here. This is a must-see during your visit to Bhutan.

Those mentioned above are some of the best tourist places to visit in Bhutan. You mustn’t miss them out. Have an amazing time and enjoy exploring the places. 



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