Top 4 Places to Visit in Jaipur for Shopping

Best Places to Visit in Jaipur for Shopping

There is a lot to see in Jaipur, Royal Fort, History, Royal Lifestyle etc. Along with all this, the markets of Jaipur also have a different identity in terms of beauty. The architect of Jaipur, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, has given an identity of beauty to the markets settled here along with the settlement of Jaipur. The city of Jaipur can also be called a shopkeeper’s paradise here. If you want to do shopping along with the Jaipur tour, then the market here can be one of the best places for you. In the market of Jaipur, you will get both expensive and cheap shopping options.

When you go out to shop in the markets of Jaipur, then you definitely do a lot of shopping from here. The handicrafts and Jaipuri garments of Jaipur are very much liked by their travellers here. The handicrafts of Jaipur and the Parodhan and Jaipuri quilts made here are famous all over the world. You can take a car rental service in Jaipur to visit the market in Jaipur. With this, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the markets of Jaipur.

1. Johari Bazaar

Johri Bazaar is one of the number one markets for shopping in Jaipur. This market houses an exclusive collection of country jewellery. The fame of this market is due to the gemstone ornaments found here and jewellery made of gold and silver. The fine workmanship done on the handmade jewellery here attracts travellers further. Due to these specialities of jewellery found here, this market is the number one market in Jaipur for shopping.

2. Tripolia Bazaar

It is one of the most colourful and attractive markets to shop in Jaipur. Fine and beautiful work of lac bangles is done in Tripolia market. Bengal made here is very famous not only in the country but also abroad. Here some such things are found here like Bandhej dye, dye clothes, brass utensils etc., due to which this market is very much liked by the travellers coming here.

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3. Kishanpole Bazaar

Kishanpole Bazar holds a significant position for its textile products. Here you can get the best clothes with reasonable fear. This market is the best market for travellers coming to Rajasthan. Among other items found in the Kishanpole market, beautiful memory chins made of wood are found here and sculptures are also done here. This feature of this market attracts travellers.

4. Chandpole Bazaar

This market is the traditional market of the buyers of Jaipur. You get to see lively carvings on marble stones here. There is Khazanewalon ka Rasta in Chandpole market itself, where you get to see wonderful views of Murtia, Jutiya, turban, and carpet handicrafts made from luck. This market fills you with excitement.

In Jaipur: The market here is quite big, you will also take a lot of time to go from one market to another. You can easily reach your destination by hire cab services in Jaipur.

Due to these characteristics of these markets, this place becomes one of the best and most attractive places for travellers coming here. The colourful and interesting view of the markets here attracts the travellers who come here. For the travellers who come here for shopping, there is a facility of Tempo Traveler in Jaipur, so that you can enjoy the markets here with your whole family.


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