Top 5 Best Employee Monitoring Software For 2022

best employee monitoring software
best employee monitoring software

Best Employee monitoring software is proven to increase productivity and engage employees. While employee performance software helps in the growth of businesses and boosts profits, many companies are still hesitant about using such software due to privacy concerns. This article will discuss the top 5 best employee monitoring software for 2022.

Employee monitoring software can help manage employee performance. It has become a common practice for employers to monitor the performance of their employees by logging their daily activities. The various reasons to monitor staff performance are to gauge their work ethics, follow up on productivity and effectiveness, track how they interact with customers, motivate them or provide feedback.

5 Best Employee Monitoring Software For 2022

1. DeskTrack 

DeskTrack has proven to be the most useful way to monitor employees, because it connects to a wide variety of different devices and browsers. Between time syncing, web history tracking, and keylogging monitoring, DeskTrack is an easy choice for anyone looking for employee monitoring software.

DeskTrack is the best employee monitoring software on the market. It provides you with a complete suite of tools to manage your workforce, including time tracking, attendance tracking, and more.

Our customers are busy people who want to be able to spend less time tracking their employees’ hours and more time focusing on their business goals.

You can try DeskTrack for free for 15 days, and it starts as low as $2.99

2. Activtrek

ActiveTrak is a representative checking programming with instructive dashboards furnishing you with a definite synopsis of labor force execution and efficiency patterns. You can utilize ActiveTrak to set labor force efficiency benchmarks and track your group’s advancement towards accomplishing their objectives. ActivTrak permits you to screen constant client movement, empowering you to mind workers without intruding on them.

ActivTrak is a magnificent representative checking to program assuming that you need help with instructing colleagues due to its week-by-week training synopses. You can involve the week-after-week training outline as a kind of perspective for one-on-one instructing meetings to zero in the areas where individual colleagues are battling. The week after week training synopses can likewise permit you to screen the advancement of representatives to check the viability of activity plans and reexamine them depending on the situation.

ActivTrak has a free record for up to 3 clients, while the valuing of its paid rendition begins at $9/client/month.

3. Connect Team

Connecteam is a representative efficiency programming with a large group of worker observing devices like constant time following and a nonappearance the executives include. You can utilize it to plan moves and dispatch occupations, guaranteeing that all undertakings have an adequate number of HR for quicker consummation. It has specialized devices permitting you to send declarations, bulletins, and updates to keep all representatives in the know with respect to late organization news and updates.

Connecteam is the best representative for checking programming in the event that you believe online structures should screen worker efficiency while they work offsite. Connecteam permits you to handily tweak online structures so you can make structures relying upon your organization’s specific prerequisites. Its portable application engages field directors to survey structures, track consummation rates, and offer basic documents to colleagues and investors.

Connecteam has a free rendition for up to 50 clients, while the paid variant beginnings at $39/permit/month for up to 50 clients in addition to $0.50/month/extra client.

4. Monitask

Monitask is an efficiency observing programming that can assist you with following worker execution to assist in driving efficiency levels. It has errand and undertaking the board abilities to guarantee projects get followed through on time and inside the financial plan. Monitask has a period following component you can use to break down which errands are taking more time to finish and carry out plans that can simplify them and simpler to achieve.

Monitask is the best representative for observing programming to check how workers utilize their PCs during work hours since it provides you with a breakdown of the sites and applications they use. Assuming a representative’s efficiency drops, you can actually take a look at the said worker’s PC utilization to figure out where inefficient hours get spent, similar to web-based entertainment destinations. What’s more, it has a screen catch highlight that takes irregular screen captures to help representatives on their toes and deter them from getting to non-business-related locales and applications.

Monitask valuing begins at $4.99/client/month, and they offer a 10-day free preliminary.

5. Kickidler

Kickidler is a representative checking programming furnished with efficiency apparatuses to assist organizations with controlling staff and further develop work environment productivity. Managers can utilize Kickidler to outwardly evaluate what representatives are managing without intruding on their work. Kickidler likewise permits bosses and HR officials to naturally create reports and timesheets to make following work hours more effective.

Kickidler is the best worker checking programming to safeguard your organization and clients since it has an infringement observing component. It can distinguish work plan infringement guaranteeing that your organization conveys administration-level arrangements to clients. Kickidler likewise records the whole history of PC exercises of workers to assist with keeping representatives from committing unlawful demonstrations.

Kickidler cost begins at $3.67/client/month, and they offer a 14-day free preliminary.


The best employee monitoring software for companies is a must-have tool for any business. It can help you keep an eye on your employees so that you can make sure they are doing their job properly.

A great employee monitoring system should be able to handle multiple users and keep track of everything from time cards to attendance records. You’ll also want it to give you alerts when someone isn’t showing up for work or isn’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Our list of the best employee monitoring software includes all the important things you need in a system that will help you keep tabs on your employees and make sure they are being productive.



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