Top 5 Best Flowers That You Can Give to Your Wife On Valentine’s Day

Love is a beautiful feeling that no one can express in words easily. Flowers can express these lovely feelings in the most amazing manner, and there is no other thing that can defeat blooms. In a simple language, we can say that there is a deep relation between flowers and love.

They are like helping factors we keep in making every relationship happier and last longer. Valentine’s Day is the day where people honor those truest feelings for someone, hence its the day of love or for deepest feelings of the heart. 

One of the best relationships we are going to talk about in this article is the husband and wife. Yes, we include it in one of the best relationships because it’s the lifetime commitment of two people. The most favorite person in your life is your wife; thus, the kind soul should be honored by something sweet and beautiful as she is. Here we are giving some floral gifts for your loving wife you can go for this winter season. 


Carrying the most romantic and deep meaning of love, roses can easily win the heart of your lady. Surprisingly, roses are at the top of the list for love-birds that you can see this 14 Feb. This is the bloom that suits your loving wife and lets her know about your deep love with you. You can make your rose giving even more interesting and romantic by giving her a heart-shaped arrangement. Such a lovely gift will surely add the wow factor into your marriage life and recreate the love story of yours with her. 


These are another playful ruffly blossoms just behind the roses and liked by everyone due to their appearance, feminine, and affordable price tag. They are lovely flowers people picked for their new relationships; thus, you can remind your wife about the first meeting of yours when you meet them for the first time.

Plus, there are a number of different shades to choose from, so you can undoubtedly find one that will match your Valentine’s style. As a bonus, carnations are long-lasting cut blooms that your lifeline will surely love and admire. So, whenever you go for flower delivery in Kolkata online, choose the best and ideal carnation arrangement as per your darling’s favorite shades. 


Lilies are known for cheerfulness, purity, and respect; thus, it can be an ideal flower option you can go for and make your loving wife happier on Valentine’s day 2020. The various colors like pink, white, orange, red, and more are ideal blooms for an elegant recipient— your lady luck.

Believe it or not, but these flowers are perfect for pleasing the person you love with their sophisticated taste and fill them with immense pleasure with their alluring fragrance. To give the floral gift your personal touch, you can make a bouquet of these blooms yourself at home and surprise your wife as she does everyone on your special days.


No other thing can beat the beauty of these flowers! These eye-catching blooms are very popular on Valentine’s day time. They are also one of those blooms which can fit in any arrangement of other flowers and enhance the grace of bouquet, such as mix rose bouquets. They not only do alstroemeria feature eye-catching petals, but they are also one of the longest-lasting cut blooms. Additionally, they can symbolize devotion, so they are the best way to express your everlasting love to your wife.


Tulips may have a simple appearance, but they are one of the most selling flowers during Valentine’s Day. They are entirely an ideal choice for expressing the love that will make your wife scream out of happiness. So, on the eve of V-day, propose to her last you did on your first date and make her fall in love with you once again all over. Ones those who are away from your wives residing in Delhi can get online flower delivery in Pune with many tulips options.

We hope you like this article and get the ideas of what flowers you should give your wife this valentine’s day. So, go through these flowers we mentioned above and enjoy every single vibe of love-day. 


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