Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Font for Your Lawn Sign


The impact of typography is crucial in the success of a new lawn sign. As you know there are more than thousands of fonts, choosing the perfect one for your next lawn sign can an overwhelming process. 

You may use fancy fonts to stay out of the crowd, but using similar fonts repeatedly will help you to leverage the benefits. The readability of fonts should be your priority to consider because people would be reading your lawn sign from a distance. No matter how attractive the font you use, your efforts will go in vain if the fonts aren’t readable.

In this article, we will discuss 5 factors that you should always keep in mind when selecting the perfect font for your lawn sign. Without further ado, let’s start discussing. 


Unlike other banners or signs, you should always choose a typeface that is legible and clear. Do you know why people disregard many designs? It is because they need to put extra effort and time to decipher the text. 

Additionally, don’t use any uppercase text or fancy fonts in the large portions of the text because this will put stress on the customer’s eye. It’s not impossible to use decorative typefaces, but keep in mind that you should use them only for headlines and titles. 

Also, it’s extremely important to choose a typeface that will work with multiple weights and multiple sizes. This will help you to maintain readability. 

Don’t use cursive scripted fonts like Vivaldi. They are beautiful but difficult to read on small screens. 

Lower/Upper Casing

The use of relevant cases is also crucial. Nobody loves a text that has a mixture of casing. Apart from that, if you start a word with lower case and use upper case for the rest of the letters, it will immediately downgrade your image. As per research, you can use capitalization or uppercase for single words. However, you need to use lowercase for longer messages. 

Sans-Serif or Serif

Most books, newspapers, publications, and newsletters consist of a massive number of texts. This is the place where people use serif font such as Times New Roman. According to Medium, the main difference between serif and sans-serif is the extra stroke on the serif font. If you look closely, you’ll realize that most signs don’t have serif or Sans-serif fonts. Not only do Sans-serif fonts work best to make statements but also they’re extremely readable. However, they’re effective only for a few-word statement. 

On the other hand, you can use serif fonts on exhibition posters.

Number of Fonts

If you’re planning to choose fonts for your lawn sign, it’s best to use one or two styles. Avoid using more than two font styles otherwise; your sign will look unprofessional and cluttered. If you’re planning to make your lawn signs attractive by combining two fonts, it’s suggested to use fonts that have similar styles. This will keep the overall quality of your sign consistent.

Character Height

Aside from the legibility of a sign, the height of a character is important. It will determine the readability of a sign from a far distance. You can always use some readable fonts such as Helvetica. However, keep in mind to use Helvetica in both upper and lower cases. Additionally, make sure the sign has contrasting colors to double the impact of the font. 


These are the 5 factors you should remember while choosing a relevant font for your lawn sign. Remember that fonts will determine the quality and professionalism of your sign. You might create an attractive sign with good colors and brand images. But, if the fonts are inappropriate, people won’t be able to read or communicate with your lawn sign. 




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