Top 5 Jobs That You Can Take in Canada


Canada holds a high position in the list of best educational destinations for students across the globe.  This is because Canadian universities and schools offer exemplary training to the student via their courses. But do you know around 60% of students decide to stay in the country after their studies?  This is because of the amazing job opportunities available in the country for graduate students. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the top 5 jobs that you can take in Canada.

Top 5 Jobs That You Can Take in Canada

Web Developers

The demand for competent web developers is humongous everywhere in the world and Canada is no exception. This is because of rapid growth in the field of technology in the country. Moreover, since nowadays almost all businesses are moving online the need for competent developers will never end. Besides this, a web developer can also easily get a Canadian work permit. Plus, they can also get Canadian PR in a short amount of time. On average a web developer can earn around CAD 70,000 PA in the country. To learn about the Canadian PR process in more detail feel free to contact our Canada student visa consultants in Delhi.


Pursuing your career as an Engineer in Canada can be very advantageous for you. This is because the demand for competent engineers is very huge in the country. Moreover, if you have good analytical/leadership skills you can easily get top positions in the country. For example, you can get the job of manager, consultant, etc. Furthermore, by working as an engineer in the country you can easily earn a large sum of money as remuneration. On average, an engineer can earn around CAD 1,00,000 PA in the country. Amazing, right?


Generally speaking, the demand for health care professionals or veterinarians is very huge in Canada. This is because a large portion of its population is pet lovers. As a result, there is no shortage of job options for veterinarians in the country. But despite this, there is a shortage of expert veterinarians in the county. So, if you are someone who loves pets then you must study veterinary in the country. Learning veterinary can be very beneficial for you. Furthermore, you will also earn a good amount of money while working as a veterinarian in the country. On average, a veterinarian can earn around CAD 80,000 PA in the country.

Human Resource

Whether a company is big/small it will always need good HR for hiring the right employees for the company. Moreover, HR plays a very important role in the growth and survival of any company. In short, by studying HRM in Canada you can open door to lots of great opportunities in the country. For example, after graduation, you can take the job of HR officer, recruitment officer, etc. in the country. In simple words, there is no shortage of job options for HRM students in the country. On average, an HR can earn around CAD 70,000 PA in Canada.

Financial Officers

Accounting and financial officers play a very important role in an organization. They are responsible for auditing and managing the financial issues of a firm. Moreover, they are also responsible for handling the tax auditing of a firm. In short, no firm can underestimate the importance of an accountant. To work as an accountant in the country you must get a CPA certificate. Once you get this certificate you can start working as an account in the country. Moreover, you can also open your own accounting consulting firm in the country. Besides this, once you gain relevant experience you can also take the job of a financial manager in the country. On average you can earn around CAD 70,000 while working as an accountant in the country. To learn about the best Canadian universities for getting a CPA certification feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in Chandigarh for Canada.


There you have it, the top 5 jobs that you can take in Canada. However, this does not mean that no great jobs are available for students in other fields in the country. There are lots of job options available for competent professionals in the country. So, don’t worry thinking that you won’t be able to find a good job in Canada after graduation.


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