Top 5 Most Popular Flowers In The World

Most popular Flower

Flowers! When you hear the word beautiful, then what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Do you ever think about it? No! It’s the gorgeous flowers that come to your mind. Right!

Now, the question is, Which flower is the most beautiful flower in this world? It is a very difficult question to answer. Every single flower has a unique beauty. There is a wide variety of flowers available in a plethora of shapes & shades, and each has a different meaning & symbolism.

They also have a soft language that can convey your feelings and emotions uniquely. Flowers are also a part of the important occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special ceremonies.

They bring a broad smile on your dear one’s face that is precious for you. If your loved ones are living in different cities or countries, then you can send flowers to their doorstep using the online flower delivery in Ghaziabad and other parts of the nation. Do you want to know about the most popular flowers around the world? If yes, then here we listed some famous flowers that may help you.

Here are some of the most popular flowers in the world:


Roses are one of the most popular and romantic flowers that is loved by people of all age groups. They are the perfect symbol of love, affection, & beauty. These beauties belong to the family of Rosaceae. They come in different shapes and shades, and each has a unique meaning and symbolism.

Like the red color stands for romance & passionate love while pink hues for admiration & first love. Yellow hue stands for cheerfulness & friendship, whereas white represents innocence & purity.

You can choose the hue as per the message you want to convey to your dear ones. So, Go for online flower delivery in Jaipur and send it to your loved one’s doorstep using the delivery services of various flower portals. 


Tulips are the name which is derived from the Turkish word turban. They are the spring blooming flowers that are mostly found in bright colors like red, yellow, white, orange, pink, purple, etc. People believe that the velvety black center of these flowers represents the lover’s heart.

These flowers stand for true love, elegance, and grace. Tulips are also known as the 11th wedding anniversary flower. The beautiful bouquet of tulips becomes a wonderful gift for every occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.  Order a bouquet online and thrill your loved ones by sending it to their doorstep.  


Lily is a herbaceous flowering plant that has beautiful flowers. It is the most beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors like red, yellow, pink, white, and purple.

These beauties are also considered ideal for the bouquets due to their magnificent fragrance. Stargazer Lily stands for sympathy & purity and also a symbol of the mother mary’s purity and chastity. Peruvian lilies represent friendship & devotion, while pink hue stands for wealth & prosperity.

So, order a bouquet online and send it to your loved one’s house using the delivery services of various portals. It brings peace to the receiver’s mind & also a smile on their faces.           


Orchids are colorful, fragrant, & delicate flowers that are available in every color of the rainbow. Mostly these blooms are known for their structural variations in different species like some varieties have a single flower, but some have a large number of flowers.

These beauties represent love, beauty, strength, & luxury. You can send these flowers as a gift to your dear one’s doorstep on many occasions. The pink & white color orchids are usually sent as a gesture of sympathy.  


Carnations are one of the most beautiful flowers. These beauties are ideal for both home and garden as they add a wow factor in it.

There are two types of carnations found one is the standard carnations with decent sized flowers per stem other is spray carnations with lots of small flowers per stem. Every color of carnations carries a deep meaning with itself. 

The above-listed flowers are some popular flowers that win everyone’s heart. So, next time when you want to surprise your dear ones then opt one from these flowers & delight them.


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