Top Causes of Workplace Accidents & Injuries


Accidents are unfortunate happenings in most workplaces. They may range from slips, falls, burns and can happen to anyone. It’s then critical for employers to install safety equipment to ensure a safe working environment for all workers. 

What are the common work-related accidents and injuries?

Common workplace accidents include slips and falls. These may result in broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries and deep cuts. Muscle strains are also common; they are prevalent among people workers who regularly lift heavy objects.

Falling objects are also worth mentioning. For instance, things can fall from shelves in warehouses leading to severe injuries. However, knowing what do in an accident will save a lot of time and stress. The steps to take may include informing your employer, seeking prompt treatment and contacting an attorney.

Repetitive strain injury is also a prevalent issue. Sadly, most employers don’t take this seriously. It affects workers whose job entails repetitive motions. It’s a perpetual buildup of strain and damage to nerves, muscles and tendons.

What causes workplace injuries?

  1. Lifting heavy objects

 Most jobs entail lifting heavy objects, which can result in sprains, strains and musculoskeletal injuries. If this involves bending or twisting in awkward postures, this then increases the risk of injuries. If you’re tasked with lifting objects in the workplace, avoid those that are too heavy for you.  Instead, seek help from others to minimize the risk of injury. Similarly, the employer should put effective ergonomic measures to reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace.

  1. Employee fatigue

Fatigue is a common issue among workers. This results from long working hours and inadequate rest. It’s critical to take breaks to avoid exhaustion. A few days off allows your body to relax, thus boosting productivity and avoiding accidents.

  1. 3. Hazardous substances

Handling hazardous substances without proper protective gear can pose health hazards to workers. Before you handle any chemicals and other materials at work, go through the safety data sheet. Read and follow all the safety precautions when handling the substance. This way, you avoid burns, poisoning or nervous system disorder.

  1. Inadequate lighting

Improper lighting can to eye strain, fatigue and headaches, leading to accidents. Similarly, too much light can result in safety issues like glare and headache. These will not only affect productivity but can lead to accidents. For instance, inadequate lighting in a warehouse can lead to falls or falling objects leading to injuries.

  1. Violence &Fights

Fights among workers are common. They result from arguments on sensitive topics like politics or religion. These can lead to injuries, hence the need for mediation by the employer to reduce the risk of outbursts.

Do I need an attorney after suffering injuries at work?

 You’re entitled to compensation after suffering injuries at the workplace. The process involves seeking medical attention and filing a claim. You need a doctor’s report to prove the extent of your injuries, which can be time-consuming. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you ease the process and have a better chance of getting compensation.

In summary

Workplace accidents can lead to various types of injuries. If you incur injuries in the workplace, report the incident to your employer and seek prompt medical attention. Also, contact an attorney to determine whether you qualify to file a worker’s compensation claim.



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