Top Tips for Long-Term Local SEO Success

Optimize Your Directory Listings

Top Tips for Long-Term Local SEO Success

Because search engines are always making adjustments to their algorithms, it’s important to update your SEO strategies as well. With that said, certain techniques have stood the test of time. If you’re looking for local SEO advice that will deliver lasting results, here are a few suggestions to try:

  1. Optimize Your Directory Listings

Directory listings are vitally important to local SEO, especially your Google My Business listing. By using this listing to establish an online presence, you’ll be creating a foundation that you can build upon. Original content can have a lot of value, but it’s important to take care of the basics first. By verifying and completing your local listing profile, you can gain the attention of many prospective customers. The better and more complete your listing is, the better your results will be.

Claiming and filling out your listing shouldn’t be a difficult process. Take the time to provide as much information as possible, and make sure that all of the information is accurate. Choose the right categories for your business so that you’ll show up in relevant search results. Stick to the guidelines outlined by Google and avoid stuffing your listing with locations or keyword phrases. If you have an older listing, you’ll want to make sure that you connect your Google+ Local Listing to your Google Places listing. This will give you access to social features.

  1. Strive to Create Content That Will Bring People to Your Site

An essential component in local SEO is ensuring that you appear in search results for different locations in your area. You can accomplish this by creating landing pages for surrounding areas. Ensure that each landing page uses unique content. Utilize keywords that include the locations you’re targeted. For example, you could use city names, zip codes, and the names of counties. Include these search terms in the page’s title and meta description as well.

In addition, you’ll want to create content that will catch the attention of users that are searching for specific things related to your business. You could create an FAQ that answers questions you regularly hear from customers. Take a look at some of your competitors. See what their FAQ looks like. You could also try creating blog posts that answer questions or provide more information on relevant topics. If you do create blog post, you should make sure that you:

* Include a contact form or contact information so that visitors can get in touch with you

* Geo-tag every image you post

* Have your address and phone number in your site’s footer

* Include positive testimonials from your customers throughout your content

  1. Encourage Happy Customers to Leave You a Review

Reviews have a significant influence on consumer behavior. According to a report from Local Consumer Review, 85% of people check online reviews when evaluating a business. 75% of those people have more trust in businesses with positive reviews, and79% rely on online reviews and personal recommendations. 65% are more likely to choose businesses with positive reviews.

Positive reviews can help you earn customer trust and can also improve your local search rankings. With more positive reviews, you’ll be able to convert more site visitors into customers. Find ways to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews for you. For example, you could offer some sort of incentive to customers that write a review.

  1. Have a Strategy for Social Media

Social media is becoming a significant indicator of authority for search engines. While link building used to be an essential component of SEO, search engines like Google have cracked down on guest blogs, paid links, and other link building strategies. This makes it crucial to expand your reach through social media. You shouldn’t utilize just one platform to connect with current and potential customers. Instead, you should have a presence across different social media platforms. This can greatly increase your chances of success.


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