Traveling a hobby to diminish the boredom in life

Travel App in Pakistan

We all have sometimes the same experiences. We get stuck in life and need a break from the dull and monotonous routine. At such juncture of life to plan for outing always refreshes your mind and always considered a cool idea. Therefore, now we thought to aware you of some picnic places in Pakistan that would compel you to visit those areas of Pakistan. Not only that, we are giving you ideas only but also giving you information that how and by which means you can reach and travel to your desired destination with the help of best booking apps available in Pakistan. And nonetheless, these traveling apps are the great service for those who preserve the aesthetic sense.

Beautiful places in Punjab to know about

First of all, start from the fantastic and eye-catching beauty of Punjab which is also the capital province of Pakistan. In this area of Puthwar, you would find dozen of places that would bind you to control your heart-beat because of marvelous beauty and architecture, artwork and natural resources as well as a scenic outlook of those particular places. To name a few famous cities for travelers are; Murree the best and must-visit place in winter, Islamabad; it’s hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls are something to die for. Moreover, not only man-made buildings and architecture Punjab is famous for but this part of the country is also rich in natural resources, beauty, water reservoirs, mountainous and rocky earth.


You have missed the boat if you have not visited Murre yet when you are living in Pakistan. It’s because in the winter season many people turn towards Murre to enjoy the snow-fall.  This part of the country is most worth watching. There are different hotels and restaurants to provide you all sorts of facilities. You would be served with tasty food and comfortable and warm rooms that would make you feel like home. Furthermore, you can get the help of a traveling guider who will happily tell you about all those places which will make your day.



A capital city of Pakistan is known because of the marvelous and great work of experienced architecture that has laid the foundations of splendid and magnificent buildings of malls and restaurants. People love to roam around this city because they know the value of watching those lush push and luxurious buildings. No doubt, great work is done by the experts.

Centaurs Mall

This Mall is in all its bloom. Travels who visit Pakistan always prefer to do shopping from this mall. It’s because to buy an imported brand you do not need to take the flight to foreign countries. Everything and anything is available in this beautiful and fabulous city of Pakistan.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque a well-known mosque in the whole of Asia.  It is worldwide famous, not only in the country. Many people visit Islamabad just to see this beautiful Mosque which is well known due to its different aspects. People show their attachment to this mosque. Furthermore, there is a complete resort for travelers here. They can safely stay here. All the eatables and refreshment is provided.

Historical Places of Karachi a worth seeing

Each corner of Pakistan is beautiful and it is safe to place for the visitors now. And quite recently the Government is working on tourism. Different traveling apps are also introduced. Light will be thrown on those apps in the next. But first, it is important to make clear and tell people about the positive aspect of it. People over here are very friendly and love to move around in the country. We can take the example of Karachi, as now it has become the best place to visit. There is no problem with security here now. Let’s tell you about its most famous attraction.

Mazar a Quaid

One of the best and worth seeing places is Mazar Quaid. Without saying we know that every Pakistani love their great founder because of whom we got the freedom and living in our country happily and freely and enjoying our rights completely. Therefore, everyone’s earnest desire is to see that Mazar once in life. And this mausoleum is made very beautiful and attractive. People visit this tomb from far off areas. And it is also known as National Mausoleum because our national leader is buried here.


The best spot in Pakistan is its vast sea that is spread in thousands of kilometer. Even though it is banned to go there now, but some youth likes to thrill and sought to go there for a different type of amusement. Despite the compulsion by the Government, there are many beach sides where you can enjoy it at the maximum level.

Northern areas of Pakistan heaven-like-beauty

It is considered grave injustice if you talk about the beauty of Pakistan and leave its Northern areas. That’s because different valleys in Northern areas are called Paradise on Earth. They have natural beauty, Greenery, sooth and serene winds, lakes, a reservoir of waters, its small hills, trees, and forest. Everything speaks about nature and it’s Charisma. Neelum Valley, Kalash Valley, Gilgit, Kaghan, Naran, Kashmir, to name few are known heaven on Earth. And travelers must visit these places to collect the memories. To talk about the beauty of Northern areas of Pakistan is like to build a bridge on the sea. So leave it over here. A request to you just pack your bag and luggage and visit that place it’s a safe bet you would never want to come back from those heavens like places.

How to travel to those locations through online application

Now, knowing about different beautiful places in Pakistan where we can plan to go on our next trip on holidays or in lean time. The question is to explore the ways and means to reach and travel there safely. So Consider this problem solved. It’s because with the advancement of technology we feel like that we can get the solution to our many problems only with the clicking of the button. You can take the example of travel apps. Now, in Pakistan, different apps can be used easily.

This site is helping the millions in Pakistan who have crave to explore the beauty of their beloved country. Through this app, you can book the hotels also. They give you many facilities and also it’s not much costly. By sitting in the cozy environment of your home, you can take the ticket and the required information regarding your trip to the clicking of an eye.

This is also another best app that helps you and it is sort of a great guide for your traveling. Now, you can get information about the timing, locations and booking, and whatever you would require during your stay.

Google map

It’s not something new. Rather, even children also know about Google map who has a little bit of knowledge of the net and the world of technology. You can get the location and all relevant information about your desired location where you have the plan to visit or travel towards.

Kp tourism app

This is one of the best apps in Pakistan. This booking app is introduced recently by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government who has shown great interest in tourism.

MYTM Travels

MYTM travels is one of the best booking apps in Pakistan to book travel, hotels tickets and many more. Everything can be done over one website. You don’t need to research much regarding it. This is the best way to enjoy the hassle-free journey. Their flexible packages will help you to book the best-suited place with amazing quality hotels. So enjoy the lavish journey time with your loved ones.


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