Tree Health Factors – Tree Removal Sydney

Widowmakers is a melancholic name. Unfortunately, it is also very apt. These branches were named as such because of the dangers they possess to anyone standing within their vicinity.

What are they exactly? They are the dead or detached branches from trees that could kill someone who was positioned underneath (or on it) when it falls. Hence, making a widow out of someone who was killed in such an event. Yep, I warned you; it’s a bleak name. 

Widowmakers can occur because of a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be because the tree itself is dehydrated. That is, the roots are not getting water access and are therefore drying out. This will cause the foundation of the tree to become weaker, and increase the danger of it uprooting of its own accord, and falling without warning. Before this happens, branches will dry out and likely detach from the tree. On trees such as the Gum tree, these branches can be heavy, and pose a grave threat to anyone who might be standing underneath them. Before they break off, however, they can be identified as lighter in colour than the rest of the branches. If you don’t know what you are looking for in terms of tell-tale signs, having experts to come in and maintain your trees is all the more vital.  

Gum trees (otherwise known as Eucalyptus trees) are common within Australia. Tree removal Sydney is a pertinent industry for the maintenance and removal of these kinds of trees before their mismanagement has catastrophic consequences to the surrounding areas (and the surrounding people). 

Trees can also develop fungi which threaten their health and stability. The disease can cause trees’ branches to become brittle and more likely to break. 

Factors that are largely external to the health of the tree can also cause its branches to break off. The elements, for example, such as heavy wind or rainfall, can cause even the sturdiest of trees and branches to collapse. 

Urbanisation is a major contributing factor of compromised tree health. Between the inability of trees to establish deep roots, and the obstructed access they might have to water in highly urbanised areas, they can be a threat to the safety of people and infrastructure surrounding them. 

Other than tree removal Sydney and most parts of Australia, pruning and trimming are equally essential to the overall health of the tree, and subsequent prevention of  dislodgment or breakages that neglect can cause. 


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