Tricks to book cheap tickets online without a sale

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For travelers traveling right now: the biggest question is always how to get cheap air tickets online. And as the question never gets old, we have brought you the tricks to book cheap tickets online without a sale.

If you are a budgeted traveler or have ever traveled on a budget, then you must know the role air tickets play in one’s budget. As most of the time, airfares consume the biggest chunk of one’s budget-making the trip impossible. And thus, many budgeted travelers end up canceling or postponing their trip to save more. However, the top tricks to book cheap tickets online without a sale can help you get cheap tickets. And thus, you can travel within a budget without postponing or canceling your travel plans.

Let’s know the tricks to book cheap tickets online without a sale

Try multiple locations

Having a traveling to a location with multiple airports or airports that you can choose to fly out of? Then start checking the cost of flying from different airports to the same destination to find the cheapest deal. Also, you can repeat the same process for your flying destination and look for cheap air tickets as well.
This trick is helpful because different airports charge different flying and landing fees from different airlines. And thus, travelers can enjoy cheap flight tickets from the airports charging fewer fees from airlines. Thus, if you are taking direct flights to Italy from US, then don’t only check for flights flying from the main airport. Instead, invest your time and check for the airports that are less popular but offer international travel. As there are high chances of landing cheap flight tickets with them instead of the major ones. Thus, take less popular airports as your flying and landing airports to receive the best deals on flight tickets.

Try multiple airlines

Well, this trick is only applicable for passengers booking connecting flights or flying with budgeted airlines. Booking different aircraft with different airlines can be cheaper than booking direct flights to Barcelona from US. Break your traveling location into 2 or 3 pieces and book tickets separately for each of them.
Also, for this, you can take the help of the price comparison feature provided by various ticket booking websites. Further, put your flying and landing destination along with your travel schedule in the software dialog boxes. And you will land on a list of different flights flying between your chosen destination with the prices charged. Now, sort out the list to find out the cheapest air booking deal and go with it.

Further, repeat the same process 2 or 3 times to book all of your tickets at the cheapest prices possible. Also, to know how mus=uch you saved compare the direct flight charges with the total you have paid. And in most cases, you will be surprised about the bucks that you have saved in the whole process.
Try 3rd party booking websites

Yes, the ticket booking websites can land you at the deals that the main airline website doesn’t offer. Also, these airlines help you scan and match different airlines to prepare a personalized travel plan for you. Also, this makes sure you get the best services while enjoying the best deals on air ticket bookings. Some of the best are Google, Flyustravels, Skyscanner, but there are many more. Thus, if you fail at the landing at a good deal on one website you can always try on another for cheap tickets.

Also, keep an eye on the offers run by these individual ticket booking websites like 5% on total bookings. Further, these types of offers are pretty common while buying tickets from a 3rd party booking website. And they not only help book cheap tickets but they also help travelers in finding them.

Further, one thing to keep in mind while booking from these websites is buying one ticket at a time. Yes, there are many benefits of booking one ticket at a time especially if there are individual discounts. Like, the ticket booking platform is offering $5 off on ticket bookings with them. Then no matter how many tickets you book with them you are going to save $5 only. However, if you book 2 tickets individually from the same platform from different accounts you will be able to save $10. Also, this is an example but using these tricks can help you save good money and get cheap flight tickets.

Try budgeted airlines

If you are planning to fly through connecting flights then it is beneficial to look for budgeted airlines. These airlines provide the same services as international flights but don’t fly on longer routes. However, these airlines cover significant distances and thus, are suitable for booking connecting flights. Also, these airlines are a great way of cost-saving when it comes to getting cheap flight tickets. However, many ticket booking portals don’t include budgeted flights in their lists due to competition. And, thus it is important to look for these airlines separately and compare the costs.

All you have to do is compare the prices of the cheapest flight with that of the budgeted airlines. And then the one you find cheaper is what you must be booking in the end. Also, this will help you get the best prices and enjoy the cheapest air tickets.

Try multiple locations

If you have no preference for traveling location and just want to take a break then try multiple locations. Like if you have always wanted to travel Europe then London and Istanbul both will look enchanting to you. However, the traveling cost to London is higher than Istanbul because of the higher cost of living there. Thus, compare the cost of traveling to different locations for different places. For choosing the places select any 5 places that you would like to travel to on a given period.

And then check the ticket booking and traveling cost of all of these places and compare them individually. Further, find out the best deals and the cheapest location for travel and go enjoy cheap air tickets.

Try multiple options

Yes, going to one airline ticket booking website and booking tickets isn’t enough while looking for cheap tickets. And thus, it is necessary to check all the options including the different third-party ticket booking portals. Because not every airline is listed on every ticket booking portal due to different reasons. Further, the common reason by airlines include is to maintain a brand image by being available at a few places only. While for tickets booking providers it is for boosting sales with contracted airlines and many other reasons.

Well, instead of dwelling deep into the reasons we are focused on our aim to get a cheap ticket. And now, as you know the reasons you know why is it important to check several 3rd party ticket providers. Further, visit a ticket booking provider like Goggle and check for the cheapest tickets using the price comparison feature. Now, go to another 3rd party air ticket provider like SkyScrapper and repeat the same process. And then check it with others as well including Flyustravels, Kayak, Priceline, and others.

Now, compare the individual prices offered by every platform for the cheapest flight for the flying destination. Also, check the airline’s website for the cheapest option to check where you can get it at the most affordable prices. And after confirming the prices book the tickets from the cheapest option available.

Try clearing your cookie history and using the incognito mode of your device

One of the most popular and well-working tricks to get the cheapest tricks is turning your device into private mode. First, you need to delete or clear off the cookies and then turn on the incognito mode of your device. And then, you should start looking for air tickets every time as this will ensure to prevent sudden price hikes.

Every device uses certain cookies when we search for anything online over the internet like cheap air tickets. And thus, travel agencies use their computers cookies to check what flights an individual is interested in buying. And thus, you start seeing advertisements and notifications about the ai tickets as well. Also, you must have noticed the sudden price hikes in the frequently searched items, well, these cookies are responsible for that as well.

Thus, to avoid getting the same tickets at higher prices it is always beneficial to clear off your cookies. Also, searching in the incognito or private mode will help you prevent future hikes and get cheap tickets.

Try flying with local airlines while traveling inside the country

Yes, international airlines provide great service but they also charge you greatly for them. And thus, it is always better to turn to local airlines while traveling inside a country. Thus, if you are planning to travel inside a country then it is always beneficial to book with local airlines. Also, try to look for distant options rather than main airports to save yourself money.

Like if you want to travel to Rome but a ticket to the main airport is costlier than that of the distant one. Then compare the cost of traveling from the distant one to the city and if it is less you must go with it.

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