Instagram has surfaced as the most popular social media platform. One of the reasons for Instagram’s rise in popularity is that it provides a space for visual-based content. People nowadays prefer visual-based content compared to a written source, as visual content requires less attention span, it is crisp and to the point. Even businesses draw out the maximum benefits from visual content as they embed the Instagram widget on their website.

Instagram widget is an excellent business strategy; the widget helps you to fetch the posts related to your business from Instagram and then display them on your website, thus making your website lively and engaging.  

Instagram provides a big boost to the business; it helps them to increase their reach beyond the local boundaries. It provides a great platform for the brands to promote their business and increase their brand awareness. 

Instagram plays a huge role in promoting the brands, and the most beneficial category of business that has extracted maximum benefit from this social media giant are fashion brands.

For many fashion brands, Instagram has emerged as the best platform that helps them to promote their products, increase customer interaction, build community and increase sales.

Instagram is known for its regular upgrades, which provide great help to its users and businesses on the platform. It now provides the features such as swipe up, link in bio, and Insta shop that allows users to buy products directly using Instagram.

With such competition on the platform, your business needs to have a step ahead in the crowd. Here are some Instagram marketing tips that will help you to promote your fashion brand and take your business to the next level.

Amazing Tips to Promote Your Fashion Brand Using Instagram Widget 

1. Promote user-generated content

Instagram has over 1.074 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most used social media platforms. The huge user base of Instagram provides regular posts and content to businesses.

In this digital world, people regularly post pictures and share videos with their followers showcasing their routine or displaying the product they purchased. 

People even share their pictures wearing the dresses and clothes they purchased. It provides fashion brands an opportunity to collect this user-generated content and use it for their brand promotion, ad campaigns and display it on their social media wall. 

Even users feel valued on getting a feature on brands’ ad campaigns or social media posts, motivating them and other users to create more content associated with your brand.

Many businesses often use the user-generated content on their website by embedding the posts and content related to their business by using Instagram Widget.

2. Embed an Instagram widget on your website 

In this era of the internet, a brand’s website is the face of the brand. It is important to create a great impression on your visitor, as it helps to spark an interest in their minds. 

The Instagram widget helps you create that impression by making your website attractive and lively to visitors. Instagram widget is an amazing tool that helps you collect the content related to your business from embed Instagram feed; it allows you to curate and customize the feed and then display it on your website. You can even filter out all unnecessary and irrelevant content and keep your widget related to your feed.

The regular feed and content keep visitors engaged with your website and eventually help you convert them into your customers.

3. Utilize Instagram Business Account features

Instagram is a great platform that keeps evolving by making new upgrades. It provides great help to businesses to plan their business strategy and make maximum use of this platform.

Instagram introduced stories feature that the users welcomed. The story feature allows you to post the content that remains only for 24 hours on the feed. And one of the major benefits of using a story is that it remains on the top of the feed. 

You can use this feature to create hype for a new product; you can even give a teaser about it and provide a launching date for the new product. It also uses the story mode to provide a limited-time offer for your users or even make a quick announcement using this feature.

4. Take benefit from Influencers

Instagram influencer marketing covers a considerable reach. Influencers refer to the people who have a huge following; they can be people from the media industry, entertainment industry, digital creator, etc. And people get highly influenced by these people hence creating a great opportunity for your brand to grab all positives.

The influencers play a big role in promoting your business and increase your sales. As they have such a huge following, your brand can reach out to new people, users, and new markets.

5. Retarget your audience using Sponceserd Ad 

Instagram introduced a new feature of sponsored ads that expands the reach of your business on social media. These ads reach more audiences as compared to the simple posts and contents. 

Sponsored ads are a little expensive to businesses, and some small-scale and medium-scale businesses cannot afford them. 

It is important to keep the users introduced to your brands regularly. The user won’t buy the product as soon as they see it advertised. It takes time to win users’ interest and trust. You can always spark some interest by regularly reminding them about your brand.

6. Video marketing

Videos are a great method for marketing the product; videos provide great brief detail about the business and product and stays fresh in the viewer’s mind.

Instagram pays a lot of attention to its video features and promotes them well. You can make short videos on Instagram to brief your product and business and make the user aware of your products.

You can also make long videos using the IGTV feature; it allows you to give a detailed description of your product and business to your users. You can even add customers’ reviews and experiences to your video. It will make your customers feel valued and also provide new customers a social proof with reviews. It also helps you to get a brand reputation as it impresses people when they see a brand posting reviews. 

The review videos also help you to generate UGC as people would live to get a feature on the brand’s video, and it will also motivate more people to prepare such content and get a feature on the video. It will increase your brand awareness as it leads to mouth-to-mouth publicity of your brand. 

Instagram has recently introduced an amazing feature under the name of the Instagram reel. Reels have amazing tractions and provide great results for the business.

Millennials and Gen-Z mostly use Instagram, and they have comparatively lower attention duration. It has to lead to many platforms introducing short-duration videos. These short duration videos are entertaining, engaging, and to the point. And hence, increases brand awareness.

You can run an ad campaign using the reels and make some trend that allows you to get some recognition.

7. Behind the scenes

People have curious minds and are always curious about brands’ ad campaigns and brands’ working.

They are always eager to see what goes behind in making amazing content for them. You can display behind the scene shots and details to win customers’ attention and provide them with some content to watch. 

People share this content with a large number of the public and hence helping you to strengthen your brand presence on the screen.

8. Product Tagging

Instagram provides great aid to businesses to increase their sales. It allows you to tag your product as it appears on the new posts and tags the previously posted post.

People can click on the post and Instagram leads them to a separate page that allows them to buy. Instagram has recently made its website more shoppable.

9. Use hashtag campaigns

Twitter introduced hashtags but are made popular by Instagram. There are many people on Instagram that post pictures using hashtags.

You can use these to your great advantage, you can use a hashtag campaign or run a viral video or promote your product using the hashtag campaign.

Hashtags help gather a large audience and many brands depend on hashtags campaigns to promote their business, product, or ad campaign. 

Recently, hashtag strategies have gained a lot of popularity and have been a savior for many brands. It is economical and provides a great reach to new users. You can convert those users into your own customers.

Using hashtags is an amazing way to get brand recognition.

The Final Words

Instagram provides great help to businesses to grow. It is a unique platform that provides huge variations of content that entertains the audience. One of the benefits of visual content is that stays fresh in audiences’ mind. You can use Instagram to your advantage and make your business grow and get some amazing reach.

You can follow the strategies mentioned above and take your business to new heights. The most popular strategy is using the Instagram feed widget. By embedding an Instagram widget, you can gain new customers and increase your reach.


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