Unaccompanied minors policy with Frontier

Unaccompanied minors policy with Frontier

While reserving the seats with any airways, it’s quite preferred to look at every detail very carefully. Sometimes there is a different situation when your child wishes to fly alone. But Frontier’s unaccompanied minor policy provides all the essential information about flying underage. However, it’s a basic responsibility of any airline to make & everything clear. 

Apart from being a US ultra-cost carrier, you are entitled to get various in-flight facilities while flying. The airline operates the flights to over 100 destinations, followed by 31 international locations. Moreover, it always makes sure to make each & every moment filled with memories. 

What is the age to fly accompanied by the airlines?

As per the rules, if you are below 15 years, then you can’t fly as there should be someone with you. 

Which airline has the cheapest minor fee?

Alaska offers a low fee as you need to pay about $25 each way for the non-stop & direct carriers. However, Southwest charges about $50 each way & there are others on the list. 

How do you get an unaccompanied fee waived?

These are somehow waived for the children who have attended MVP, MVP Gold, or gold with 75k mileage plan status. 

Rules to be followed by the underage travelers:

Below is the respective point that is necessary:

  • The official fee that you need to pay is about USD 110 for single way 
  • You can make an online booking 
  • Passengers should have a piece of information about their destination
  • Parents or the legal guardian will get a gate access
  • Travelers will be provided with snacks & beverages 

These are the points that tell about Frontier Airlines Policy on Unaccompanied Minors.

Which are the important documents that are quite essential to fly within America?

You don’t need to show any official document under 18 while flying with the home country. Moreover, travelers can contact through the official number regarding the other details. 

How can you enjoy the trip alone?

As per the general guidelines, a child must be at least five years of age to fly solo. To be more precise, kids aged 5 to 10 years can bord to a single location. Now, those who are about 8 & above change on some airlines. 

Is it possible for a minor to fly without their parents?

The airline will not accept domestic entries for all under seven till they are with a person for about 15 years. For the international flights, those who are about 12 or less the 15 can board the flight. 

Moreover, Frontier Airlines Seat Selection process helps to pick the best seats of your choice & enjoy the whole journey. 

How do you purchase the tickets for the minors?

You are requested to provide your full name and age with the parent’s or guardian’s contact details as these will be quite helpful during any emergency while flying. 

Is there a way a minor can travel with the other siblings?

As there is no official document, perhaps you can write a consent letter about permitting the child can fly with the respective person. Moreover, the letter should contain all the necessary details, such as the relative’s name with the child. It would help if you also mentioned the entire trip plan. 

These are the important steps to be followed. 


You can read the above details & get to know about Frontier Airlines Policy on Unaccompanied Minors.

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