Do you own a taxi business or a startup? Are you thrilled about developing an Uber clone app to promote your taxi business? Here, in this guide, we have listed the 12-must have features to integrate into your taxi booking app.

Let’s Begin:

According to research, half of the taxi app customers are millennials that prefer on-demand app solutions. This shows the demand for the taxi app among millennials is soaring. The increased usage of the Uber-like app is attributed to the ease of use and its functionalities.

The On-demand models like Lyft, Grab, and Uber are not just used by customers, but even employees working in the sector.  This makes clear that plenty of job opportunities are created for people around in these sectors.  

If statistics are to be believed, then around 70% of the employees in this sector are satisfied and happy. This improves overall customer satisfaction.

If you have decided to develop an uber like app, then it is important to know who your target audiences are. And, for this, it is imperative to developing an on-demand app incorporated with features that offer users an enriching experience. 

Incorporate the following features in your Uber clone to offer a better experience to the end-users, letting the users make taxi booking and tracking easy.

In this content, we will cover the following features for you.

  • Book Ride Now, Or Later, Feature
  • Real-Time Tracking Of Driver’s Travel Route
  • Real-Time Sharing Of The Ride Details
  • Multiple Modes For Payment
  • Multilingual Feature To Avoid Language Barrier
  • Incorporate The Panic Button Feature
  • Get Feedback And Ratings To Improve Your Taxi Business 
  • Trip Statement/Trip History
  • Connect Ahead of the Pickup with In-App Chat
  • Night Mode Map
  • Save destinations
  • Multiple Stops

Crucial Features That You Shouldn’t Miss in your Uber like App

Let’s understand each feature in detail.

1. Book Ride Now Or Later Feature

The feature booking the ride now assists a user to book a ride and travel anywhere with ease. It’s a must-have feature to include in all the taxi booking apps. On the other hand, users can even plan future trips with the help of the book later feature.

It helps in getting the possible fast ride. With the help of a book later feature, users can also schedule their trips in advance.

Another thing to take into consideration is “how to book for a taxi ride” when including this feature. The below-mentioned input needs to be offered while booking a cab ride.

  • Pick-up location
  • Drop location
  • Preferred vehicle type by users
  • Date and time of pickup ( in the case of the book later feature)

Scheduling a ride is one of the best options when a user is about to leave home or office and doesn’t want to rush.

Thus,  ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book Later’ is a useful feature that taxi businesses should incorporate when creating an uber clone app.

2. Real-Time Tracking Of Driver’s Travel Route

Your user can experience anxiousness if there is a delay in the arrival of their ride.  This can affect the traveling experience in your taxi. As a result of this, the customer ride becomes less satisfactory. 

How to overcome this situation?

Incorporate a real-time driver tracking feature in your uber clone app via GPS integration. It is an ideal way to tackle this situation. 

With the help of this feature of a cab booking app, users will be able to track the driver’s travel route. If the driver is taking time to reach the pickup location, users can call them and help them reach on time to the pick-up location. This ensures a secured and satisfying journey.

3. Real-Time Sharing Of The Ride Details

Customers feel safe and satisfied when they share their riding details with people who are close to them. Moreover, there’re higher chances of earning users’ trust in your app by incorporating this feature. The motive of this feature is to let someone close to the rider know about the route taken by the taxi driver. 

It further helps in ensuring whether a customer has safely reached the destination or not.

4. Multiple Modes For Payment

Not everyone prefers paying online for the taxi ride they take. While some don’t carry cash and then there may be few who choose to pay via card. Thus, including multiple payment options in a taxi booking app is considered a good option. 

This gives riders the freedom to select their preferred option from the different payment options available. In simple words, your Uber clone app should facilitate both offline and online payment methods.

5. Multilingual Feature To Avoid Language Barrier

Language preference is an add-on advantage that allows the drivers and passengers to choose the language they prefer the most. 

For example, English, French, Spanish, German, and more allow passengers to select the language when a driver and passenger use the app. It is useful to add up a “multilingual feature” in your Uber clone for attracting tourist passengers.

6. Incorporate The Panic Button Feature

If a user is traveling alone, then he/she expects to have a secure and safe journey. A successful taxi app should let users contact their close friends or family members to keep an eye on their trip location. 

If a passenger finds any difficulty during the ride, he/she has the option of using the SOS Panic button. It’s an emergency alert that is automatically sent from a passenger’s phone to their close contact members as well as the service providers.

Having the Panic button feature incorporated in your uber clone app is highly advisable. It can be used in case of accidents, emergencies.

7. Get Feedback And Ratings To Improve Your Taxi Business 

Why is it beneficial to include ratings and reviews about the taxi driver in the app?

It is because, with this option, riders get to know more about their drivers before they opt for their ride. For example, the ratings and feedback of existing riders tell you a lot about the personality of the driver, how they act and whether they offer a positive riding experience or not.

Hence, when developing an uber like app, do not forget to add this feature. Allow your users to leave an honest review about the drivers. This will also help you in improving your service and serve better than before.

8. Trip Statement/Trip History

Curious to know every detail about your ride? Want to know details like the total amount spent on Uber rides? Details of your paste route, and such things? The trip statement feature is a significant aspect of your uber clone.

As a taxi app owner, ensure to store the rider’s trip history and make it visible to both the drivers and riders. This will assist them to check the trip details. Also, drivers can keep the track of their past earnings via the trip history feature.

9- Connect Ahead of the Pickup with In-App Chat

It is one of the most useful Uber app features, which allows the drivers and the riders to make quick calls against each other. This way, the rider, and the driver can keep track of each other’s location. 

For example, if a taxi driver is facing difficulty in finding the address, then this In-app chat/call feature helps them. They can contact the rider and get the proper directions. Additionally, with this feature, passengers can even call the company’s support team for knowing the details of the ride. 

10. Night Mode Map

The “Night Mode Map” feature in the Uber Clone App lets drivers use the app without any problem and eye fatigue. Incorporating this feature during your uber app development can offer ease to drivers to view the map for long hours without any inconvenience. This results in increasing productivity at work.

11. Save Destinations

For instance, a user books a ride from home to office regularly, instead of typing the address repeatedly, he/she can save the destinations. It will save their time and book a ride in no time. Adding this amazing feature to your Uber clone can enhance the overall booking experience for your riders.

12. Multiple Stops

Need to make a few drop-off points along your journey? The multiple stops feature allows users to add extra stops along their rides. This makes it simple for drivers to pick up and drop off others.

Summing Up:

Uber clone app development is not a piece of cake. Determining the target audience is an important step.  Apart from this, it needs to define the strategy, plan, goal, and required features of the app. The above-listed uber app features are essential features to be incorporated while developing uber clone apps.

If you have a fresh uber clone app idea and are planning to develop it, connect with us today. We can turn your out-of-the-box idea into a successful implementation. 

The more creative you get, the more productive your ride-sharing app becomes. We have a team of professional developers to assist you to create your dream taxi app. Also, our team will answer all your queries related to developing an on-demand taxi app solution.


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