Upcoming Pakistani Fashion Trends in 2020

The fashion business in Pakistan is yet not economically viable; it is still shifting quickly. The ever-changing design slogans for the people of the modern age has been the highlight of upcoming trends. We still wait for the latest patterns and styles to pursue in order to keep up with these inconsistent trends. The new trends are evolving all the time, so the percentile of people wearing it also shifts rapidly.

People follow fashion bloggers, celebrities, and other influencers to acquire new patterns and adapt new designs. Trends have evolved a lot over time from bridal wear to casual fits. Most alternatives from pricey to inexpensive Pakistani designer clothes online are now available at discounted prices. Every individual will purchase and work with these patterns in fashion.

Unstitched Wedding Wear:

Purchasing unstitched clothing collection has become a new thing as more and more people opt for unstitched clothes these days to stitch them up into their desired designs. In contrast to the designer lawn range, most customers prefer to purchase unstitched clothes.

Cigarette Pants:

This year will be preceded by medium tops and tobacco pants. Similarly, opaque and audacious colors in these pants will be in fashion. Cigarette pants have been trendy for casual wear and printed suits since last year and they shall become more common this year too.

Long Kurtis:

Long Kurtis may stay this season in comparison to medium or short shirts. Long knuckle Kurtis paired with cigarette pants or palazzos shall make a comeback for the ladies. These may be in the trend but a large influx will acquire it this season. Shop New arrival lawn 2020 from your favorite brands only at Rajasahib.com

The comeback of Dupattas:

Dupatta has been out of favor for the last couple of years. It got subsided by large apparel and jackets or shawls. However, it is drastically making a comeback with people gradually wearing it as a style statement.

Khussa Style:

Although Khussa is a fairly old style statement, it still lingers in the upcoming fashion trends. It never goes out of style. You can put together an intelligent pair of khussa with a conventional, formal or casual shalwar suit or just a plain jeans shirt with a cap. You can carry off an alluring look by adding accessories as well. You may wear it with these ideas or give an illustration of your look.


The pastels have been popular since last year. Most teenage girls and stylish ladies try to incorporate pastel tones to their wardrobe. When we talk about summer or spring wear, these continue to be the center of our conversation for one reason or another. they won’t ever dust off even in the future. Also, it is donned in wedding functions.

Fringe Style Clothing:

Fringes are becoming more of a staple these days.  If you haven’t adopted fringes in your wardrobe for trendy shirts, jackets, and even bridal wear, add them this season.

Hair accessories:

Famous bloggers in fashion have us rummaging over their trendy beauty styles. Pearl clips, flip clips and statement-written clips all are a major yes for this year.

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