VR Applications: Industries Already Using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Companies in India

VR Applications: Industries Already Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has often been dubbed as a futuristic concept, reserved only for the world of gaming. However, technologies like VR and AR are well on their way to shape the future in more ways than enhancing the gaming experience. 

Virtual Reality Companies in India are working with numerous sectors and industries, with games being only one small part of it. VR is a term that is used to define a computer-generated simulation of a real environment, with which a user can interact and explore. A user deals with an immersive environment that engages the brain to think that it is processing a real-world environment. 

Industries In Which VR is Playing A Prominent Role

Virtual Reality Companies in India have taken up VR projects with various leading industries in the country. With the dawn of the global pandemic, VR has proven to be more useful than ever imagined before. Here are a few of the major industries that have seen an uprising of the VR revolution. 


Virtual reality has been observed to drastically improve various applications in healthcare. The use of VR in therapy is not a new concept, but a highly effective one. Psychiatrists use VR in cognitive behavior therapy, for treating patients with social anxiety or phobias. 

VR enables a controlled environment that allows doctors to expose their patients to simulations while helping them cope with their fears. VR has also been studied for the use of treatment for phantom limb pain experienced by those who have lost limbs. 


Entertainment is a great example of the shift virtual reality could bring to the entire industry. Gaming is one of the first industries to successfully implement VR, but today, there are apps, concerts, and programs all happening through VR simulations. Apps like Oculus cinema allow a user to watch a movie in a theater, with only the present. Immersive VR concerts are especially popular, and have gained momentum even before the dawn of the pandemic! 


VR enables engineers and designers to experiment with factors like the look, build, and functionality of a vehicle before commissioning prototypes. This enables automotive companies to save a lot of money, time, and resources on building and re-building prototypes. Brands like Ford, BMW, and Jaguar already use VR to experiment with prototypes, get a sense of customer experience, and develop interior and exterior designs! 

Companies like Audi are looking into the use of VR to give buyers an in-depth experience of the cars, the ability to customize interiors and features to empower customer experience. Toyota has used VR to provide education on distracted driving and its impacts! The applications of VR in the automotive industry are numerous and limitless! 


VR in the tourism industry is an exemplary example of how effective and wide the applications of VR can be. Virtual reality companies in India have empowered the tourism industry to find new and innovative ways to give customers a vaccination of a lifetime, at a time where everyone has been restricted to their own homes. 

Apart from the positive effects of VR seen during the pandemic, it also provides travelers a comprehensive list of what to expect on pricey tours or adventure tours. It can help engage the traveler in an emotional dialogue about the destination, why they might visit, and so on! 


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