Want to Switch from Shared Server? Choose Dedicated Server India for Superfast Performance

Dedicated Server India

Just like most website owners, you would have also chosen a Shared Server at the beginning of your website. Since it is the cheapest option available and budget is a crucial factor in the initial stages. Also, at that time your traffic and data are limited so the Shared network works fine. 

As your website expands, the need for a fast and premium server arises and the shared server starts outgrowing its limits. You must have experienced it, that’s why you are looking to switch over. Also, while looking for other server hosting options, you must have come across Dedicated Server India.

The India Dedicated Server is the fastest and most reliable hosting for achieving faster growth of your website. If you are expecting a significant rise in the traffic on your website in the near future then Dedicated Server Hosting India is the best choice for you.

In this article, we have gathered detailed information about Dedicated Server India and its advantages to your website.

Description of Dedicated Server Hosting

The name Dedicated explains itself. A Dedicated Server is the kind of web hosting, where there is no need for sharing resources with others. The entire server belongs to a single person. No one else can use your server. When an entire server belongs to you, the speed, security, and performance ultimately increase.

Also, the Dedicated Server India allows you the entire control over the resources on your server. You can also customize them according to your needs. Such a high level of control and compatibility cannot be found in any other hosting type.

Dedicated Server vs Shared Server

As we have discussed above, in a Dedicated Server you enjoy complete access to your server. You don’t have to share your web server with anyone else.

While in a Shared Server, you have to share your resources with a number of users. You have no control over your resources and may suffer through poor speed and performance when any other website experiences a traffic surge.

So, hosting your website with the Dedicated Server India is just like renting a Car. You can drive it anywhere at your desired speed, play your favorite songs, there is no restriction. While a Shared Server is like traveling on a public bus. You get the seat only if it’s empty, you have no control over how many people get into the bus. But the cost of traveling is cheaper in a bus as compared to a car.

Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Server India

With a Shared Server, you cannot grow your website for a long period of time. To easily handle high traffic and to achieve faster load time you need the India Dedicated Server. You will receive numerous advantages when you host your website over it. 

Reduced Loading Time

Load Time plays a very crucial role for the visitors. Statistics say if your website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load the user will leave your site. Hence, poor load time can cost you, potential customers. The Dedicated Server India provides you high-speed SSDs, zero downtime, redundant bandwidth, and large RAM helping to minimize the load time, even if your website consists of large multimedia files.

Top Tier Security

Security is essential to keep your data safe. You may have stored some sensitive information over your server, maybe the personal details of your customers. Such information needs to be secured with advanced-grade security. It’s very difficult with the Shared Server, where lots of users use the same server network.

The Dedicated Server is protected with DDoS protection, firewalls, intrusion prevention, and virus and malware protection making a security breach almost next to impossible.

Easy Traffic Management

With large server space and premium resources, the Dedicated Server easily handles high traffic. Unlike Shared Hosting where the server frequently crashes during traffic spikes, a Dedicated Server easily manages tons of traffic. 

So, if you are experiencing a rise in traffic then it’s the correct time to switch over to the India Dedicated Server.

Exclusive Server Control

With the Dedicated Server, you get exclusive control over your resources. Nobody has the access to your server assets. Also, there is no need for sharing the resources with others. 

So, no one else can impact your website’s performance. In the Shared Server when any other website on the network encounters a rise in traffic it affected the performance of other websites too.

High Server Scalability

With the Dedicated Server, you get one more exciting benefit, i.e, customizable server configurations. In the future, if your server’s resources are not insufficient to fulfill the website’s needs you may easily increase the resources. Also, with Dedicated Server Hosting India, you can select the control panel and operating system you want with your server plan. 

Handpicked the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India

After knowing about all these advantages you must have decided to switch from Shared Server to Dedicated Server India. But now you have to go through the hectic process of finding out the Best as well as Cheap Dedicated Server India. 

Don’t Worry! We have made it easier for you and with lots of research have found an affordable, reliable, and trustworthy hosting provider company, Serverwala.

Serverwala’s India Dedicated Server provides you premium resources and an independent server environment. Here are the features of their Dedicated Hosting India plan –

  • High Uptime and Redundant Network Bandwidth
  • Fully Upgraded Resources and latest-gen processors.
  • High Scalability and Complete server control with easy customization.
  • Advanced-Grade Security and DDoS protection
  • Full-time Technical Support with 24/7 Live Chat, Email, and Call Service.

Additionally, with their India Dedicated Server, you get a Free SSL Certificate and Free Server setup and migration.

Summing Up

If you are looking to switch from your Shared Server then Dedicated Server India is the best choice for you. It will provide you high security and control along with easily managing the traffic spikes. 

With Serverwala’s Dedicated Hosting India you will get premium services at affordable pricing helping you achieve all your future goals.

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