Wedding Dresses vs Jewellery: Finding a Balance


You have already chosen your beautiful wedding gown and now it’s time to pick the accessories. This is not a simple task as many people would think. The accessories you choose, including the jewelry, add to the final touches of your look and you need to ensure they are as complimenting as possible. Even after struggling to get the best wedding dresses in a sophisticated city like Melbourne, you could ruin your entire look with the simple mistake of choosing the wrong jewelry. So, if you are in the market shopping for timeless and trending jewelry, remember it may not be easy. Your nails, earrings, necklace, and bracelets influence your overall look. Below are ways you can find the balance between your wedding dress and jewelry. 

Wedding Dress Color

Some people say matching the metals with the color of the wedding dress is better. However, this is a consideration you might make depending on your preferences. Finding a balance between luxurious and affordable is possible as long as you know exactly what you want when it comes to choosing your jewelry. You may already have your favorite metal waiting in a small box for the big day. It’s okay! But remember the colors that go well with each other. For instance, a gold metal will play well with champagne and ivory, a rose gold with blush. You don’t have to look for the same color as your ring. All you need is to choose colors that complement the outfit.

The Neckline

The neckline is another thing that will determine the kind of jewelry you will wear. A V-neck or high neck can go well with anything pendant or long-layered chains. If you have an off-shoulder or strapless gown, consider looking for a chocker or anything of that size. You can also wear a chandelier bracelet and earrings. Make sure you don’t overdo your pieces. You can pick a single accessory and choose other complementing pieces to complete your style. Make your accessories as few as possible. 

The Dress Details

Normally, you pick your wedding dress first then the jewelry follows. So, consider your wedding dress details when choosing the accessories. A simple design will give you the freedom to be creative with the accessories. If your dress is made from a single fabric, you can choose signature earrings and a necklace to complete the look. If the dress comes with pearls, laces, or sequins, you don’t wish the accessories to take over the look. So, consider the style and color of the decorations like beads, accents and choose jewelry that complement them.

Bonus Point! Pick Something Blue

The bonus tip when picking your bridal jewelry is to make sure the metals match. Mixed metals and colors could be fun and make sure you don’t overdo it. It is recommendable that you pick a single metal type for the wedding and you can never go wrong with the blue color. A blue stone at the center of your necklace could be something meaningful. 

To Wrap it Up…

You might think that choosing the wedding dress is the hardest task. The truth is, finding matching jewels is the hardest. However, with the above details, it can be a bit easy for you to balance between your wedding dress and jewelry. Let your personality shine from the jewels you choose and you will be happier on the big day.


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