What Are Bollards Made Of?

Bollards are vertical passage blockers you must have come across on the roads and footpaths. They are short poll-like structures that refrain vehicles from entering an area. Even though there can be variants of shapes and sizes, according to the area it is being placed at but more or less it is of the classic look.

What Materials are Used to make Bollards?

  • Concrete – They are made of molds. Thus, can vary in designs. Cemented bollards are strong and very well visible to divert traffic on the road.
  • Plastic Such bollards are lightweight and easy to shift. They are not permanently constructed street bollards. These are bright-colored poles and are placed to draw attention temporarily.
  • Aluminum – Aluminium is a lightweight, malleable metal. Thus, these bollards can be designed differently to look attractive. It prevents rust from developing over it and can be removed after a course of time from the streets.
  • Iron – They are made of cast iron which prevents corrosion. It turns out to be the strongest form of bollard since the material is furthermore hardened. It is usually seen in the classic design and can stand alone for any heavy-duty task. It looks simple and beautiful and is recommended to be used for security purposes and restricted entries.
  • Steel They are strong, hard yet economical to construct. They look decent and are coated well enough to refrain from rust to sit on it. Steel is used for the outer body of a bollard whereas it is filled with concrete from the inside to make it sit heavier on the street sides. They look aesthetically bright and attractive. Usually, steel bollards are found around pavements and cycle stands.
  • Wood – They are the most uncommon of all the other materials mentioned above. There are drawbacks that make it less usable for people. Wood is not suitable for all environments. It absorbs moisture from the environment. It can break if hit with a hard surface or vehicle, unlike bollards made of steel, cast iron, or concrete.

Each material is chosen according to the use of bollards and the place where it has to be installed.

Bollards are not only used on roads but are also installed at entry points of parks, fairs, flea-markets, and sightseeing places where vehicles are not allowed.

Bollards are also used on the ships. Strong and thick bollards, usually made of concrete are placed at the edge of ships. These bollards hold onto gigantic ropes that are tied to an anchor at the other end. Such bollards are meant to be superficially strong to be able to hold onto the weight of the whole ship with contrast to the anchor that holds onto the ground beneath the water bed.

Above are the materials that are more or less used to build all kinds of street bollards. There are other variants of steel and other materials too, which are used in making bollards like stainless steel, polymer, ductile iron, cast steel, structural grade steel, and more.


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