What are the Benefits of React Native for Mobile App Development?

React Native app development company

The mobile app development industry has evolved drastically in the last few years.

According to Statista, the global annual application downloads are projected to grow from 194 billion in 2018 to 299 billion by 2023.

Developing a mobile app is an excellent method to leverage this remarkable expansion for your business. However, being a business owner, you may wonder which framework to select for your mobile app development project.

Well, the answer differs from enterprise to enterprise and according to the business’s needs. It would be best if you went with an app development framework that is robust, efficient, and compatible.

This blog post will discuss one of the most prominent development solutions-React Native and its benefits for business app development.

Let’s dive in.

Code Reusability

One of the significant benefits of React Native is that developers do not have to write different codes for various platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. It is because approximately 90% of the code can be reused, which increases development speed and productivity. Therefore, you get quicker app deployment and require less maintenance time. You can hire React Native app developer to build an intuitive mobile app for your business. 

Live Reload Feature

Live reload is another essential benefit of React Native; it enables you to identify and modify things in real-time. This feature help developers fix the codes while the application is loading. Moreover, the changes will be shown in the app with an automatic reload. 


To develop an Android or iOS app, you do not have to hire two separate development teams. The reusability of codes assists you in saving development costs up to 40%. Moreover, multiple in-built elements in React Native help speed up the development procedure. Thus, reducing the cost immensely.

UI Focused

React Native utilizes the React JavaScript library to create app interfaces that are quick and responsive. It has exceptional rendering capabilities and employs a component-based strategy, making developing simple and complicated UI designs effortlessly. A React Native app development services provider can create an interactive UI for better scalability. 

Support of Third-Party Plugins

Since creating an application from scratch can be costly, React Native provides various third-party plugin choices, including JavaScript-based and native modules. The third-party plugins remove the need for particular web view functions and help improve the applications’ performance.

Large Community Support

React Native has vast community support. The developers are prepared to help beginners through forums and discussions. Moreover, the developers sometimes review the codes and give constructive feedback if someone gets stuck on ongoing projects. Overall, it provides outstanding support. 

The Bottom Line

React Native has grown into a prominent mobile app development framework. It is an effective framework for developers, a promising enterprise technology, and an adequate solution for end-users. It facilitates development complexities and updates apps regularly. So, if you plan to build a cross-platform mobile app, do not look beyond React Native. You may take the help of a React Native app development company to validate your app idea for your business.


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