What are the best Umrah packages deals for UK?

Umrah packages

It is the utmost desire of the Muslims to visit the most sacred place once in a lifetime. Umrah is a non-mandatory obligation but has many rewards for the pilgrimages. Muslims who want to perform this deed peacefully, desire to get peaceful and comfortable travel facilities. For this, they try to contact a certified travel agency. Many people fear traveling with disreputable travel organizers. Considering this fact, it is great to manage and decide everything in advance before booking a trip. So, the citizens of the UK should decide on a satisfying journey by choosing Umrah Packages. Thankfully Eiman Travel is here to make Umrah’s journey a memorable and trouble-free occasion for Muslims.

What is the value of Umrah?

Umrah is a blessed deal and has a great value in Islam. Umrah brings peace to the soul and heart. Therefore, Muslims set their journey to Makkah to earn Allah’s blessings and rewards.  It may bring benefits in this worldly or hereafter life. The Muslims start their journey and come in Ihram condition. Every Muslim cleans them completely and takes a bath. And they go for performing Umrah with family or spouse. Haram has crowded all the time and the costs of Umrah would also increase.

Umrah policy for the year 2022

  • Some basic details

For British passport holders, it is delightful news that they can visit the Holy City. The Saudi Umrah Ministry has announced a new Umrah policy in which Muslims of the UK are allowed to visit Makkah from August 2022. It is essential to get a visa from a reputable agency and make travel pretty easy. Due to the COVID-19 condition, the pilgrims should provide vaccination proof and children are also allowed to visit the Holy Kabbah. The Government makes a rule to open the door for a maximum number of pilgrims, so people can take care of the social distancing process smoothly.

  • Pilgrims who are above 18 years of age can travel to Makkah with reputable agents for Umrah Niyah.
  • The group will contain 20-50 candidates and they must decide their lead on the ground. It is also essential to make a pleasurable experience for the pilgrims.
  • The pilgrims are not allowed to cancel or change flights or dates as everything will be registered online and run precisely.
  • The travel agents should enter Umrah Packages details into an app 24hrs earlier than the pilgrim’s traveling which creates a smooth process for the travelers.
  • Yes, quarantine is extremely necessary for hotels or boarding houses. The agents should provide proper quarantine for the pilgrims’ convenience.
  • PCR test is also required that should be issued max 72hrs before arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • At this time, the visas will not be issued to the tourists and the Government smartly takes steps to test and quarantine to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.
  • With all these rules, the pilgrims feel at ease and safe while visiting Makkah would be safe during this pandemic.
  • Quarantine regulations

The countries that are not on the list will be flying directly for the Umrah and others will need to complete 14 days of quarantine. The vaccinated people are also advised to complete the quarantine process and take a test upon their arrival.

The best month for Umrah

Why do most people choose the best month to perform Umrah?  Because 1st reason is the weather, people pick the best month as the suitable month for performing Umrah. They don’t get easily tired not get too sweaty and the pilgrimage feels easy. Health is more important so people do care about it and choose nice weather months for the Umrah. And 2nd is about agency packages, in winter seasons due to the high demand for Umrah agency provides the best and most reasonable Umrah packages. These packages are suitable for everyone and people can customize them according to their requirements.  In the winter season, there are fewer crowds for the Umrah so it’s also convenient to perform Umrah without too much crowd.

Why do people want to perform Umrah, especially in Ramadan?

Every Muslim desire to visit Umrah and perform all rituals peacefully. There are several rules to follow and things to understand before going for Umrah. Here we discuss shortly:

Visa services: The KSA government issues a special Umrah visa program to the pilgrims. Due to the Umrah visa, Muslims can remain 15 to 16 days in Makkah.

Accommodation and flights: The fares of flights might vary from season to season. It is advised to book in advance at Eiman Travel. It is great to avoid the last hassle in booking for Umrah.

Understand Umrah rituals: The first-timers must connect with the scholars and get advice to understand the rituals of Umrah.

Spiritually fit and stable: Umrah is a physical Ibadah and it would not be easy to perform Umrah during Ramadan. Therefore, Muslims should be physically and spiritually ready to complete Umrah. The pilgrims need to complete Tawaf in hot and humid conditions. So, it is important to enjoy great health and eat rightly.

Visit Ziarat places: When performing Umrah, Muslims can’t miss visiting other religious and significant Ziarat places. Therefore, pilgrims should make precise planning and choose the best Umrah deals according to their budget.

What Umrah services would be provided?

Umrah packages are special and packed deals that make pilgrims’ journeys easy and comfortable. Therefore, we also make all-inclusive deals and travel packages to Makkah. Muslims can purchase the best deals according to their travel demands. Usually, we offer the best accommodation, flights, and in-door transportation services. We also aim to eradicate the stress of the visa process and now we are offering e-visa options to make your dream true.

Grab cheap Umrah deals

Umrah is an important religious practice and if you also going to perform Umrah in 2022 then get our amazing deals. We pride ourselves to provide affordable and best Umrah packages according to people’s budgets. Possibly the flights would be expensive, so it is hard for the Muslims to perform Umrah. But we promise to work according to the customers’ budget.

Make a hassle-free stay in hotels

Accommodation is important and a big concern for the pilgrims. Sometimes they spend huge money on getting luxury hotels. But unfortunately, they never get the best services. However, we have covered everything. We offer the best air travel and suitable accommodation. So, you can get your holiday packages from Eiman Travel. You may save a lot of money and reduce the great costs of Umrah. Our agent’s response is quick and ready to help the pilgrims 24/7. UK residents can book Umrah packages at Eiman travel to avail the best travel benefits.

Supreme experienced and comfort services

Eiman travel aims to provide innovative and comfortable Umrah services. We design all customized Umrah packages that make your trip memorable and easy. Even UK residents can craft and design their own Umrah journey within their budget limits. We are famous travel operators in London who wish to make your stay comfortable in Makkah. Our customized deals are consisting of hotels, food, flights, and other facilities.

All services have a quality

We are known for offering secured and high-quality best Umrah packages. We design the best and most comfortable accommodation where you have an experience like home. For us, your safety is a big concern, so we take care of all Umrah services and arrange the best tour plan for you.  Our quality services help us to win loyal customers in the UK. Our professional staff will guide the tourists to complete Umrah with the pleasure of mind. We ensure to make quality and valuable Umrah services.


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