What Are the Effects of Mixing Sleeping Pills and Alcohol?

sleeping pills with alcohol

Sleeping Pills with Alcohol

Learn more about the side effects and risks of blending sleeping pills and alcohol, alongside treatment options to deal with the matter.

Mixing sleeping tablets in the UK with alcohol may result in the heightened effects of both substances. Sleeping pills are sedative substances that typically suppress activity within the central systema nervosum, and alcohol may be a central systema nervosum depressant. Taking two drugs that affect the body in similar ways can compound their negative effects and cause dangerous health issues.

How much effect in your Sleeping

Finally, mixing sleeping pills and alcohol doesn’t improve sleep. While this mix may make an individual feel more tired and nod off more quickly, the remainder that they’re going to get is going to be of poor quality. The changes within the chemicals within the brain that occur with alcohol use, especially when combined with sleeping pills, will decrease the sleep-related brain waves and cause the person to feel unrested once they awaken.

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I take too much alcohol with drugs

The risk of a sleeping tablet and alcohol overdose is extremely real. Studies show that a lot of common sleeping pills are often deadly when mixed with alcohol, especially if an excessive amount is employed of either substance.

Death can occur when the mixture suppresses the extent of breathing beyond what’s safe, or if this mix affects the guts. While it’s common to consider a sleeping tablet and alcohol death being associated with changes within the heartbeat or breathing, death can also be more likely thanks to the combined impairment of alertness, judgment, and coordination. This harm impairment makes simple activities like swimming, driving, or crossing the road potentially deadly.

Sleep Interactions

Mixing sleeping pills and alcohol also can cause sleepwalking and impaired memory. There are many documented cases of individuals sleepwalking, sleep-eating, and even sleep-driving on the favored sleeping medication zopiclone. These episodes might not always be remembered afterward.

When alcohol is mixed with medication like zopiclone, these effects are worse. These episodes could end in injury or, in some situations, like sleep-driving, may cause an arrest or other unintended legal consequences.


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