What are the signs of Allah?

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Rhymes are a collection of slogans, Which are used in the sense of a sign or symbol. All the elements in Islamic law are related to acts of worship, commands, and prohibitions or sacred places (Hajj). By following which the collective form of Islam can be formed fall under the rites.

Since all of them are historically related to certain personalities and events which are directly related to Allah, all such signs have been named after the signs of Allah, ie the signs of Allah.

Are the Rituals (members) of Hajj a Rite of Allah?

If Hajj is analyzed, then all its rites consist of reverence of Allah and remembrance of the Beloved of Allah. For example, when a servant enters the house of Haji Allah and does not prostrate yet. He does not enter into ruku ‘, qiyaam and namaz. As soon as he sees the shroud of the Ka’bah, the scales of his eyes are filled with tears, and rain starts dripping from his eyelids and then before entering the Hudood Haram.

He takes off his precious clothes and adorns the simple seamless sheets and the packer becomes humble and comes to the courtyard of Baitullah bareheaded and barefoot and starts running madly with a kind of insanity and completes seven rounds around the Kaaba.

This is commonly known as Tawaf. Then he sees a stone set in a corner, towards which he crawls madly, approaches it with great diligence and hard work, and starts kissing it involuntarily. He does not know the rational reason for this, he only knows that it is the Black Stone. Which was kissed by the Holy Prophet (sws) and he considers it a great pleasure to kiss him. After completing the Tawaf, he stops at a place where the footprints of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) are recorded and there he prostrates in obedience to this divine instruction.

Almighty Allah says:

Then at some distance from Baitullah, he sees Safa and Marwah two mountains. Which his footsteps rise involuntarily and he runs and sometimes climbs this mountain, sometimes this mountain. The love of Allah for these two mountains is due to Hazrat Hajra (as) and her offspring Hazrat Ishmael (as), due to which they were declared as the symbols of Allah.

The Servant’s of Allah

When the servant of Allah completes the endeavor of Safa and Marwah while wearing ihram, his hair is extended. He shaves off the hair which he considers to be his adornment. When the nails are long, he cuts them, then goes to Mina, pitches a tent, and stays in Arafat till evening.

When the time for Zuhr’s prayers comes in Arafat, then he who has always been accustomed to offering prayers on time in obedience to God’s law performs Asr with Zuhr prayers. why so? Only because his beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) had recited Zuhr and Asr in this field of Arafat. Now it has become obligatory for everyone to follow it. Then comes the time of sunset,

In all cases, he is obliged to offer Maghrib prayers after sunset, but after coming here, the ban was lifted by the Shariah law. He observes the time of prayer but refrains from paying it. That the Beloved of God, peace be upon him, did not pray at that time. He goes to Muzdalifah following the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and offers this prayer along with the Isha prayer.

Arriving at Muzdalifah

A person who is tired of traveling thinks that he should get some cheap and rest after the night has passed. But the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ordered him to leave Muzdalifah and pitch his tent here (in Mina). And they stoned the stone pillars to death. Wisdom says a million that, “Where are the devils? They are stones. Why should they be stoned?” But he bows before love and goes to stone them for three days. Why?

Because this act is related to Ibrahim Khalil, a close servant of Allah, who did the same. Allah Almighty liked this payment so much that now it has been ordered to repeat his remembrance till the Day of Resurrection. Then the servant of Allah reaches Mina and offers sacrifice and after the sacrifice returns to the city of Mecca. Sometimes he wanders in the deserts, sometimes he camps in the forests and sometimes he comes to the city.

The Shrines of Allah

This reverence and reverence of the shrines of Allah, crazy circumambulation, and running are all things of literature and requirements of love. No rational argument is possible for them. All these are the memories of the Beloved of God, the care of which has become a matter of worship.

Prayers, fasting, zakat, and any obligatory and supererogatory acts of worship fulfill the divine command. But the fire of love and affection which burns in the heart of the believer’s servant. Due to the migration and separation of the true beloved does not end.

So Allah, in order to promote the taste of the love of His servants and to provide them with the means of satisfying them, has placed these events of the life of His prophets and chosen and chosen servants before mankind. Which have become the eternal standard for all in the matter of love, self-sacrifice, and fidelity,

The Rites of Allah in Hajj

The wisdom in respecting the rites of Allah in Hajj is to create piety in the hearts of the pilgrims. Respect for the rites of Allah and their literature is so beloved in the sight of Allah. That it is being interpreted as the piety of hearts.

By the way, the status of mountains, stones, and sacrificial animals is like that of ordinary things. But due to their relationship with the beloved and beloved servants of Allah Almighty. Their reverence and literature became such a great act of worship which is the cause of piety of hearts.

Sacrificial animals are also symbols of Allah. Thus animals are slaughtered for charity in the name of Allah everywhere in the world. But due to the relationship of Zabihullah with Hazrat Ismail (as), the status of the animals slaughtered for sacrifice at Mina has become unique and distinct. Due to this special relationship, they have been given the status of the symbols of Allah


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