What are the various products where Embroidery Digitizing can be used?

The word Embroidery Digitizing itself shows it is digitizing of Embroidery designs using the software. This is designed for machine Embroidery when the digitized artwork file is uploaded. Embroidery Digitizing is classified based on the styles of Embroidery and products on which Embroidery is made. They are as follows:

1. 3d Puff Digitizing

Puff Embroidery digitizing is a technique to make the design stand out prominently to give a 3-Dimensional effect. The magic behind the 3D effect lies in using foam as a base. When the embroidered threads cover the foam, it makes a puffed 3D design. In order to keep the foam hidden with a neat and precise finish, the use of same-colored foam matched with thread color must be used to avoid the shine of the foam from beneath the thread. The 3D puff is used primarily on Hats or Caps.

2. Gloves Digitizing

Gloves are considered a part of the outfit by gloves lovers. People who are primarily fashion-minded, bike and car lovers, Travelers, Trekkers, Sportsmen & women, etc. Therefore, Gloves Digitizing came into its light and created its lane in this digital embroidery world. Any logos or designs can be made on various materials like pique, jersey, and leather in gloves digitizing.

3. Sleeves & Left-Chest Digitizing

When it comes to Sleeves and Left-Chest Digitizing, Embroidery of logos, texts, designs, or patterns is done over plain fabric or pockets in shirts and T-shirts. Mainly the essential area is designed to have the brand name, logo, or text. This is a part of branding your company where it can be made on the Uniforms.

4. Towel Digitizing

Apart from all our day-to-day clothing and accessories, the towel is also an equivalently important factor. Who won’t love to make our bath towels more enjoyable with an embossed artwork by Embroidery Digitizing? Try adding one to your wardrobe!

5. Cap Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing needs extra care for caps. Designs for hats cannot be done just like ordinary fabrics since the embroidery area is curved for caps. Therefore, the digitizing is done as such to fit the curvy shape to give a good finish. Generally, the thumb rule for a maximum height of Embroidery digitizing is made not more than 2.25 inches. While digitizing the sequence of stitching caps, it is better to start from Centre to out, which will lessen puckering. It is always easy to embroider the stitched cap than an unstitched one.

6. Applique Digitizing

Applique digitizing is a kind of Embroidery digitizing any designs or patterns made of fabrics to make the primary base of the design with embroidery stitches around. These designs are digitized with extra care so that the appliqué fabric part is appropriately stitched. Applique mainly digitizing finds its application in decoration works and on garments.

7. Photo Digitizing

Turning a photo into Embroidery is a new creative work to gift your friends. Getting printed an image and adding few embroidery designs over it is excellent work. For example, printing a landscape over a canvas and creating a hut and flowers with Embroidery gives a 3D finish to the photo.

8. Small Text Digitizing

In small text digitizing, the size of the letters plays a significant role. Even the tiniest mistake is easily spotted. So, proper width and height must be selected; correct needle and thread size also matter. Usually, 70/10 needle and 60-thread is the best combo for small text digitizing. Suitable underlay, pull compensation, and Density must be selected for clear visibility. In a simple way, be ready to go for an experiment while doing a small text digitizing.

9. Chenille Digitizing

Chenille Embroidery is a particular type of loop and chain embroidery made by yarn rather than threads. The result of Chenille digitizing looks like a pattern visibly thicker with the more convex texture of embroidery technique. Generally, the Chenille digitizing is more manageable than regular Embroidery digitizing. However, the design for Embroidery is mapped out to make precise shapes and minimize the jumps.

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Bitsnpixs – The Answer to all your Digitizing Needs

Are you done with the same old boring designs every embroider in the city is offering? Now, best embroidery digitizing service with the best rates is just a click away. Bitsnpixs, an Embroidery Digitizing Service provider in India has a group of gifted digitizers who have expansive experience to convey efficient and masterful embroidery digitizing suiting all sort of fabrication. We mostly work with Customers at U.S.A, U.K, Australia and numerous different nations. Our embroidery digitizers will offer you support starting from quote till the delivery of the digitized file. Our primary target is to keep up great quality, fulfill our customer needs and grow together.

Bitsnpixs – The Best Embroidery Digitizing Service in India

In the present innovative world, organizations which neglect to upgrade with time, at some point or another must close their doors. Unlike many embroidery digitizers in India which make big claims and who does not keep up their promises and on time delivery, we are one of the best embroidery digitizing services, who give our work a chance to speak for itself. It won’t be in vain to believe that our custom embroidery digitizing services are so looked for. On working with us, you will have plenty to look forward to. Bitsnpixs is also well known for vector conversion service.

Affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service USA

We, Bitsnpixs are the best digital embroidery service in USA. We offer the finest embroidery digitizing options to our customer, ensuring quality. Timely delivery is our top priority. It is certain that our custom embroidery digitizing services are so sought every now and then. On working with us, you have plenty to look forward to and know some of the chief ways in which we stand upright with our digitizing.

Bitsnpixs has been working in the embroidery digitizing industry for a very long time. Our large experience of working in embroidery digitizing services has enabled us to offer the highest quality digitizing services to our customers. Bitsnpixs started as a small embroidery digitizing company catering needs of local businesses, and industries. Over the years, we have outgrown to become one of the leading embroidery digitizing service in the country. Our uncompromised quality, use of latest technology, experience digitizers, and large infrastructure make us an unbeatable resource for local, and international industries. Till now, we have served thousands of national, and international businesses in UK, USA, and Canada. We understand your digitizing service needs and we have the right expertise and capacity to undertake even the most complicated designs. Bitsnpixs is popular for the Best embroidery digitizing service in India.

Bitsnpixs – The Embroidery Digitizing Company in USA:

At Bitsnpixs, we have one simple objective, deliver uncompromised quality, and affordable embroidery digitizing services to customers. We digitize the designs keeping in view the final product. Each day we strive to enhance our services and come up with better technology, and expertise to offer seamless digitize designs with minimal thread breakage, thus optimizing the productivity. To ensure the quality of digitized design, we sew each design on our embroidery machine, to check for its compatibility and quality. Only when we are fully satisfied with the quality of digitized design, we deliver the final product to customers.

Apart from keeping up with the quality, we also understand the importance of keeping up with the timely delivery. Embroidery digitizing business is all about keeping up the pace with competitors. That’s why we have invested in a large, premium infrastructure facility, and over hundred expert digitizers. We have the capacity to process urgent logo digitizing, embroidery digitizing, as well as bulk digitizing orders in the stipulated timeframe. Thus, stop by if you are looking for Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Conversion Service.

Why choosing our Embroidery Digitizing Service in USA?

Experienced Team
Fast Turnaround
Latest Technology
Smoother Designs
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Our Embroidery Digitizing Services

Insane Prices: Our pricing is based on the quantity of the order, for instance, on per 1000 stitches. This model is also known as stitch count pricing structure.

Faster Turnaround: Standard package comes with 24 hours turnaround time and our Rush Job package provide turnaround time of 2 to 12 hours for a bit of extra bucks.

Quotations are always free: You will receive the price estimates and stitch counts within 2 to 24 hours after you have contacted us and requested for the quotations.

Anything free is a bonus: we give you free edits if you are not satisfied with the outcome provided there is no deviation from the original design.

Our payment is flexible. We accept payment made using PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Wire Transfers.

At Bitsnpixs, we not only provide strict standards for quality but also pay much attention to the needs of the clients and try to achieve their satisfaction. And by any chance, if the client is not satisfied with the design, then we will edit the whole thing free of cost only if there is no change in the original design or editing is requested within 30 days of the delivery of the original product.

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